Nickelodeon Shorts

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Nickelodeon Shorts

Postby AquaticCitizen » Fri May 19, 2017 2:41 am

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone remembered the old nickelodeon shorts. I remember vore had a lot to do with them, so I'm just putting some of the instances that I actually remember (please tell me that I'm not going crazy and some people actually remember these). And feel free to post any that you remember, though good luck finding the shorts. A lot of them got lost to time sadly :( I'll add whatever you got (or remember) to this little list I got going though!


One is called "Bobby the Lizard". You can actually find this one online. I'll let the viideo explain itself.

Some shorts had to do with going inisde people, if that is your thing. They are called "Inside Eddie Johnson"

This one just has a fish like half eating a dog... Nothing too exciting.

There is one I remember where a little green monster goes into a backyard. He finds a pinata there and goes inside it, then starts eating all the candy there. Some kids (three) come out for a birthday party, and the monster suprises them. He chases them around before catching a kid, and we get a nice view of him holding up the kid and shoving him into his mouth, then the monster gets a pot belly. He is about to eat the other two kids before the kid inside the pot belly goes like "Hey there is candy in here." The monster "vomits" the candy up in a fountain with the kid on top. They all become friends and eat candy together in the end. Don't know the name at all.
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