Climbing inside a pred's stomach walls/innards idea...

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Climbing inside a pred's stomach walls/innards idea...

Postby MajinCell » Sun Jun 06, 2021 7:05 pm

Inspired by pics of this rock climbing place named Brooklyn Boulders or something like that: Image

Got some borderline sexual vibes out of seeing setting-based imagery like that up close when musing about vore.

What if there was a sort of biology science-themed rock climbing center modeled after the walls of a human or some other animal's stomach?

Or better yet, if we wanted to shoot for something even more supernatural, fantastic, or fictional, the stomach of a giantess, beast, or creature (or your most favorite humanoid or partially sapient pred that gets your sexuality running like a car engine)?

And to make the scope of this thread's subject/premise even broader and more far-reaching, what would be your thoughts on the idea for any kind of prey or victim inside the stomach or body of your favorite pred whose current size is akin to that a small object like an insect, a tack, or a cotton ball (whether or not they got swallowed as a tiny prey or same-size victim and made it inside intact in one piece) climbing up or maneuvering across those fleshy walls like a ladder or the rocky side of a mountain as they try to avoid falling into a menacing pool of gastric acids below them?

Here's a clip from the Big Bad Beetleborgs episode of the Venus Claptrap to give you an idea (even though the BeetleBorgs Roland and Jo were grabbing the vines for their lives and not climbing the walls of the dude's belly): [youtube][/youtube]

-What would be your takes on this particular situation or dynamic in vore?
-What do you think your favorite fictional pred's stomach walls would actually look like?
-What are your best and sexiest ideas for a fictional pred's stomach wall or the interior of their digestive system in all its characteristics and concepts?
-What would be your prey(s) or victim(s) of choice to be the ones climbing helplessly like their own pathetic lives depended on it?
-Would your prey be able to escape somehow or doomed to digestion and how long they can survive or what else would they do?
-What particular fictional stories or fantasy scenarios (or types thereof) would you create out of this unique and outlandish idea in vore?
-How would you react if you were inside your favorite pred's stomach and what would you do?

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Re: Climbing inside a pred's stomach walls/innards idea...

Postby Libra1202 » Sun Jun 06, 2021 8:56 pm

I usually like the oposite approach, spelunking. Instead of a prey climbing up a pred's stomach I think that for a less "fantastic" (and it's really a stretch of my mental gymnastics believe me) take climbing down the pred's stomach or even deeper and deeper, reaching downward towards engulfing dark of a predator's labyrinthine digestive system.

Although I gotta admit, the prospect of prey climbing and struggling with all it's strength refusing to surrender to the everlasting dark by climbing higher and higher is incredibly enticing.

My take for this particular situation would just be the prey clutching the walls hard enough to climb. Although bigger predators might have their stomachs filled with debris so rock climbing is certainly a possibility.

One of my favorite preds are bovines, their segmented stomach has actually a net-like patern covering the inside of their stomach walls so climbing them out would certainly be fun.

Whilst escaping digestion is feasible, I think the pred's mouth might have a thing or two to say about that.

On the topic of favorite scenarios, I'm not really that much into fatal vore. But this kind of scenarios are definitley fit for things like "just for fun" or the predator having a kick out of feeling (or knowing) it's prey trying to climb out. Also, this would be perfect to explore Body Exploration as a form of intimacy, which we really need more of.
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Re: Climbing inside a pred's stomach walls/innards idea...

Postby chewchulainn » Mon Jun 07, 2021 12:15 am

Oooh... I really like this idea! I used to be really into tinies trying to climb their way out of a pred's stomach, or at least cling to the walls as long as they can, but this adds a fun new dynamic to it! I really like the idea of a more cruel or at least more teasing and playful pred encouraging their tiny prey to do their best to try and climb to safety, with the promise of letting them out if they can make it to the top before the acids get them.

When I saw the image I did initially imagine a pred's stomach with those sorts of little outcroppings just naturally forming in the stomach lining. But I've seen a couple comics where a pred character has a sort of rpg dungeon level in their stomach, so for a mre fantastical pred or setting I feel like you could potentially make that sort of thing work, with the pred either being a species that naturally has a sort of environment in their stomach, or using some sort of magic/technology to create that sort of climbing maze to challenge their pred. Maybe some sort of dragon or Final Boss-like monster, or just a more deity-like figure. Or some sort of cyborg/ai who can alter their internals to create that sort of set up in their stomach!

I really like the idea of either a more mean pred just enjoying the feeling and the thought of their prey trying to climb out, knowing they won't be able to make it- maybe shaking their stomach a bit or prodding at where they feel them climbing to try and get them to fall~ But I also like the idea of a more playful or well intentioned pred, who thinks it would be a fun exercise for their prey, and either inadvertently digesting them, or maybe it becoming a sort of bonding activity between the two of them.

I tend to like human prey best, but I love half-human preds a lot, so I could see some sort of giant merperson or dragon person or harpy fitting well. I feel like this is the sort of scenario that you could really spin in various ways though, in terms of whether it's more lighthearted and fluffy, more kinky or humiliation driven, more fata, etc. I think you could get a lot of mileage out of it!
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