Vore Story I cant find

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Vore Story I cant find

Postby Vaslog » Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:26 am

I read it once but can’t remember it’s name or the website. Plot follows a mouse character either wanting to meet or be eaten by a famous actor that is a bunny/rabbit. Ends up sneaking into his hotel room along with the rabbit/bunny’s raccoon boyfriend. Mouse follows the raccoon into the bathroom where he gets in the shower. The mouse sees a box of condoms knocked ove and climbs in one of the opened condoms. That gets chosen and is part of what they do. Then is either swallowed with the cum or condom as well. I do remember as he starts digesting he thinks to him self thr ther rabbit/bunny will have a bellyache because of him.

Even with me knowing this much of the plot I can’t find it again
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