Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

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Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby FireGirl » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:06 pm

Hello voraphiles,

Long-time questioner, recent discoverer. I've experienced voraphilic interests since I was a child, but haven't until recently found out what voraphilia actually was. It took an after-party, lots of booze and a strange game of questioning to find out a friend of mine was also a voraphile, and she was able to introduce me to not only this site, but a lot of the subcategories.

Through my own personal experiences, I have found my particular tastes are divided by two distinct physical reactions: arousal (what I assume most voraphiles feels), and something... else. Something I have not quite been able to put words to. In fact, it is rather difficult to communicate, but I will try my best.

As far as arousal is concerned, it's usually the 'to the extreme' parts of vore: heavy digestion, casualness, disposal... just put gluttony and disregard to life. Nothing too absurd, and there is plenty of opportunity to partake of such tastes on this site.

The other sensation comes from works that are more... intimate. And highly, HIGHLY specific. F/F. Underaged prey. Cruelty, but done in a 'gentle' kind of way. The best way I can describe it is by giving an example: the common 'sacrifice' theme. Young prey is chosen to be sacrificed to some sacred predator. Prey is dressed up, fearful, but understands it's something that must be done. Prey is presented to the predator. Predator is calm. Understanding. Helps guide the prey through their feelings/questions. And though it be sad, the young life is ended for the predator.

With works such like this I get a similar sensation to a sad movie: flood of emotions, sadness, maybe some tears. HOWEVER, when it is presented in a vore situation, it causes my stomach to... tense up. Hurt, even. It's a pleasant, almost fearful sensation. Makes me want to curl up into a little ball under some covers, and have someone pet me till I fall asleep. Does anyone else get this feeling when enjoying a vorish fantasy? Is their words that describe such an experience? I thought it was anxiety, or even the beginning of a panic attack... but, it's just so /enjoyable/. Even when it hurts.

Maybe I sound weird, but where else am I to ask but in the company of fellow weirdos? :) Curious if anyone has had similar sensations such as this!
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby GBBG » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:16 pm

Sorry, I haven't really experienced similar, sounds cool though.
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby Maximealian » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:49 pm

I actually absolutely understand the feeling you're talking about. For me though, it's under different circumstances: I get those feelings when the vorish situation is pertaining to lovers/family members/etc. There's something about the loss of connection, the casual disregard for years of emotional buildup that are gurgled away into nothingness is way more than erotic for me.
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby DarkSideOfTheSun » Mon Jan 08, 2018 4:13 pm

I have similar type of feelings, but in different context. It doesn't happen in vore, or even in especially obviously sexual context, but the strong and messy feelings it creates sounds familiar to my experiences. For me it happens in specific situations in stories where the character is a boy. The boy is very lonely, usually without any proper parental figures, or other caring figures, that would look after him. There is two significant instances of this in art I've faced. First is AI -Artifical Intelligence, in which the robot boy David is made to love unconditionally his "parents", who then abandon him. As the love is acutally uncodnitional, he is forever looking to get it fulfilled. Another one is Asriel is Undertale. The kind and friendly boy Asriel is turned to an emotionless flower, basically evil creature that kills people just to not be bored. But in the end of one of the storylines he turns back to normal. At this point the boy is left with no friends or family who know of him, and he still has the memory of all of the horrible things he had done.

The feelings I get for the boys in these stories are very strong and mixed. Most of all I'm very sad for them, like, more sad than for any other characters in any other stories. It is overwhelming. I don't just feel bad for them, but I feel like I'm them. The feeling of that loneliness resonates strongly through me. It has also somewhat sexual-ish undertone. (I have a thing for shota. But like vore, it is not a thing I want to make true) It is like a strong crush at the same time. I can't help but love the characters. Love them, knowing what such endless pit of loneliness feels like. So at the same time I feel bad for them, I feel what they feel, and I feel strong care and love for them. It is so powerful combination that it is probably one of the most immense feelings I've felt in my life.

I have a theory where my feeling originates from. Yes, it is partly from felling lonely during the time I experienced those works of art. But more so, I think it stems from my childhood, during my own life when I was as old as the characters. And especially my relationship with my father. Even though he has been physically always in my life, I've never felt connection to him. Especially not when I was little. I didn't feel loved or cared by him. Instead he hit me quite few times. The hits weren't physically bad, but they made twice as bad wounds to the relationship and my psyche. I think one big reason I have thing for shota, and especially those kind of scenarios, is because I didn't ever get the love I needed from my father. And it shows itself in that form nowadays, as my brains try to complement it.

Your explanation sounds quite similar with mine, even if the way it shows itself is different. You are living bad emotions through, but in some way more fulfilling way. It is modified so that the bad feeling actually delivers the thing you want in the end. Yes, it ends badly, but somehow the fact the pred cares and listens makes for that. Like with my scenario. Even though I feel super sad during the film and the game, it feels also good. I feel like I understand them, I feel like I want to make them feel better and give them big warm hug they need. It isn't exactly the same, but it seems similar to me.

This doesn't mean that you have had issues with your mother in your childhood and this is how it shows. I'm not a psychologist or any other professional of the field, so the thoughts are very subjective. They just stem from my own experiences and thoughts, and the stories and people I've faced during my life. Most important is that you yourself figure out what it is. As well as you can and want. And enjoy it if you can. Because the weirdest things in us make us the most interesting and unique.
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby Arta_Shrike » Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:14 pm

Hoi there FireGirl,

I was actually reading an interesting article the other day about sad stories, asking why people tend to like them Apparently, seeing something heartwrenching like what you've describes activates some circuits in our brains, prompting us to care about others, and wanting to help them. This empathy-bomb is accompanied with a release of oxytocin, which is the brain's pleasure-chemical. In an ironic sense, seeing someone going through distress can make people feel good even as they feel sad, because they empathize with them, care for them, weep alongside them.

I'm summarizing, but the article is here if you're interested:

Also, if you're interested, I'd like to recommend a story to you: "The Family Reunion" by rabbitinafoxden, the first writer who convinced me that vore-stories didn't all have to suck. The story concerns a rabbit girl spending time at a cat family reunion, and while I don't want to spoil too much, the story really does make me feel for the characters, and I think that based on what you wrote above, you might enjoy it:
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby illirium » Mon Jan 08, 2018 7:27 pm

I definitely have a "something else" too, but for me it seems to be the other way around. I also enjoy gentler vore with feelings and some sort of emotional connection between predator and prey, but for me *that* kind of vore often *is* associated with arousal, because the emotions involved, sad though they may be, somehow add to the intimacy and excitement. On the other hand, I also enjoy the more impersonal, "casual" type of vore, where a predator might just gobble up prey without a second thought -- and *that* kind of vore, for me, is associated less with arousal, and more with... I don't know. It's a type of excitement as well, but not really sexual; more the excitement of breaching some taboo or seeing something that is, by any objective measure, horrible, and yet still somehow enjoyable (as a pure fantasy, of course). In a sense, I find this impersonal kind of vore to be sadder and more horrible than the more touchy-feely kind, even when both are equally deadly; at least in the latter case the prey is recognized as a person by the pred; in the former case, even though the prey is obviously no less a person, this is totally ignored, and they are treated entirely as an object, their life having no value whatsoever. That isn't sexy to me, but it is definitely "something." The vore I like best is stuff that combines both kinds, so I get to experience both arousal and something-else-ness. :P So, not quite what you're talking about, but I still find it interesting that as soon as I saw the "Arousal vs. 'Something Else'" title, I was like "that sounds familiar!"
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby minakotomoka14 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:24 pm

I feel a similar way with fatal willing vore. Usually I see it as an act of suicide. The prey is so miserable and upset with their life that they can`t stand to live any longer, and so put their trust in a predator, usually someone they love or care about, like a lover or a best friend, to carry out their final wish and become one with their body. Even when the prey is afraid of the pain of being digested, or the finality of dying, they push through it anyway, because they know there is no other choice but death. I find this type of vore uncommon, but it`s touching, and very sad. It doesn`t make me feel the same way other vore does.
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby Latroma » Tue Jan 09, 2018 1:41 pm

The same or similar? Not precisely, no. But frequently arousal and emotional reactions vary from person to person. I, myself, come at this paraphilia from an outsider's perspective, where the paraphilia happens to suit my own fictional fantasies well enough to be useful on frequent occasions, and I tend to be outside of the norms locally pretty often. It is not, however, unusual to have a sort of singular perspective on the material and reactions that are not consistent with others, so your personal reaction is your own.

I will, however, say that I can understand some of the 'knot' you feel in your stomach. Generally speaking, if I am not on some level horrified or disturbed by the content, and thus if I do not have on some level a 'knot' in my stomach, I am usually not interested in it. That horror, that personal revulsion for aspects of the content that borders on triggering, but does not quite go over the edge, is where I am most comfortable being in the material. It is the sensation that I wish, which is a feeling of terror and revulsion that are commensurate with how I feel the content 'should feel' to me. As such I am not necessarily surprised that there are others who might experience a certain sort of discomfort, and at the same time a desire to feel that discomfort with aspects of the content.

What does this mean for you? I would say it sounds as if you were rather new to exploring this on a personal level, and that will become clearer in time. For me, my arousal is tied in with that visceral reaction. I am here for the horror and the taboo. But that's me. For you, it may prove to be something different. My only suggestion is don't let it consume everything (heh, puns.). The world is more than one's occasional fetishes. Far more.

To answer the specific question: "Is there a word for this kind of reaction?" I am not sure that anyone has bothered to put it into words, no. There may be one day, but I gave up trying to find one long ago. Sometimes, you don't really need a word. Descriptions are sufficient, and yours seems clear enough.
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby jaykayeight » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:41 pm

hey there, firegirl!
I think I can relate to your reaction. For me, vore is and always was somehow more complex than other fetishes. I got a ton of other kinks and I have to say
that for me, it's actually pretty hard to get turned on by vore. there is a certain mixture of emotions that come up when it's more than just a tingle.
oftentimes, I could also be terribly sad or mad with vore. I somehow I developed some kind of rescue-syndrome with the unfair situation. there is also some kind of dilemma as the pred would have to die if you open him or her to get the prey out. on the other side, feeling helpless to watch, I mean after the shock of somebody just eating someone, and then you see, this one is somehow still moving in the guts. it's really hard to take. it surely has a very high sexual note because the pred just craves to have you inside, not because of hunger but because he or she just want to fill the void inside. there is this whole being with all hopes and thoughts and plans and its forced to become part of the pred.
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby fieldmousse » Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:03 am

While I can't say my feelings are the same I would also say that I experience non-arousal feelings from vore.
The key part is that these feelings are "enjoyable" and therefore you're drawn to them.
I consider my own feelings of this type to be analogous to romantic feelings in a sexual relationship. While romance may have the same attraction effect as arousal, they are not the same thing.
Vore, in my mind, is wildly different than sex. So it makes sense that its romance-like complement would be different as well.
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby knifesmile » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:58 pm

I have a sort of similar reaction, albeit to different things. Most of the time, vore isn't outright sexual arousal for me. It's a much more general arousal, a high brain stimulation thing, I guess. I feel intense. I stare. My breathing quickens. I get weird tense feelings in my gut. And it's exhilarating. It's very much like sexual arousal in some ways and to a secondhand observer it probably appears more or less identical. But it's not GENITAL. There's nothing going on, y'know, Down Yonder. I feel no urge to masturbate or have sex. Sex just doesn't seem to have much to do with it. It's like... like... other!sex. A sex that is nongenital. An arousal that's about pure intensity, about sensations that are just as compelling and obsessing but which have no genital aspect.

I mean, other times, I do have sexual feelings in response to vore or gore. But the difference is... well, pretty clear. Sexual arousal is sexual arousal. It's not very ambiguous. Things, y'know, uh, happen, not to get too graphic. :p

FWIW, I react that way most strongly to opened bodies, spilled guts; vivid cannibalism or graphic hard vore or hard vore that also involves cooking; the use of knives to draw on a victim's skin/flesh, to cut and carve and eventually to butcher; feral gnawing and shredding with fang and claw; and so on. I try to avoid images of real violence because my reaction to images of actual spilled guts and so on is so intense it's kind of frightening. I have empathy and don't want to hurt anyone, and on some level I feel bad for the victims and about my own reaction... but the way I react to such images immediately and instinctively is like O.O OH WOW *blinks a lot, then stares for several minutes without blinking* and I get that same tension in my gut...

Sooooo I usually stay away from real violence images and use art and fiction to deal with this part of my mind.

EDIT: To clarify, I don't experience disgust or sadness, except maybe on a different, dissonant level.
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Re: Arousal vs. 'Something Else'

Postby Jayezox » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:34 am

I know that feeling, but get it from something totally unrelated to vore. Being disgusted and saddened by something, having that knot in my stomach, then craving more of it. I think the reason we crave such things is we are training our minds to deal with something bad. Even if it's fictitious, the mind is still training itself and satisfying that craving. Just a hypothesis anyway.
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