For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

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For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby ryanshowseason3 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:07 pm

So my wife has a masters in counseling, bachelors in psychology and is trying to prepare a small presentation about vore for a class on sex and sexuality in a college course. The purpose of it being to familiarize the class with a bizarre fetish like ours in an informative way. It's not to point and laugh at us, more to expose the counselors in training to something outside their experience and promote more understanding approaches in mental health counselors to come.

It's nothing like research paper or thesis level work but she's been looking at polls on here, sifting through some content and had questions for the community.

So I've got a couple questions and a poll or two that I was hoping a few people from here might jump in on!

The questions:
What other fetishes do you have? Giantess? Feet? BDSM etc?
What other websites or outlets do you enjoy vore with?

The polls:

Thanks for your time! And hey if I get enough attention here maybe I'll write a new story about the presentation :P
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby Cowrie » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:32 pm

For the first poll, my answer was no, and my reason is that I already sometimes experience a degree of heteronormative pressure from my family for being asexual, despite the fact I've never seen one of them react similarly to someone gay. The way I see it, if they can't comprehend my asexuality, I don't want to know how they'd react to me being into vore. On the other hand, I make no secret of the fact I'm into weird stuff, I just don't specify. I'm not, and never have been in, a sexual or romantic relationship, so the other two polls aren't applicable to me. As for other fetishes, I don't really have any. The main other site I go on to view vore stuff is Deviantart, but occasionally I go wherever a web search takes me.
I am open for art requests in DAZ Studio or Kisekae 2! See here for details.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby Killjoy364 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:49 pm

I like Cowrie can only answer the first question honestly and say no I have not told anyone in my family my vore fetish as for me it has been more of a how do you tell your parents your into something that is well beyond the norm for people. and as for where I find my art well I surf a few web address's to find either art I forgot about or brand new art.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby Tobedumped » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:52 pm

Question #1) Nope, I haven't "come out" to anyone. I don't want to engage in anything related to the fantasy in real life (trying to get my partner to roleplay something they wouldn't enjoy sounds like relationship hell and I certainly wouldn't want to engage in anything beyond roleplay.) And I haven't come out to my family because that's dumb. I wouldn't say "Mom, Dad, I've been really into busty Latinas getting facials lately" so why would I discuss this?

Question #2) Nope. My partner almost certainly does not share my fetishes. And I'm more than okay with that.

Strangely, though, for question #3) Yes, kinda. My partner and I have both expressed that we have fetishes that we want to keep private. We have agreed that we'll fill the other one in if we ever want to share it, but so far after ten years that hasn't happened. I suspect that theirs are more mundane but similarly something that they don't really wish to engage in.

If it's a valuable reference point at all, I feel like I live a very normal, healthy and happy life in this way.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby DrCaius » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:01 pm

Have voted in the polls, here are my additional answers:

Q1: Also into: Latex (and other shiny wear), facesitting, full-body encasement, fisting, docking, oil, trans, sissification, human toilet (so general femdom) and everything related to anal.
Q2: Just pornhub, E-Hentai and 8chan other than Eka's.

Additional answer to the 'why tell people' poll: I felt the need to explain to my wife why I was increasingly into certain activities inspired by vore, and found it was fine to tell.

My other half is a psychologist so I see a lot of how mental health professionals treat fetishes and their archaic attitudes toward them. Good luck to your wife on this, her peers are way behind the times.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby TakanTwins » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:17 pm

So I've answered the polls as follows:

1. Yep, a lot of my close friends know, either through questions, a slightly interesting choice in avatars outside fetish communities one my part, and once or twice during drinking games. Honestly, most people have been pretty chill, but I find I have some very accepting friends.

2. We met on this website XD. No joke, several years back. And we've been together as a group for the last 5 years~

3. Non applicable since we're both openly into it?

As for the followups:

Fetishes: Many. Explored a lot in roleplay and taken some irl. Big ones are cum inflation and hyper anatomy, size difference though not to the level of giantess normally, bondage and dominance, mostly in a submissive role personally, coiling, some breath play, wax, toys, public sex and exhibitionism, degradation and humiliation to an extent, pregnancy. This is a fairly extensive list.

Other Outlets: Primarily here, some from Furaffinity and Hentai Foundry but probably less so in those regards? Specific to vore anyway as my tastes in that area are a little picky.

Hope this helps!
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby mach-one » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:53 pm

I've come out two times. I've probably always been into vore, the idea of size difference and the consumption of a character fascinated me and made me feel weird. I used to talk a lot about those themes with my friends and family, I wasn't fixated but it was common whenever I played with other kids. It then faded until a very graphic scene in a book I read at age 11 or 12, which disturbed me and I tried to get out of my mind, then it came back when I started to be interested in sex, but vore wasn't purely sexual but more of an interesting (and sometimes arousing) thought. After one or two years "came out" to a group of female friends who were accepting and didn't really get what it was about. I do hope they've forgotten because I was a really weird, disturbing guy back then when I look back in retrospective. It's been like 5 or 6 years from that and that relatively traumatising experience made me "silent" for some time.

I like to hint at vore-ish stuff just for my own amusement, to see how far I can go without being caught and the hinting goes much further with partners. I have a fixation with mouths, bellies, bellybuttons and anuses, into which I'm probably as or sometimes more interested than the "regular bits". So far they've all been internet savvy so they've all known vore from before meeting me. From the 3 significant long term relationships I've had I told nothing to the first one, who probably suspected it and she wasn't into it at all, I didn't tell the second one for over two years though I suspected she was into it too, we broke up and I finally opened up, more or less, to the third one who wasn't that much into it - she found it interesting as a story but didn't take it any further than that. We fell appart and I ended up again with the second girl, to which I came out recently. She does find it interesting but not sexual and I don't think she really understands which are my precise kinks, I haven't told her either though I have hinted but she does like to play around with it when we get sexy, which has so far been a blessing. However, while I have said it is a kink I have, it's been camouflaged among my side kinks and I haven't told her it's the main, very strong one yet but she seems understanding. She's into weird stuff too but it's kinda tame by comparison.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby Rendezvore » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:01 pm

Please, thank your wife for me. This is exactly the type of positive views on fetishes I was speaking of earlier today. As the concept of vore and other fringe fetishes are going a bit more viral as a joke lately, we should try to stop it at the point where it becomes a fad to kink shame and try to educate those that are interested in learning about our funny, weird fantasies.

And counseling classes would be a great place to introduce that. I'd love to hear how this presentation goes. Any possibility of video or podcast recording, since it might help others understand? It might even help some vorarephiles understand themselves if all goes well. :)

I'll explain my answers a little later, but the preliminary poll is Yes, Sometimes, and Yes. :wink:
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby Humbug » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:18 pm

Similarly to a few folks who responded, I abstained from 2 and 3 because I've never been in a "significant other" relationship and have no desire to, but to answer #1, yes. I've told my immediate family because it became relevant and because I knew I could trust them not to have a terribly adverse reaction to it. A couple of my RL friends know too, but only because, again, it became relevant and I knew they'd be okay with it.

As for the non-poll questions:

I'm into macro/micro stuff as a supplement to vore, I have a mild bondage fetish, and I've got a very big oral fixation. In addition, I have the ridiculously common butt and breasts fetishes.
My primary other outlet is FurAffinity, but both that and Eka's are more for the community aspect than any major source of vore material. I create what I want to see, and that's the biggest, most common source of vore for me. I rarely do searches on either website for vore stuff.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby CrystalKiller88 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:38 pm

I could only answer the first question in the straw poll and well, technically no. I did tell one friend of mine, but it was only after he told me about his fetish.

As for the other two questions, I also enjoy butt stuff, such as farting and scat, and occasional giantess material, although I tend to involve vore in all of them.

My other primary site for vore stuff is DeviantArt on which I roleplay and make the occasional picture. I also occasionally use FurAffinity, but it's not a site I frequently visit.

Hope this helps! :D
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby BelleJar » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:39 pm

1) i said yes but really I've only told my current companion and my last one because the relationships we were at the point where fetish/interest sharing was relevant. In all honesty family and friends don't need to know my kinks. It's none of their business. **Edit** i also feel the need to add that one of my best friends knows, but i met him on here so i didn't actually have to tell him, it was a given.

2) he's really not lol it weirds him out

3) he's actually quite supportive as long as its safe and nonfatal. He's been willing to rp it with me in the past but the fact that he isn't really into it makes it less than appealing. But i love him for trying.

A) hmm welli like object swallowing, that's what actually led me into vore in the first place. Insertion is nice too. Uhm i guess that's about it really.

B) since i found Ekas i don't really look anywhere else. Sometimes i lurk on youtube with my extra account. I also follow a few artists on DeviantArt who have been known to draw vore but mainly i watch them because i like their art style
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby Indighost » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:42 pm

If you're looking to cross-reference Vore with other fetishes, I strongly recommend using the F-List character database, it's much easier to get a large sample of data.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby noego » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:52 pm

Polls: done, answered (1) and (2), not (3) because partner unaware.

Other fetishes: BDSM basically, with big slant to female domination.
Other sites: furaffinity sometimes, f-list. Aryion is the main thing though.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby GentlemanlyShadow » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:13 pm

1) No, I was raised to believe that what people do in the bedroom, they keep there. You don't pry into other people's sex lives unless they offer that information, and if you do, it usually doesn't come down to fetish material. So, my friends and family don't know about my fetishes, most don't know I'm gay, for the same reason that I was raised to believe that it's none of their business.

2) Yes, my partner is into vore, in fact, it's how we met. We have a strong relationship and it's not the only thing we share.

3) I answered yes to this, mostly due to the niche types within vore that we are almost complete opposites about, yet are willing to roleplay and create material for one another despite not sharing those specific kinks.

As for the other questions posed in your starting post: My other fetishes are, paws, musk, facesitting, transformation, and domination. I have others, but they're tied in almost completely to vore, so I'll leave them out here.

For other websites, in order of frequency, FurAffinity, Inkbunny, and Tumblr.

I hope this is helpful to your wife in some manner, and I wish her good luck on her presentation, I hope it goes over well.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby Siuddithsi » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:20 pm

Answers to the polls:
Question #1) No, I haven't "come out" to anyone. For all the fact that America is obsessed with sex, we’re also obsessively, INSANELY puritanical about sex. It can be used as grounds to fire someone or not to hire them. I don’t even tell my normal fetishes to anyone unless there’s a chance they’ll do them.

Question #2) My partner has been dead for 7 years. I was able to talk her into “normal” fetishes like oral and anal but it was always in competition with religion. I had to take her to a hotel for regular sex, so the kids wouldn’t hear. No way I'd ask anything kinkier. Besides, back then my vore fetish was more than satisfied by sucking on her breasts, pussy and ass.

Question #3) See above.

The questions:
What other fetishes do you have? Giantess? Feet? BDSM etc?

The biggest is: Lipstick. Bright red lipstick. There's a cartoon out there somewhere, one of the knockoffs of "The Far Side", where a lady in hair curlers, a bathrobe and no makeup hears a knock at the door. She yells "Don't answer that, I ain't fit to be seen!" Then she puts on lipstick. That's all she does. Then: "Ok, let em in, I'm ready". That's the culture I grew up in. That was like my mom.

So from my earliest days I got the messages "Lipstick is IMPORTANT", "Lipstick is the ONLY makeup you need" and "Lipstick is too good for family, it's ONLY for important people like company" I want a woman who thinks I'M important enough that she wears lipstick for ME.

Then, some time in the 1970s I think, Coke or Pepsi made a commercial. All it was is a beautiful woman wearing bright red lipstick, sucking cola SLOWLY through a straw. Now, I was a teen, but hadn't had sex ed yet. So I had no freakin idea why I got a RAGING hard on EVERY time I saw that commercial. Then I learned about oral sex. Saw the penis lipstick that adorned the letters page in Penthouse. And FINALLY understood the connection. They even sell the stuff in tubes of Freudian symbolism. Twist the tube and a blunt, red cylinder rises.

Helpful hint: I've seen many "what fetishes do you have" threads on the Eka's forum. This is a recent one. I marked Oral vore, Futanari, Unbirth, Being a pred, Breasts, Butts and Vaginas as my other fetishes. Could it help you if you search for other polls?

What other websites or outlets do you enjoy vore with?
None. There are several needs I get from vore, and Eka's, 1. For me, vore is a euphemism for oral sex. I talk oral vore, anal vore, unbirth and cockvore, but my fantasies equate these to cunnilingus, analingus, fellatio, Irrumatio (not necessarily in that order). 2. Social interaction. I’m old, fat, ugly and broke. If I go to the bar, I go alone and come home alone. If I go on dating websites, I get no interest. Even the girls on “reverse matches” (where they’re looking for a guy like me) don’t respond. So roleplaying on Eka’s is the closest I get to actually talking with someone.

A pet peeve, since i’d referenced cunnilingus. I’ve read psych articles that equate shaved pussy with pedo. Wrong. Don’t think so? Then open your mouth wide and get a big mouthful of your significant other’s hair. The hair on their head will do fine. Now suck on that, roll it on your tongue, for the half hour it would take to give your partner an orgasm. Sound good? Want to do that for foreplay? No? Then maybe genital shaving is because some of us don’t want to get rug burn on our tongues, instead of pedo. Psychologists don't make a DIME from sane people, so the more things you can make sound crazy, the more business you get.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby Tyslan03 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:37 pm

Yes to the first poll. Why? Because I didn't want any secrets from my wife. I told her before we got engaged and she thought it was weird but still loved me, so now we're married. We both have fetishes that the other doesn't and we don't care.

I don't really have any other fetishes. I check around deviantart occasionally.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby shortprey20 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:45 pm

What other fetishes I have:

Upon introspection I find that alot of my fetishes come in a way from vore, or vore comes from them. I enjoy the Giantess fetish in particular (though it is interesting to say that i am, in real life, a shorter dude at only about 5 ft 4 inches, and in general i like taller woman. I joke that i the idea of possibly having kids that are normal sized if i marry a taller woman but in general i enjoy and find a woman taller then me to be sexy.) I also enjoy the various forms of vore, not just oral, and I also have a pregnancy fetish (big bellies!),
Likewise I have found that i am a big fan of oral sex and my favorite way to finish is if my partner swallows, and in actuality that in itself is almost a fetish for me.

What other outlets do i enjoy vore with:

I use Deviantart and pornhub a bit actually. Originally i got on Deviantart because while i myself suck at art i love art in general and enjoyed the creativity of the internet, but when i found that alot of artist drew vore stuff there i quickly used it for both regular and vore art viewing.

Pornhub is another great source. I have found alot of videos on there from around of vore and giantess fetish. However im slowly trying to get away from there as ive realized that many of those videos are from paywall sites (Kaitlyn Brooks, Kayla Kiss,) and i want to support the actresses so i try to buy them myself when i have the money, in which case i go to Kaitlyn Brooks website or some of the other sites that due vore clips.

Now i admit I also love vore stories so my two favorite sites for stories (other then Ekas) is giantessworld and as they have alot of good stories (and interactive for writing,com) that i find particularly good.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby shortprey20 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:00 am

Also to expand on my previous post i have told 2 people and got very different reactions.

The first one i told was my first real serious relationship. I dated her for two years after highschool and was about to propose before things fell through, but after a year and a half and having got very comfortable with her i brought up whether she had fetishes. She answered that fetishes were only for sick people and that she didnt have any. Oddly enough she was very sexual and loved sex so it just seemed odd to me. But i told her mine. She said she thought that was strange and weird, so needless to say we didnt really talk about it again. However before this conversation she would often drink or swallow pills around me and i noticed that she seemed to exaggerate her swallow and gulping sounds and even more so when i watched, needless to say i was entirely good with this and loved when she did it so it became almost a game for us. After our convo she still did it too so i guess she was ok with my fetish?

The only other person i told was a one night fling. We both were just at the point where we were tired of relationships so we started a fwb arrangement and we got on the topics of fetishes. I told her mine and she told me hers. We roleplayed one of her fetishes but not mine but she always swallowed after each of our sessions so that was good enough for me. She didnt seemed too fazed by it.

Still that first experience always made me even more nervous to tell anyone so i only intend to tell any future partners my vore fetish if i see myself marrying them, and even then there's trepidation because i told the first girl who i absolutely loved at the time and when she said that fetishes were for sick people i felt like a sick person and like vore is some abnormal and horrendous thing i need to be ashamed of.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby Marked » Wed Nov 15, 2017 12:15 am

1. Yes, I have told my family about vore/furry. First it helped contextualize a time when I planned a significant trip to meet someone I had met online. Second, both my brother and I enjoy writing short fiction, I did share some of my vore-themed written work with my brother and had to explain the trope of the genre to him (he's shared worse with me.)

2 and 3. Yes, my SO is into vore, though he isn't a vorarephile. I got him to like it. Also, I made it a rule to tell the people I dated about vore on the first date. I've only been rejected twice for that. I've been in a monogamous relationship for 10 years now, but I would keep this rule if I had to do it over. A serious romantic partner deserves to know, and someone who would not accept my fetish would not work out in the long term.
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Re: For science! Polls for an academic presentation.

Postby dcvfgb1234 » Wed Nov 15, 2017 8:27 am

For other fetishes then giantess, but only in combination with vore, object swallowing, and generally everything to do with the female digestion. Also like to listen to the sounds of girls digesting. So I'm not sure it actually is separate fetishes as much as additions to the vore one, since in all cases it almost always involves a micro or the mental addition of a micro. Girls chewing food can be nice too, but it has to be done right and preferably have the possibility of a micro inserter in the chewed gunk (but not chewed itself. Don't like hard vore).

For other places then DA and youtube.
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