Same-size where pred eats prey's severed limbs first?

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Same-size where pred eats prey's severed limbs first?

Postby avatar300 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:01 am

What do you guys think of this? Same-size oral vore with humans where the pred severs the prey’s limbs and eats them one at a time before swallowing their torso and head together?

I like the idea that maybe the pred can stretch their jaw, throat and stomach to a small degree, but not enough to swallow a whole intact person. So they have to keep the prey restrained over a few days and remove their limbs one by one. I like to imagine the severing of their limbs as being relatively painless and gore-free, so that the prey’s focus is more on the psychological aspect of what’s happening in them. They’d spend a week or so just stewing in fear, watching as pieces of themselves disappear down the pred’s gullet. Maybe the pred would even use them as a toilet, so the prey would be forced to consume what used to be a part of themselves. Then once the prey was just a torso with a head, the pred would finally be able to consume what was left of their victim in one gulp.

Part of what I like about this idea is that the predator has to work a little harder to make their fantasy a reality, instead of just living in a world that makes vore easy. Has anyone else ever thought about this?
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Re: Same-size where pred eats prey's severed limbs first?

Postby Cowrie » Mon Jun 11, 2018 2:49 pm

I've had the occasional fantasy involving new preds that do this sort of thing, minus the using prey as a toilet because that squicks me out, though making the prey watch what used to be part of them get disposed of could be fun. In my fantasies of this sort, it's usually more painful for the prey and at least a bit gory, though. Also, sometimes extremities like hands or feet get cut off and swallowed before full limbs.
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Re: Same-size where pred eats prey's severed limbs first?

Postby ShadesofBlack » Mon Jun 11, 2018 5:32 pm

I've definitely liked the idea of non-painful separation connected to vore, yes!

I read one story a while back, and I haven't been able to find it since, where a husband and wife did this recreationally. She was "falling apart" and he actually fed her own parts and limbs into her through various places. It was like a form of "condensing" or something.

I also remember a fantasy of using "trick" magic this way, but where the magician packed away his assistants by dissembling them, stuffing all their limbs inside them, followed by their head, and packing their torsos in his carry-on for a flight, I think?

I loved both. Not really into the idea of prey being used as a toilet (unless with clean full-tour) but I do like the idea of prey being gently made to eat themselves, especially if "for storage." I also enjoy the idea of prey still being able to mostly feel their detached parts, at least in the case of the fun bits, and having to helplessly enjoy as those parts are kneaded and squished around by their pred's internals.

I think I might make an alternate version of one of my RP characters just for this sort of thing...
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Re: Same-size where pred eats prey's severed limbs first?

Postby spanxthanx » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:35 am

Maybe a woman and a man fly in a plane over the Andes and crash. There isn't enough food to get back to civilization and there's lots of difficult terrain to trek through. He's a paleontologist trying to make Jurassic Park come true, he was on his way to the Amazon's to look for prehistoric amber deposits, hoping to find a mosquito who sucked dinosaur blood. She's a surgeon and also a pilot and agreed to fly Jason to the Amazon's for his project, but secretly she had different plans, the crash wasn't really an accident. Esmerelda has had a crush on Jason ever since they met at the barbecue block party she and her husband threw when they moved into their current house. But she didn't want to mess up her family by throwing a new radical into it, so she has kept her obsession secret. Last summer her husband and kids went on vacation while she said she had to stay for work. And she did have work, but she didn't tell anyone it wasn't at the hospital, she had work in the basement; creating it! She opened up a rectangular opening in the floor and started digging, several truck-loads of dirt were removed and she built a secret basement under the basement of the house and finished by installing a secret trap door and restoring the basement to look the same. When her family came home from the vacation she was finished with the secret basement, she could open and close the door but when the door was closed it was impossible to see it, her secret. Now she was trekking in the Andes with Jason, pulsing through the snow on empty stomachs. She tried to convince Jason that they had to sacrifice one of his arms for food in order to survive, Jason refused. But after several days of starving a panic started to grow in Jason and Esmerelda was finally able to convince him the the sacrifice was necessary. Eating his own limb made him feel queasy, he ate sparingly because he didn't want to sacrifice another before they were able to make it back to safety and civilization. But she gulped down her part and allowed herself seconds from his. Soon he had to sacrifice his second arm and then his legs. He didn't agree to sacrifice his legs, but starved and without arms to fight with he was unable to stop her. When all of his limbs were gone she performed advanced surgery on him to reduce him to minimal size, he had a little bit of lunges and his liver was a fraction of its original size, everything was smaller except for his brain. When he lost his legs she had to pull him in the sled, but now he was small enough that she could put him in her backpack, along with a lot of other stuff. Luckily they got back to civilization, cause there was nothing left of him to eat, he had been reduced to minimal size. She hid him deep in her backpack, under a set of spare clothes and some towel, having to explain to customs what happened to him would be difficult. He was depressed and still in chock and denial about having lost most of his body so although he still had his vocal chords intact and enough lunge capacity to speak with a squeaky voice he just wanted to lie in the bottom of the backpack and forget everything. That suited her just fine until they had made it through the customs. Yes, they had crashed, yes he was dead, no, the plane had not been found. After the investigators had interview her and finished their report she was finally able to get back home. Her husband greeted her at the door, she kissed her and acted like she was sad that their neighbor Jason the paleontologist had died in the crash. Her husband had been tense about her going to the Amazon's alone with Jason, his regret that Jason had died was mixed with relief, and then with guilt about being relieved and then with relief that Esmerelda apparently escaped unscathed and his pent up sexual frustration about sitting up at night wondering what his neighbor and wife were doing in the Amazon's was released like a flood wave and they went upstairs together. She dropped her backpack on the bedroom couch and took of her clothes. After the sex she dressed up and snuck in the basement with her backpack. She pulled out her towel and spare clothes and uncovered a very morose Jason who apparently wasn't too happy about having become a witness to her sex scene with her husband.

After several weeks in the basement Jason had got used to his new body and new voice. There wasn't much he could do other than accuse Esmerelda about having ate too much in the Andes and then lie around where she had left him waiting for her to come back. Esmerelda came to to basement to practice yoga and flexibility, among other flexibility exercises the trained her jaw and throat. Jason couldn't realize what that was for, but he was grateful for the company. After a few months she got pregnant with her fifth child and her belly was growing, she would pat her belly and say 'this could be you' and Jason always wondered if she was teasing him, that they could have a child together. Technically they could, she had left his equipment intact, but he knew that the child wasn't his since they hadn't had sex. Esmerelda's yoga exercises were yielding results, she was getting more flexible, she could do a bridge, an arabesque, a bow and arrow and many other flexibility skills. Her throat was also getting more flexible, she started trying to swallow an egg whole, now she was practicing on melons. Those later skills she always practiced in the basement, she wanted Jason to see her progress. She loved listening to him speculating about what she was up to. She had bought sexy tight spandex maternity underwear that emphasized her bulge, she had bought several different designs from a store called Maieusophorically Persuasive Chicks. Jason thought that she was teasing him about not having any kids. Maybe that was also true, but 'this could be you' had a different meaning. Once she had carried to full term she would put on one of her maieusophoric underwear and fill it up. And this story shall also be told.

Wow, I just wrote that on the fly. It's a fantasy I've had.
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