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Re: Traps

Postby ZRex030 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:51 pm

Androgyny is really hot to me, and the idea of a particularly feminine man has recently given me the tinglies that vore has started to lose.

As for the word "trap", I think it's a useful term with an unfortunately nasty history. If you call a trans woman trap without her explicit permission you are either a scumbag or an idiot. On the flip side, it's a sweet, succinct way to refer to cute crossdressing men and something I'm rather fond of. As you can probably infer, my feelings towards the word are conflicted.

In vore, I sorta categorize them in my head as Women (with a hint of dick), and trap prey are one of the few times I can enjoy what is technically F/M without crossing my eyes and pretending it's not a man in there. Probably because the central conceit of "traps" is crossing your eyes and pretending there's not a dick down there!
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Re: Traps

Postby BigPapaUsagi » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:46 pm

Traps are probably my favorite fetish. They look like girls (lolicon!), I like dicks (huge futanari fan) and it seems like writers and artists feel the need to make them be more cutesy and more girly than girls to compensate for the dick, and lewd adorability (or adorable lewdity?) is a huge turn on. Least that's why I'm guessing I adore traps so much. I've always had a bit of trouble understanding why I have a fetish or kink, I just know I have them and enjoy them.
But seriously they are so cute!
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Re: Traps

Postby illirium » Fri Dec 08, 2017 11:40 am

Theguythatdoes wrote:What is your opinion on traps (Boys that look like girls, vice versa)
My opinion is "yes." :lol: Both because I personally just find them sexy, and because I like anything that plays around with gender expectations and turns them on their head... Now, the way "traps" are portrayed can be offensive, but I think that really depends on how it's handled.

Certainly you should never call anyone who is trans a "trap!" That would indeed be stupid and offensive -- and besides, I think most "trap" characters are actually cis, i.e. they generally identify as male, and just enjoy dressing in a very feminine way... It seems to be more a sub-type of cross-dressing, which of course is not remotely the same as being trans. I'd say the rule of thumb is to just keep fantasy and reality separate, as always. :P People in real life going about their business and presenting and dressing the way they want to are not there to satisfy your kinks and fetishes, and you shouldn't talk to them or treat them as if they are... But as long as you remember that, and are just fundamentally polite to the people around you, why not enjoy trap characters in fiction as a harmless kink? :-D
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Re: Traps

Postby MoonfallWolf » Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:35 am

illirium wrote:But as long as you remember that, and are just fundamentally polite to the people around you, why not enjoy trap characters in fiction as a harmless kink? :-D

I'm really coming around to this point of view. I used to be really bitter about the term because some people do use it for real people, but at this point, enjoy your cuties and call them the way you like. <3
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Re: Traps

Postby Collier » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:06 pm

Traps? They're 100% fine by me! Never met one IRL, but it's a funny concept that's enjoyable!
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