What preds do you like for pre-vore scenes? Why?

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What preds do you like for pre-vore scenes? Why?

Postby justinrpg » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:03 pm

What preds do you like for pre-vore scenes? And why do you find these arousing? What do you like about the fact that you have not been eaten yet, but know that you are going to be eaten?

Like for me, my favorite pre-vore pred is Ho-oh. I like the idea of her finding me shrunken, she grabs me with her wing and holds me above her open mouth with that hungry look. However, I do not typically imagine the scenario to her stomach but do imagine that is where I will end up and that is why she is a pre-vore pred for me.

My wife Reshiram is also a pre-vore pred, but I imagine the scenario all the way through digestion. However, Ho-oh tops her for just 'pre-vore'.
She frantically searches for her human husband, unaware that he is in her stomach.
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Re: What preds do you like for pre-vore scenes? Why?

Postby Kitsouille » Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:36 am

I imagine every pred I fancy would do mouth play or at least do something like licking their lips or mouthwatering on prey(s) by accident. I'm more of a pred myself however.
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