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MY Projects/Commissions

Postby NiceGuy18 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:27 pm

Hello there. For those who know, I have actually been working on commissioning some new comic ideas for the future. There are a few in the works and they are all Fire Emblem related. For those wondering and just have any questions and/or things they want to say about them so far, feel free to ask here.

Family Fates: Ingestion.

I have been working on funding this comic with some help from everyone. It involves Camilla, Elise, and Corrin (F) chilling out in a hot spring when Camilla reveals her vore abilities to her sisters. Looks like it will be a fun time.
(Still going)

My Top 10 Fire Emblem Girls

This project will, as mentioned in the title, show my top 10 fire emblem girls with the next one on the list eating the previous girl. But only one will remain at the top. Do you have an idea on who this one FE girl is?
(Being worked on)

Ninian's Wandering Adventures.

Ninian and her brother Nils have returned to their world on the other side of the Dragon's Gate. However, over time, Ninian has missed the man she loved; Eliwood. She soon decides to use a now weaker Dragon's Gate to cross over and go see her lover again. However, something happens when she transports herself to the other side.
(Being worked on)

Please note, these are commissions, not my art as I am one of the worst artists of all time. However, I would like to know what you all think of these ideas so far. If you have any questions, pls tell me.
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