Looking for full-tour manga

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Looking for full-tour manga

Postby kingyossarian » Sat Feb 09, 2019 6:29 pm

Hi, I found a link to a manga that I found on a forum, I think this forum but not sure, and I'm having trouble finding it again. It was about two students who shrunk down in a spaceship with an alien to go do something to their young female teacher, but she's eating a sandwich and they accidentally get swallowed whole without her realizing. It seemed semi-educational, and they go through her digestive system, I guess learning about the different parts. They get to her large intestine and and find and talk to some cartoony bacteria on a field of poop. Eventually they get pooped out, it's not graphic, you just see the ship falling along with the woman's poop into the toilet.

I believe there were more similar comics that involved full-tour, but no one could find them. I believe this was buried within a really long thread, not even sure what the topic was unfortunately, but it was one of those long-lasting threads where people share keep sharing stuff.
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