Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experience!

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Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experience!

Postby Ozaga » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:10 am

Figured id come here to share a lovely dream from last night, and thought "Hey, maybe others have had dreams too."

Dream started out in a living room, idk whose, but the TV was on. Im sat on the couch when a petite girl with short hair walks in and sits next to me, placing her hand on my lap.
Next thing I know shes rolling over on top of me, leaning down and kissing, while im flabergasted. Sits back up and from out of nowhere pulls 2 what I can only assume are kids, but they are like 2 feet tall. Dreams are weird.
I recall her saying the kids have been bad and she lifts one up and coaxes their feet into her mouth and she starts to swallow her, and the dream emphasised the bulges in her neck and as she swallowed. Eventually the kids hands disappear behind the petite womans lips and she swallows, and her small tummy bulges out and you see the kid moving and struggling. Then she does the same for the second girl.
Once the "naughty kids" are delt with the petite girls once small belly is largely pump and moving as the 2 kids struggle inside, guggling and groans echoing in the room.
Then the weirdest part of fhe dream happened. The woman lifted my hamd on her belly and I swear I could feel the kids struggling inside. It was surreal. Then she leans down on me, pressing her belly against me and I could feel the struggling prey against my body.

I wanted more but sadly my alarm woke me up right after, and I tell you what I was pissed XD
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby Nekiame » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:33 am

I've had a vore dream once which actually inspired me to make a character based on the dream I had. In the dream, it was at a mall or something similar and there was an auction gathering money for a charity or something, and they were auctioning off men to women. In basic, the guy would help the woman with whatever she asked for 24 hours if they won the auction, and the men were doing this willingly. As I came onto the stage, some women started to bid, when suddenly a shout of a HUGE sum of money came from the back as a anthro cowgirl had just walked into the room, shouting out her bid.
Things went silent for a bit, but the bid was accepted and won pretty much by default. I went away with the cowgirl which apparently were the daughter of some rich family that owned a company or such. Well back at her place (more or less a manor) she brought me up to the bedroom and proceeded to have her fun with me. It went on for a good long while until I was to tired to go on. Seeing how I was completely tuckered out, she smiled as she then went on to devour me whole right on the bed. Once I was in her belly, I struggled as much as I could, but didn't have to much strength left, so she simply laid back onto the bed, enjoying her meal before falling asleep to digest her meal.

I am not quite sure how this character came to be, or why I suddenly had the dream that night, but I remember it well to this day.
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby animeking352 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 10:39 am

funny thing you should post about this, i actually had a dream once that actually inspired me to make a full blown game based on this one dream i had but sadly i never was able to get that to pen and paper XD
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby Chameleonette » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:04 am

It seems that you missed this: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=20290

There's already a thread and it's a sticky thread in this section, specifically for this very topic.
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby ZeeTheHellion » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:23 am

My dreams are the basics.

Wake up next to a character, nuzzle with said character, and then in the middle of it, you get eaten.

They're pretty good dreams though.

However, one of the unique ones was where my persona was running through a forest, presumably escaping someone, and eventually he tripped on a sly branch on the ground. He was caught by his predator, another character of mine, basically just a red demigod with devil horns, but when she ate him, coincidentally, the dream ended.

So then the next night when I had to go to sleep, it seemed like the dream continued. Either I was asleep through out the dream or I just didn't sleep long at all because after some sort of "in-dream" blackout I guess I was digested, and then I woke up lol

My dreams aren't really as wacky as my friends to be honest so there's nothing special here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby gullvy » Tue Jul 10, 2018 4:27 pm

I've only really had a vorish dream once, a few years ago. I dreamt that I was a naga who was eating something. My dreams are usually very fuzzy and scenes tend to blur together, but this one was more so - there was really nothing to the dream, other than me being a naga digesting some nondescript humanoid. It was pretty hot, though.

I think I've had a few other dreams involving me as prey, usually to monstrous creatures, but those are very much non-sexual to me, and are far more along the lines of nightmares. I tend to retain at least a little bit of lucidity in all my nightmares (but not benign dreams), meaning that I try desperately to wake up. I can sometimes force myself to wake up, but not always.
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby Thelegend27 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:22 pm

Mine was way before i knew i was into this.
Was in my elementary school, i don't really remember who i was.
There was a dragon i think from american dragon scaring everyone at school, i was affraid too, then i realised i was in a dream, lucid dreaming, so i ran at the dragon so he could eat me, for no reason at the time, i just wanted it. Unfortunately he didn't. That was my mind reacting with some hidden fantasies i guess..
I think i had more, only one i can really remember, i had a friend in that dream, i don't remember if she was my gf, but we would go in a sort of treehouse or something like that and she anal vored me there. Idk why but it felt so strangely wierd, but in a good way :o
Pretty sure i had other vore related dreams but i can't remember them :?
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby metalvixen » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:31 pm

I recently had a dream that my highschool best friend invited me over for the night. About half way through the evening I go to the bathroom and when I return to their living room, her mother is basically telling her that she plans to eat me. Before my friend can object, her mother sees me listening in and tells me im just in time for her snack. Her belly is already distended and I can see something moving in it. My friend tells me that her mom has just swallowed her 4 year old sister and her younger brothers girlfriend. Before I can react, im being grabbed and I literally see her wide open mouth close over my head. I swear I felt every squeeze of her throat and inevitably her gut. I woke up when she belched after eating me.

I have only had a dream like that once but wish for many many more, lol
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby Michael Palic » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:16 am

I don't get many vore dreams, just near-vore dreams. Ones where predators are teasing me or about to eat me, but before they can I wake up. Here's some vore dreams I've had, may seem like a lot, but some of these go as far back as 2014. There's far more near-vore dreams I've had, just not worth mentioning.

I did have one fun vore dream with one of my D&D player's characters; a cute trap wizard. Dream started, I was already in their butt as they roughly clenched and digested me. They let out a rude fart and shot me out of their ass saying something like "do that shit again and you'll be my shit!"

I also had a dream where my online friend ate me. I've never met him before, nor do I know what he really looks like. But coincidentally enough when I told him how he looked in my dream, he agreed that's how he looked irl. o:
Basically, I woke up (still dreaming) and my friend was squatted over my face. Sat hard onto my head and pulled me into his butt, did it so quickly I couldn't enjoy it. He told me he'd let me out the next morning. I went back to sleep in the dream and went right onto another unrelated dream.
Best part was, I told my online friend about it and he teased me so much about how he'd finally break 120 pounds after he digested me.

I was playing some sort of VR game where I had to clear an overgrown mall with some allies. The mall was overgrown with hungry plants. They were basically Venus fly traps with tongue grabs. My allies were all trying so hard to kill the plants before they were eaten, but the only thing I could think about was finding the biggest plant I could and jumping down its gullet. The plant didn't even have to tongue grab me, as soon as I got close it just scooped me off the ground, tilted back, and swallowed me whole. <3 that was a fun dream. Ended when I digested, don't know why my allies didn't just shoot the damn thing.

In one I wasn't eaten, but I got to rub the predator's belly. I was chatting with my friend's younger brother. Out of his bag fell a picture of himself sporting a round, person-sized belly. I of course asked him about it and he revealed he could eat people. I asked him to prove it (hoping he'd eat me) but instead he went outside and came back sporting a large gut. I got to listen to and rub his stomach as it gurgled its prey.
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby merlovinit » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:46 pm

I've had a few lucid dreams involving vore and they're nice but they tend to break apart or end really quickly.
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby MirceaKitsune » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:37 pm

FYI: There's already an official thread about this called The Vore Dream Thread.

I only have vore dreams extremely rarely. About once an year... if I'm lucky. A distorted amalgamation of all the bullshit from my past are the only dreams I'm ever allowed to have :x I believe I've asked for advice in the past on how I could mess with my subconscious mind and make it give me more furry / vore dreams at night, but haven't gotten many useful answers sadly.
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby Theguythatdoes » Fri Jul 13, 2018 4:16 pm

About 4:
1. One where I was a stundent going through a school, eating teachers and classmates. All of the prey were female.

2. One I barely remember. All I remember was me being at a church and eating a young girl.

3. One where I was a girl, swallowing other girls. I remember trying to gulp an enormous woman down, barely managing to get her down.

4. This one I remember the least. I remember me trying to lure some girls to a snake so it could eat them.
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Re: Have you ever had a Vore Dream? If so share your experie

Postby NisseHult » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:05 am

I recently had a vore dream about a gorgeous female colleague of mine. For some reason she and I had just had sex and we were just fooling around in bed. She was letting me listen to the noises of her stomach, telling me what she had eaten before.

Then all of a sudden she starts to devour me whole. Unfortunately I woke up from this vivid dream at that point but it's been quite interesting to meet her at work ever since, thinking "if she only knew"...
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