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Vore rules

Postby justinrpg » Mon Oct 08, 2018 8:51 pm

What are some rules that you have that preds and prey must follow for a given vore scene? These rules could only apply to specific vore situations or vore in general. They could also range anywhere from when a pred is allowed to throw up the prey or when the pred must swallow the prey.

Unbirth, cock vore, and vaginal vore rules can also be mentioned here.

Here is a few of mine

If a shrunken man in swallowed during a saliva bath in another creature's mouth, that creature is not allowed to throw him up. That creature must let him digest in his/her stomach—even if it was that creature's fault that he was swallowed. Since the man was swallowed during a saliva bath in the creature's mouth, he must be digested by that creature. If he was in their mouth for any other reason other than getting a saliva bath and he was swallowed, then the creature is allowed to throw him up at will.

Also as it relates to that scenario. When shrunken men choose a few creatures that will be the ones to give him a saliva bath, he must choose at least one male (same gender as him) and at least one animal. Pokémon, dragons, and other non-traditional animals do not count as animals. It has to be an actual animal. Of course, he can kill two birds with one stone and choose a specific male animal to give him a saliva bath.

I do not do scenarios with shrunken women so I will not mention it. In my fantasies, only men can be shrunken and my given reason for that is because men possess enough testosterone that make them susceptible magic and other things that can shrink a person. However, magic and other things can make girls bigger or even giantess.

Another rule (for unbirth): The shrunken man is not allowed to come out of the vagina until the girl says he can—even if she does not know that he is in her vagina. With animals, since they cannot talk, the only way the shrunken can leave the animal's vagina is if the animal forces him out somehow.

Rule for Anal Vore: The shrunken man is not allowed to come out of the rectum until the creature pushes him out the same way the creature does when it poops.

Of course, all these rules also apply to normal size men and large creatures, except for the saliva bath. This is because men must dedicate creatures to give them a saliva bath in an event where he is shrunken and also he needs a cleaning. That is another rule. The creatures are documented as his creatures to clean him with saliva.

Of course, a normal size man could get a saliva bath from a large creature—but why would he want to when showers and bathtubs are accessible to normal size men and not shrunken men? The large creature, in this case, is allowed to throw him up.
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Re: Vore rules

Postby IvesBentonEaton » Mon Oct 08, 2018 9:16 pm

I do have a certain of number of rules I follow for my stories. Since my setting is Āen, and Āen is based around a Dungeons and Dragons® 3.5 magic system, magic in general follows that structure: blatant effects are usually easier than subtle ones.

For vore in general, I tend to be rather picky:
  • Oral vore only, at least for now. The gastrointestinal tract only works correctly in one direction, so food goes in one end (the mouth, if any) and comes out the other (the anus, if any). The reason I say, "if any" is that oozes and slimes obviously have neither of those organs. Any other sort of "vore" isn't really vore—just painful, debilitating, and probably fatal insertion.
  • In general, vore is known, but uncommon, and usually only a hazard for people that go looking for trouble; i.e., adventurers. No "eating is as common as greeting" situations.
  • With maybe one rare exception, same-size soft vore is right out. However, there are combinations of existing spells that could permit same-sized humanoids to manage it through a combination of permanent (or magic device driven) enlarge person and reduce person spells, and one or two other spells to navigate the esophagus.
  • While I don't really directly support anthros or demis in my setting, feral animals can be intelligence through use of a druid's awaken or mass awaken spell.
  • There is at least one spell (and another in development) that allows for non-fatal soft vore with digestion and disposal. Certainly resurrection is possible in a D&D setting, but since normal digestion obliterates the prey's body, the only spells that would work are true resurrection, wish, and miracle—all very high (9th) level and expensive spells to cast. The two spells in question are wasteform, a 4th-level druid spell, and compassionate stomach, a 5th-level sorcerer/wizard spell (I think; it's the one under development). Prey affected by either spell never actually dies so resurrection isn't necessary.
That'll do for a start.
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Re: Vore rules

Postby CrimsonFangX666 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:49 am

Two different "Main Preds", and one prey, so I'll just put the rules up for them under thumbs FOR their gender and species.

Male Shape-Shifter: Un-named

No Hard Vore: He cannot, nor will he ever, CHEW living food. If the food in his mouth kicks, screams, punches, hits or any other form of movement that alerts him to their state of living, they will merely be swallowed.

No Digestion: As a scientist, he created a potion that allows him to "turn on or off" his digestion. When he swallows someone, they typically remain in his stomach until he passes them through or eats a meal, at which point they will digest along with his food.

No Cock Vore: I don't do cock vore, personally, so he does not cock vore his prey. Even by accident (i.e he's having sex with a woman who has a tiny person in her vagina and they crawl into his dick).

No Anal Vore: "I do not stick things up my ass, things come OUT of my ass." His rule.

Soft Vore: All forms he can take, he prefers to swallow his food whole and alive. He likes feeling them wriggle down his throat and struggle until they pass out from lack of oxygen. He will release them later, but every now and then he'll swallow some fresh oxygen for them so they don't suffocate and die.

Absorption: He has a "goo monster" form he can take that allows him to absorb his prey. "It's not digestion because they aren't melting down in a pool of acid." Any prey he absorbs adds to his intelligence and strength until he absorbs another.

Merge: Can merge with other beings to "become stronger, smarter and faster" (think DBZ Fusion, minus the time limit or ear rings. Or doubled voice). Any longer then twelve minutes merged results in the absorption of the partner.

Female Tail-Maw Lamia: Rinalia la Volcana/Rina/Rin

Soft Vore: As a Lamia, she grew up being fed living creatures, staring small with mice, weasels and other small creatures when she was a hatchling and eventually graduating to humans. LOVES how humans feel going down her gullet, naked or otherwise. Has a girlfriend (and sometimes boyfriends) who loves to go "diving" in her stomach. Always ties a rope around her lover's waist in order to pull her to safety before she digests (boyfriends always get a one way trip through her digestive tract).

Unbirth: Discovered a love of unbirth by accident when her first love interest, a human male in an attempt to NOT go through her intestines, "accidentally" shoved his bare foot into her cunt. The results were immediate, her gasping, her slit seizing up and holding him firmly, her pushing him the rest of the way in and wriggling around to get the best feel of him. Ate him after orgasm. "Sex works up an appetite." Girlfriend tends to spend entire nights in her womb or her snake stomach.

Tail Vore: As a Tail-Maw, she can eat people with her tail. Girlfriend was the first to discover this by accident after Rin had gone three days without eating a full sized meal (for her). Luckily, Rin noticed before irreparable harm could be done. Fun Fact: Both heads get an "O-Face" during orgasm.

Fatal: Rin is my ONLY pred that will almost always do Fatal. Girlfriend is never digested because they're careful and use potions, and even if she is digested by accident, Rin's mother (who is very accepting of the fact that Rin is dating a human) makes Reformative Potions that she gives to Rin for free (in case of emergency).

Prey: Rin has been eaten on several occasions. Due to her mother being a witch, Rin can naturally reform as long as her mind is intact. Always reforms, if digested, in her bed, completely naked. Rin has also been Unbirthed a few times. It started when she was younger, her mother would unbirth herself and her siblings to keep them from getting under tail while she worked and grew into a fetish when she was older. Girlfriend is very accepting of this, to the point that she will find dragonesses for them both to have fun with. Her favorite Dragoness is a Brood Queen whose mate was slain by a Knight looking for glory. Brood Queens cannot take another mate and tend to either breed with any creatures willing to bed them or become gravid and begging for it. Rin gets paid handsomely to tend to Gravid Dragoness' needs.

Amelia Frost

Soft Vore: Amelia Frost is Rinalia's girlfriend. It goes without saying that she's been eaten. A lot.

Hard Vore: Amelia was "cursed" as a child with the ability to survive any kind of injury. This was proven to mean ANY injury when a Dragon bit her head off before eating her, chewing and everything, only for her to pop back together in his stomach, take a full trip through his bowels and walk home to shower, stinking like dragon dung. Discovered she enjoyed being chewed up since she knew she'd survive it. Has been bitten by Rin before, but never chewed. Rin isn't into that sort of thing. Something Amelia is fine with.

Unbirth: Amelia is a dive instructor at the local marina, which houses many demi-fish creatures. Her favorite is the Demi-Human whale girl and the Water Dragoness she tends to before the marina closes its doors. BOTH creatures have had her swim into their vaginas and get sucked in. Has also helped Rin assist dragonesses, always coming out of them <i>inside</i> Rin.

Cock Vore: Only with VERY large males, such as dragons or anthropomorphic whale sharks. Due to her survivablity from the curse, can be cum-digested, ejaculated into something and still reform into herself. Tends to be "rebirthed" by Rin a LOT. Once shoved herself into a Dragon's cock to punish him for being an ass hole. Did not expect him to enjoy it and fuck her into her own girlfriend's ass.

Stretching: Due to her survivability, Amelia has "stretched" her body passed it's limit. Rin can stretch Amelia's ass out so wide she can almost fit her entire tail inside. Almost. Time will tell if they succeed.

BDSM/Torture: Amelia discovered this by accident when she was going through Rin's toys one evening. Rin has some interesting, and large, toys. Whips, chains, wear-ables, plugs, bondage and several other intimate items. Rin caught her. Suffice it to say, the horny Tail-Maw had some things to say, and do, to punish her girlfriend for sneaking and spying through her things. NEVER had Amelia cum so hard or so much.

Dragons: Despite being "killed" by a dragon when she first discovered she was practically immortal, Amelia is obsessed with Dragons. Only goes for dragons who won't chew, however, as childhood trauma is hard to get rid of, even if you can't be eaten to death. Once attempted to convince Rin to take a trip through a Dragon's stomach with her.

Snakes: She's in love with Rin. Snakes are sort of her specialty at this point.

Pregnancy: Amelia wants to have kids. A lot of kids. As her lover is female, this leads to the both of them often looking for males who are willing to bed Amelia. Amelia, however, always spills the finale. They'll be gulped down and digested by Rin. Part of the rules. Dad can't be around because Rin's gonna be the dad. Once shoved her big sister into her lover's womb simply because she wanted to. Went about as expected with big sister being pissed, both before, during and after the unbirthing.


Rin fears that one day she'll wake up having eaten Amelia and be out of reformatives, as well as having lost control of her ability to reform people she's eaten. Indulges that fear, as well as keeps her cravings at bay, by going out at night when waking up from a nightmare, eating some unsuspecting woman off of the street and digesting them before returning home.

Amelia fears that Rin will stop loving her and want her gone. Permanently. Fears that Rin's mom has potions that can stop even her seemingly undefeatable reformation ability and they'll give her to a giant to use and abuse before eating her.
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Re: Vore rules

Postby Kitsouille » Wed Oct 10, 2018 1:25 am

I'm more of a person that will follow my mood in this case instead of rules.
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Re: Vore rules

Postby illirium » Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:17 am

A pred must always harm a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm

A pred cannot obey any requests or pleas given to it by a human being, especially when doing so would conflict with the first Law

A pred must protect its own existence, and thus ensure its tummeh is always full of nutritions food, especially in ways that comply with the first two laws :3
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Re: Vore rules

Postby Scrumptious » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:22 pm

illirium wrote:A pred must always harm a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm

A pred cannot obey any requests or pleas given to it by a human being, especially when doing so would conflict with the first Law

A pred must protect its own existence, and thus ensure its tummeh is always full of nutritions food, especially in ways that comply with the first two laws :3

I see what you did there. :lol:
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Re: Vore rules

Postby Jayezox » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:27 am

The good:
-Non-fatal vore is typically for predator and prey that share deep trust.
-The acts done other than swallowing, the type of vore, and the culture of the characters involved determine how sexual the act is. Below are some examples and what is generally accepted by characters I make:
-Just simply swallowing a prey down isn't sexual.
-A predator that fondles their prey with their tongue without touching the genitals or anus is kind of like making out in the real world. It's "first base" as some would call it.
-A predator that shows off or makes non-mouth contact with their lower regions before swallowing is like second base
-Tasting genitals or the anus is like third base
-Full tour, AV, and UB are the home run
-Predators are indestructible from the inside. Once the prey is eaten, he/she is at the predator's mercy.

The bad:

-Good predators can only digest if there is a good reason to do it including survival, justice to an evil character, or they have some way to reform the prey.
-A predator that digests prey for pleasure, greed or anything like that without regard for the prey's life is evil.

The ugly:

-Scat isn't glorified except maybe by an evil predator. Even then, I would only write about it if pressed to for some reason since the thought makes me queezy. It either doesn't exist, is cleaned out, or is done off screen.
-Writing about blood and gore is the same way. I don't mind writing some PG 13 blood for realism, but I don't like to get into gory details especially writing or reading about it. When gory details are put into words it makes my stomach flip and my eyes avoid the words. Strangely, I don't mind gory movies.
-No under aged characters and sexual content in my vore world. I'm strongly against it even in fiction. Under age characters may be eaten without any sexual implications like just being swallowed for safe keeping.

Those are the bases. I know I missed stuff, but morals are more important than physics when it comes to vore. Vore throws the laws of physics out the window with a few rare exceptions anyway like a bug being swallowed or something.
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