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Flavorful Description of your Ideal Pred(s).

PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 7:46 pm
by PikachuX2073
Thought about it recently, and I wanted to see how y'all would respond.

Whether someone wanted to make a treat or some form of culinary cuisine in their image, or if you just wanted to flatter them in the same language/way that they do towards you, how would you describe your ideal pred(s)?

Lucas Raymond. Not everyone can say that they've fallen for a donkey. But I can say without any shameful doubt (or at least, very little … especially in public …) that he is the kind of donkey, no, the sexiest, most handsome donkey if there ever was one! The salt and pepper in his facial hair and long locks is seen by some as weakness, but to those who know him, know it is a sign of being a seasoned veteran of the art of "the sex".
His fatherly figure is a sign of strength beyond the prime of youth, and gives me solemn comfort in his presence.
It let's me know that when he comes to ingest me, he is but returning me to a place of security and fellowship.
There can be no greater bonding with my fatherly guardian, then to be so close on his person, that I his and his alone. His fluffy body hair is like a welcome mat over his soft but strong exterior…
I should probably cut the simping and let y'all try for yourself!

Let me hear it folks! Do you think your pred's has a milky beard? Do you think they have mammary glands with shape of watermelons, with the density of mochi? Do their eyes remind you of sparkling wine? Does their breath remind you an ocean breeze, or nutella?


(Pictures of your pred(s) are aloud and encouraged for those who want a show of reference!)

Re: Flavorful Description of your Ideal Pred(s).

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 4:51 pm
by Lolholm
I think you may have made this too complicated for people to be bothered.
It sounds kinda like you expect us to not only describe our ideal pred, but do it in a way that you would see from a professional author.
The chance of someone not only knowing exactly what their perfect pred would be, but to also be able to describe it eloquently like in your example would be rather low.
Also some of us change preferences depending on our mood.
Just my two cents.

Re: Flavorful Description of your Ideal Pred(s).

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:42 am
by PikachuX2073
Thank you the tip, it really helps.
It was primarily here just for fun, but I guess I didn't say anything to clarify that…

What should I do?
Should I change it? Or do you think this comment is enough to clear that up?

Re: Flavorful Description of your Ideal Pred(s).

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:44 am
by Lolholm
I would probably simplify the language in the part leading up to the example, so as to make it easier to understand and somewhat less intimidating.
People naturally want to avoid looking stupid, and complex language such as "culinary cuisine" can be confusing or come off as pretentious to the average Joe.
Wether you'd still need to assure them not to worry about their level of writing and that its all in good fun after that or not I'm not sure, I'd hope not, but you never know.

Hope it helps and you finally get the discussion you were hoping for, I know how annoying it can be to post something and get no feedback. (not from something I posted on Eka's, but elsewhere)