Did your vore preferences change over time?

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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby Mecho » Sat Jun 08, 2019 4:51 pm

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the time when I was just a tiny, tiny child, I used to fantasise alot about mouth play, saliva, and robots. This was at the age between 4 and 12 year. I was crazy about fluids and the visit in the stomach. Then puberty hit and suddently I had a couple of years when I was only into human pred stuff and I had a hard time thinking about details? I only fantisesed about pre vore stuff. Like...My fantasies was always about cooking back then also. Preparation stuff. Spit roasting was a huge favorite in the days. Some dude prepared me and when he was about to eat me, I just stopped the fantasy. Today I just can't wrap my head around why that was? Why I didn't want to imagine the actuall vore process and just the stuff going on before the eating part.

And suddenly when I got older *BAM* my old childhood fantasies just returnes again. So now I have the same preferences as I did when I was about 6 years old :silly:
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby midnightisle » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:13 pm

Overall my preferences have been mostly the same. The main thing that's changed is that I used to be really grossed out by cock vore and anal vore, even though I would actively draw and write about it? I think I was in denial about liking it. Eventually I got over my denial phase and now I can enjoy CV/AV with much less shame :lol:
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby StarlingJay » Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:56 pm

They sure have! When I was a lot younger I used to only be into F/M vore, of the furry / anthro and giantess variant. Anthro vixens in particular were my favorite preds, followed by giantess, then perhaps dragoness. Over time I developed a taste for giant male preds, causing my preference to become M/F vore by a huge margin. Nowadays I generally don't care much at all for female preds, but it's not impossible for me to like artwork that features them. I've even found that I can enjoy F/F artwork as well, which is fairly new for me. However, all female preds pale in comparison to my liking for male preds, so I generally don't seek out or fantasize about giantess anymore. Also, this is a little more specific, but I used to hate it when a pred would burp after swallowing his or her prey, for reasons I can't even remember other than just making me uncomfortable (maybe I just thought it was gross). But for various reasons, now I love it when a pred belches deeply after swallowing his prey, maybe because of the impoliteness on behalf of the pred and the humiliation involved for the prey. Another way my tastes have evolved since the beginning is that my favorite type of pred now is giant men. Since I don't care much about F/ vore anymore and there's hardly any M/F furry or anthro vore in existence, furry vore has pretty much fallen out of favor with me, though I would still like and seek out M/F furry vore if it weren't so rare. Dragon preds have definitely fallen out of favor with me in terms of what I like, though. The physique just doesn't really appeal to me as a pred anymore like it used to; I'd rather see a tiny dragoness be swallowed by a handsome knight at this point than see a damsel be eaten by a majestic dragon. Actually, maybe I'll make a comic about that. Hm.

There are still many things that haven't changed one bit throughout the years for my preferences though. I still only like Macro/Micro, I can still potentially be aroused by just about anything sans M/M that features a nice uvula shot and a good gulp, I still don't care about post-swallowing details (ie. digestion, etc.), and anything that's not soft and oral is still a hard no for me. If these basic preferences aren't fulfilled, it's almost impossible for me to be aroused by any work of vore, whether it features M/F, F/ , human, furry, or anything else. So I suppose the main principles that drew me to liking vore in the first place haven't changed, but the secondary details such as the preferred gender combination and species have changed throughout the years. I haven't really given much thought to it, but it would be interesting to know why something as broad and significant as sex and species preferences were able to change over time while something specific such as seeing a uvula or throat bulge has consistently remained necessary for my enjoyment of the fetish since the beginning.
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby sweetladyamy » Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:08 pm

My preferences have changed, more times than I can count on both hands.

At one point, I'm pretty sure I didn't care, as long as I was the one eaten. I likely was more into animals, like sharks, whales and such before I got more intimate with my own mind.
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby Jamjo » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:35 am

My tastes have definitely changed over time interestingly enough. I used to be only into soft and non-fatal stuff, but my experimental streak lead me to try out some things in rp and the lack of enough soft content lead me to eventually be actually interested in fatal and even hard & brutal stuff.

I used to always fantasize more about being prey and always project myself hard into the prey roles in any vore I liked, but my flexibility in rp lead me to eventually favor and think a lot more about the spectacle as opposed to purely the sensations of the prey and now don't tend to project myself much into the prey role, which is really strange to think about how gradual and unnoticed that shift went for a long time.

I also am more okay and willing to tinker with CV than when I first found this lovely site, and tail vore isn't as confusing as it once was either.

As for things that stayed the same, I really still can't stand unwilling scenarios myself. I don't even find those fantasies too objectionable (since they're fantasies) or anything, it's just that i really can't enjoy it period.

I also still enjoy oral, anal and unbirth - although the lack of anal and ub in rps for a long time has made me drift a little more than i'd like to from them. And still love vore from any pred/prey combinations so long as their size differences aren't too crazy.
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby DancingQueen6281 » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:57 am

Not really. Ladies preds got me into this, lady preds keep me coming back.
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby MidnightRose » Mon Jun 10, 2019 5:28 pm

Mine changed pretty drastically. At first I was into pretty much everything, but now I'm exclusively a fan of M/F. The more I learned about how I feel towards vore over the years, the narrower my preferences got. I always leaned more towards male preds and identifying as prey, though.
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby blergle » Tue Jun 11, 2019 12:17 am

Yeah, somewhat. My interests have branched out as far as appreciating some different activities besides oral vore. I didn't used to be into cockvore or anal vore, and now I am. And recently I've gotten interested in cock transformation and cum transformation as well. My preferences as far as sex/gender/role have not changed.
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby Cuddlekins » Tue Jun 11, 2019 1:07 am

I suppose mine has as well, hasn't it o: I've always been into macro/micro stuffs, but a lot of my first stories had silent preds just eating because they were hungry. I guess as I've continued writing, I've gotten more into the sensual and emotional aspects. My preds tend to be more abusive and cruel, making sure their prey knows that they're just nothing but a snack. More visceral emotions, of pain from digestion, and hopelessness, I guess o:

Also, in addition of vore for sustenance, I've leaned a lot more into vore as an entirely sexual act, preds gulping 'em down just for that carnal thrill. That's not to say I still don't enjoy the former now and again, but yeah o:
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby RiffRaff » Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:38 am

Yep, my tastes have certainly changed. Specifically, they've broadened a lot. I used to be solely into oral vore, non-human preds, and digestion could only be implied. Nowadays I'm more interested in other types, other preds, and digestion is kind of a requirement for me.
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Re: Did your vore preferences change over time?

Postby Eznam » Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:54 am

Yeah, I went from liking oral vore to finding it pretty meh in favor of UB/AV. I still indulge in it because of the massive lack of UB/AV but it's pretty eh for me now. Also I sorta mellowed on absorption vore after a while. I still find it hot but it's not my favorite anymore
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