How to write a realistic mini GTS?

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How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby spanxthanx » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:06 am

I've been trying many times to write a realistic story about a mini GTS set in the real world, somewhere around 7-9 feet tall, as tall as possible, since I'm into that, but not much taller than the tallest person in recorded history, who was about 9 feet tall. Imagine how strong a musclebound 9 foot girl could be, size-play would ensue, but how do you write a story about a giantess like that without every other character remarking about their height? Of course it would be easy from the point of view of the writer to avoid writing "Oh-wow, you so tall!" every time the giantess meets someone, but it wouldn't feel realistic. Imagine a girl like that in real life, wouldn't people notice her size? So how do you write a story about a mini GTS without her size stealing the whole story or becoming the most incredible part of it? I wish I was Stephen King, then I would just know.
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Re: How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby Ghrelin » Wed Sep 11, 2019 12:47 pm

You make it common enough that people don't care. If she's the only one, or one of very few in the world, then you can't avoid people remarking about her height. But if it's as normal in that world as different races or other body types, then it won't be a big deal.
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Re: How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby cranberryknights1 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:09 pm

If in this world she is around the height of the tallest person in the world I think her height has to come up with every new character a little bit I mean it be unrealistic if it didn't. Everyone would notice a 9 foot tall woman after all. I think a good way to use that though is instead of them just saying "wow shes tall" it could be brought up and used differently with each character. Maybe one male is just fascinated with her height while another is insecure about being that much shorter than her and a female character becomes sexual curious when interacting with a woman that big,just depending on the type of story your writing. Also if you don't want her height to steal the show I think that would mean that everything else about her would either have to be as interesting or get as much attention to detail like her other characteristics,personality and her actions.
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Re: How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby IvesBentonEaton » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:49 pm

For myself, I don't try to write giantess vore in "modern" or "science fiction" settings; I'm too much of a science nerd not to shudder at the amount of science that has to be flushed out the airlock to make giantess vore of any sort happen. Even in my fantasy setting, I have to go through a lot of hoops to get it to happen—it's like a Rube Goldberg machine—but it works. Even there, I can't really justify a giantess capable of handling a human-sized meal at less than fifteen feet, and even then only with considerable magic involved. Humanoid throats just can't handle it, never mind the rest of the digestive tract.
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Re: How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby glargicus » Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:33 pm

I would say there's a significant amount of suspension of disbelief that goes along with even vaguely "realistic" vore content when you're looking at mini-gts scale.

Although the predator characters in my stories are almost exclusively bulky women in the size range you describe, there's one in particular that I've run into the exact same problem as you're having here, as she exists in a modern-day setting that I try to keep as realistic as possible. I try to demonstrate how slowly growing to an unnatural size over the years has changed her as a person, and the kinds of coping strategies she's developed when she needs to try to fit in. Gabrielle lives by herself and avoids going to public places during the day when she's more likely to be noticed. When she does have to try to blend into the crowd, she tries to spend as much time as possible sitting down and actively slouches to try to drop her height down to the threshold where she appears only freakishly tall, rather than unbelievably so. Yeah, people will definitely still comment on it, especially if you put your character in a situation where they're just making small-talk or going on a blind date or something, but also remember that personal remarks are generally considered rude. For example, if you were in a boring office meeting and an incredibly tall consultant were to walk in and give a presentation, people probably wouldn't interrupt to inform her she was being unreasonably big. I try to avoid going into specific details of her height and weight in the stories themselves, (although I've worked it out for my own reference purposes) because keeping that stuff a little fuzzy allows the reader to picture her not only as they want to, but the inconsistency also allows me to write the scenes I need to without getting too bogged down in details. (For example, I might describe her as just ducking through a standard doorway, where if you crunch the numbers, someone eight feet or more tall would have to hunch over constantly under a regulation ceiling, and doorways might involve crouching significantly.) I also deliberately gloss over the exact details of swallowing a normal-sized human without the cartoonish unhinging of jaws and bulging of necks that would be required for someone of even her size to devour someone whole. The whole swallowing thing specifically is an issue I first realised the full extent of when I was commissioning the picture that my avatar is cropped from, and I had to specify her to be drawn with a much more exaggerated size difference to how I write her to avoid it. I still haven't found a good solution that I'm satisfied fits with a realistic portrayal of a mini-giantess (because let's be honest, vore at that scale is inherently unrealistic) but I guess I very vaguely imply that the prey gets slightly rubberised by her saliva allowing them to be forced down her throat?

Long story short, I think if you give concessions where possible, it helps the reader be more forgiving when you give them something more difficult to believe. Especially when things get rocky with believability, try to imply things or convey them more vaguely, and the reader with naturally picture your story in a way that's less likely to break their immersion.
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Re: How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby Thagrahn » Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:49 pm

Quite a while back, someone did a breakdown of how much nutrition a whole human could provide.


If we remember square/cube law, and figure the 2000 calorie diet to be for someone who is 5 foot 6 inches, then to sustain a 11 foot tall person would require a 16,000 calorie diet do to their mass. Move up to 16 feet 6 inches, and the calories hit 54,000.

If it is common for individuals of this size range to exist, then the only people that will react to the giantess will be those seeing one for the first time.
Places that provide services to such individuals will have accommodations for someone of their size, and there will likely also be larger servings for them since they need between 8 to 27 times as much nutrition.

Overall though, the need for larger amounts of oxygen is what currently limits the height of people. The thing that killed the tallest man alive was, quite simply, his heart was no longer able to supply oxygen to his brain.

Scientists could find was to make it possible for a sealed environment to support such a big person, but there are other factors about the body that still need to chang in order to support one to three tons of mass.

Fantasy and Magic are shortcuts to these changes, but not to the amount of nutrition.
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Re: How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby Apex » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:50 am

Even tall people have friends they've known for a while. If you focus most of the character interactions around a small friend group, the "wow you're tall" schtick is over. They might joke with her about it every once in a while (or not depending on how sensitive she is about it) but someone like that will probably surround themselves with people that don't constantly bring up how physically odd she is. Depending on the setting, this could go even deeper. If she lives in a small town where everyone knows everyone plus everyone's extended family, that gives you a whole town full of people for her to interact with that don't care that she's almost twice some of their heights. Most of them would probably still remember when she turned 12 or whatever and her first growth spurt made her as tall as her dad.

Though it's much more likely to be set in a crowded urban setting, so I'll offer some advice there, too. While it's true she won't know about 99% of the people she runs across in everyday life, that doesn't mean everyone will actually react to her. This might be a bad reference because I have no idea where you live, but just think about how much crazy stuff people ignore every day. Maybe they don't care, maybe they're just really nonconfrontational, maybe they're so absorbed in their own heads (or phones) they don't even notice the 9 feet of sexy lady walking past them. Also, consider this: When was the last time you've heard someone open a conversation with a blunt, tactless observation of someone's physicality? I guess maybe some people might do a, "hey babe, you're hot, wanna party?" or something, but think how weird it would be if a friend introduced you to someone and the first thing they did was say, "Wow, your hair is so red!" or, "Wow, your nose is so crooked!" While a lot of people completely lack self-awareness, some people have it. I think the most a normal person would offer is a short pause, maybe a quick widening of their eyelids, MAYBE a "wow" or some other quick noise or gesture of wonder, and then a "How's it going?" Also, if they're being introduced to the giantess by a mutual friend, they'll probably have been warned about her height. Might lessen the initial shock.

Of course, maybe I'm underestimating just how stupid and tactless people are. If you really can't figure out any way to push the ambient chatter about her height to the side, maybe just mention she's used to that kind of stuff and how she ignores it. Since she's (presumably) the focal point of the narrator's perspective, if she ignores certain things, then the narrator has little reason to share it with the reader. Or maybe she's just so large and (therefore) intimidating, only a select few strangers choose to interact with her. At most, they'll be attracted to her and will start with small talk that DOESN'T begin with, "So, you're pretty tall, huh?" At least, they'll just be making random (possibly nervous) small talk about, I don't know, how they're buying the same box of cereal? "Oh, I love that brand too. It's good, right?" "Yeah." "Yeah, it's great. Have a nice day!" "You too!"

I hope this helps at least a little.
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Re: How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby spanxthanx » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:36 am

Much good advice here. I guess it's unavoidable that other characters will notice a woman like that, but the problem is that I can't imagine what form that would take. The worlds tallest guy ever was about 2.72 meters tall, but he lived in the stone ages before cell phones had cameras, indeed before there even was cell phones. I'm imagining a mini GTS would have groupies following her around like a super celebrity, and that would definitely steal the show. I'm trying to go for a story set in the real world, with insta-pics, social platforms and texting and chatting and everything else.
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Re: How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby Friskypill » Sun Sep 15, 2019 11:09 pm

You could have her in the same location throughout the story, and the other characters could get used to her. Her height is pointed out at first but quickly they grow accustomed. You could say she's been there a while si they're already used to her. You could just not mention people reacting surprised. What if they just... don't?
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Re: How to write a realistic mini GTS?

Postby Scrumptious » Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:04 pm

Well, one way to go about it is that she has found ways to not make herself so apparent. Maybe she just avoids walking around public places?
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