absorption vore in media

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absorption vore in media

Postby ALAMOS123 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 3:35 pm

so this is rather simple, we each give a link to a clip of absorption vore use din media like cartoons or games at some point, just mention anything that might turn people off
like sex, tentacle rape, other vore types, things like that

i'll start us off https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=no31JMOQkRY just some standard absorption, female pred male prey
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Re: absorption vore in media

Postby Arfunkel » Mon Jul 08, 2019 6:05 pm

Silent hill 2006 Dark Alessa Speech
Skip to 3 min mark if you don't care for context
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Re: absorption vore in media

Postby timmy10051 » Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:58 pm

Hulk and the Agents of Smash - The Venom Inside
She-venom (She-hulk) absorbs A-Bomb

Incredible Hulk -Mission Incredible
Merging F/M
Hybrid merges into Grey Hulk

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