The MEMEME video

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The MEMEME video

Postby UnforsakenFantasy » Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:10 pm If you haven't seen it, its actually a very cool anime styled video in a dream like sequence, that was originally banned from Youtube, but re-uploaded several times, and features a trippy scenes of dancing busty girls, whom are all clones of one another and the 'queen' I dubbed her, that is the leader of this hive mind. The action scenes are pretty neat, with a FPS sequence and a lot of cool techno music with the hero trying to save this girl from the head girl. THERE IS a vore sequence though relatively short, I feel like its either, an absorption unbirthing that occurs around 5:12, 5:16 is where we see his friend cocooned in yellow bindings hanging close to the stomach of the queen. At 5:18 we see her head being sucked into a black orifice that I assumed was the vaginal opening. 5:20 almost gone, the Onomatopoeia for slurping would definitely be indicated her as she is quickly devoured and the orifice returns to a slit like opening not that the prey is fully enveloped. It zooms out where the hole was is close to the inner thighs and we can see the girl is completely gone, I see a DBZ like absorption as the creature transforms from its meal. What are you guy's thoughts? Also definitely love this art piece by Okioppai Image I immediately thought back to that bit, and I would love to see more art, more along a comic of the aforementioned stuff above. =b
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