Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

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Which aspects of vore do you prefer or enjoy more?

I prefer the physical aspects over the pyschological aspects.
I enjoy the physical and psychological aspects equally.
I prefer the psychological aspects over the physical aspects.
Total votes : 34

Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

Postby PrettyTerrible » Thu Apr 12, 2018 11:10 pm

I just had this idea that one of the ways people enjoy vore is on a sort of sliding scale between the physical and psychological aspects of it.

By the physical aspects of vore I mean the depiction of vore itself. A short description that focuses mostly on the physical aspects would look like:
"The cat's engorged belly, filled with dozens of wriggling mice, gurgled and groaned as it tightly squeezed its occupants."

By the psychological aspects of vore I mean the characterization of the predator and prey. A short description that focuses mostly on the psychological aspects would look like:
"The mice hopelessly struggled to escape the cat's stomach. Each one's cry for help only was only met with their predator's laughter."
(Side note: The psychological aspects don't have to be negative, they can also show a positive relationship.)

Which aspects of vore do you prefer or enjoy more? I'd imagine most people have a roughly 50/50 split on which one they enjoy more, though it'd be interesting to see if there's anyone who heavily prefers one over the other.
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Re: Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

Postby CrimsonFangX666 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:18 am

I'm sort of 50/50.

The psychological aspects, for me, are about the power one holds over someone they devour. "I am your home, your guardian, and your tomb all wrapped into one being." Or the simple "You will be little more than a pile of shit on someone's lawn in a few hours." sort of train of thought.

The physical, to me, is about the sexuality of it. I'm a pred/prey switch currently, but as far as my preferred pred or prey, I prefer gorgeous females. I understand that men can be preds as well (being that I am one as well as a prey), but my preferred prey is female and my preferred pred is female. THAT is purely from my religious heritage, as well as my up bringing.

Up Bringing: I was raised by my mother, and in part my grandmother and grandfather. My grandfather, whom I called Papa, was a Green Beret in the military during the Vietnam war, and he taught me to respect women and love them for who they are, not what they are. "She is a human being with interests, desires, concerns, fears, hopes, and wishes. Not a slab of meat to be ogled by any man with two eyes in their dumb heads." That's not to say he believed that women were the superior species. He'd just been married twice so he knew how to treat women with respect and make them feel loved. My grandmother, who I just call Grandma, helped him and my mom raise me. I always saw her as a powerful, influential woman in her own right and as such, I gained a deeper respect for women. My mother is my mother. No man or woman or whatever can EVER not respect their parents. She raised me, she put food on the table, clothes on my back, all kinds of things that, if I'm being honest, I have taken for granted. That, I honestly can blame on my Papa. If I wanted something, he gave my grandma the money to get it for me. Veteran's Pension made sure we had enough money to live well.

Religions Heritage: I am a witch. A practicing Wiccan. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about Witches and Wiccans knows that we see the divine as feminine. The Goddess, not the God. HOWEVER, I, personally, see both aspects. The Divinely Feminine and the Divinely Masculine. Wiccans believe that women can be strong, men can be strong, and together they are stronger than they are apart. A man does not COMPLETE a woman, he merely accentuates her. Just as a woman does not complete a man. Any woman can look good on the arm of any man and vice versa. It's all a matter of how they feel about each other and how they let the world influence how they act in public. Being a Wiccan does not make me evil, nor does it mean I worship the devil. I am not a Satanist, I am a Wiccan/Witch. I practice magic, which doesn't look ANYTHING like it does in Harry Potter or Charmed, a movie that is so popular it has it's own pseudo Facebook Page (Pottermore), and a TV show that stared three women who became "the most powerful witches in the world and fought against demons trying to turn Earth into a living hell". Real magic is subtle and takes time. For example, if you cast a spell to earn money, you won't suddenly come into thousands of dollars. You'll either get a raise at work, find a higher paying job, or someone will pay you for a commission or whatever. If you cast a spell to find a home, you won't suddenly be living in the lap of luxury in the greatest house ever. You will EARN the money to BUY the home of your dreams, and if it's not everything you expected, you'll likely slowly earn the money to fix it up into what you want.

I suppose I should add on one final reason for my preferrence and it's just that. Preference. I'm straight. At least I identify as Straight. I'm sexually attracted to women. HOWEVER, I can admit to seeing some down right gorgeous men in media. Khal Drogo's actor from Game of Thrones. Johnny Depp. Orlando Bloom. The list goes on but I can't think of them right now. I admire them (because I'm overweight and look like the typical nerd, chubby, glasses, electronics within easy reach). But that's really all it is. I admire them because they're gorgeous and I want to look like that. It takes effort to look that good though, and I need to get off my ass, develop the drive to put in the effort, and do it. As far as wanting to date them? As I said, I identify as Straight. When I see a gorgeous women, it gets my blood boiling. Thankfully, my body seems to know when it is and isn't appropriate to physically show appreciation for beautiful women (no surprise boners in public). I have been single for quite some time now, which is kinda bumming me out considering most of my friends from high school have kids now and, if I'm honest, I feel left out. I hope to remedy that some time in the future, but for now...? For now I'm not getting my hopes up. As I said above, I'm chubby with glasses and I typically have a five-o-clock shadow since I don't much care for shaving. Not many women like the chubby guys, since main stream media shoves guys like Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Vigo Mortensen and Hugh Jackman in their faces on the big screen.

As a side note, at the end here, why can't we have chubby guys in media be the hero that gets the girl? I'd honestly like to see that in a movie or TV show that wasn't anime. To answer my question it takes two simple words. Sexy Sells.
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Re: Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

Postby coop500 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:49 pm

Personally I do enjoy both but the emotional side matters a bit more for me, mainly on the cuddly side of things. The predator gets to keep a cute, innocent, frail little thing close and safe in his belly and it makes him feel warm and fuzzy inside that he gets to protect something so pure. Meanwhile the prey is embraced by the pred's innards, hidden away from the world where no one can hurt her but him, but she knows he wouldn't.
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Re: Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

Postby EnderDracolich » Fri Apr 13, 2018 9:55 pm

I enjoy the physical and psychological aspects equally. Specifically the positive psychological aspects, not the negative ones. I suppose I am actually quite similar to coop500 in that regard, but with my preference of pred/prey gender reversed.

EDIT: Although I should point out that I'm not strictly into endo; I don't mind digestion in some contexts. The physical concept fascinates me, imaging the sensation. That's obviously very painful and not "pleasant" in the conventional sense, though as a masochist I would consider it to be such. Ideally nwith some sort of reformation, and with both parties' consent.
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Re: Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

Postby Gutswimmer » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:48 pm

The prospect of the finality of digestion and the humiliation of disposal are made far sweeter when an emotional bond of sorts exists between the reader and the characters. Oftentimes for me, the implications of vore as a reality in society provide wonderful opportunities to carry the erotic atmosphere of the story even when no vore actually occurs, as well as provide the reader with the necessary setting to make the world itself something resembling "believable." Some of my favorite authors here spend considerable creative effort describing the implications of vore (consumer products for predators, political issues of pred/prey relationships, etc.) addressing the process itself comparatively little and still manage someof the most intensely erotic works I've long experienced. Juicefox's text adventure "A Farewell Feast" and any of TETRO's works are prime examples of hte way in which interesting characters and settings are crucial to any literary work, and smut is no exception. So I would say that although a thorough, graphic description of the vore and digestive processes are enjoyable in their own right, particular attention to the psychological aspect of vore are the common thread shared by all outstanding vore erotica.
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Re: Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

Postby PrettyTerrible » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:41 pm

I guess I'll give my thoughts on my preference for the physical aspects of vore.

One of the most important parts of any kind of medium for me is how something *feels*. There's probably some kind of literary term for it but in video game design there's something commonly referred to as "Game Feel." Wikipedia calls it the "...intangible, tactile sensation experienced when interacting with video games." To put it simply, if you were to do something in a video game like fire a gun it should feel good to fire the gun without any context, visuals or audio besides just the gun firing.

When it comes to vore in writing, a piece of art or audio file, if the act of vore itself can't stand on its own when you remove all the context, story and characterization surrounding it then I probably won't like it that much. That being said, it's all still personal preference. One of the biggest roles of a video game is to immerse you personally as a player since you have a degree of control over it. Making players physically feel as if they're in the world and experiencing it firsthand as themself helps this. A story on the other hand doesn't give readers control and thus doesn't need to immerse someone personally through vivid descriptions, it just needs to make the readers care or think about the world and the people in it which is definitely a much more difficult task.

Basically I prefer spatial immersion over narrative immersion. I could just be incoherently ranting though. Hopefully this all makes sense.
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Re: Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

Postby MechaSharkZilla » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:16 am

The psychological factor is way more important to me. Someone can lay out a beautiful scenario that makes the concept of being eaten/eating sound divine, but unless there's some spark with the characters, it just doesn't work. I'm a romantic when it comes to vore.

Which sucks because there's not much romance in this genre that doesn't end with someone dead. </3
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Re: Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

Postby Jayezox » Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:42 am

Both. The emotional part is really big, but I'd be lying if I said the physical aspect was unimportant or I would just look for endosoma or non-fatal material without a care in the world for who the predator is or what she looks like. I still click the back button for ugly preds and have my physical appearance tastes so I'm right down the middle.

I agree with Crimsonfang that attraction to female preds might have something to do with an attraction to the divine feminine as I view most female predators that I enjoy that way with their power and beauty.
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Re: Physical or Psychological Enjoyment?

Postby Thibs » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:24 am

Sex is 90% mental so I would argue that one probably couldn't enjoy the physical experience if their psychology didn't get them there first.
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