Getting more out of vore (vore art inquire)

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Getting more out of vore (vore art inquire)

Postby nutritious » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:18 pm

Hi all,
I just had one question in mind looking at vore art in general. I do see a lot of focus on the stuffed pred belly and less the way the prey find its way down to the stomach. Getting more acquainted with oral vore, I have to say: Personally find the devouring itself quite alluring.
This got enhanced as my long term vore chat partner gave not a single damned fuck devouring my character as soon as possible since I did not present much of a fight So I wonder if the majority of people into vore enjoy the belly entrapment or
the way the prey gets devoured.
Nowadays, I hold it like good old Confucius who said: "the route is the goal" - I would like to know your opinions!
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Re: Getting more out of vore (vore art inquire)

Postby Mecho » Sun Jul 18, 2021 5:25 pm

Can't speak for others. But I'm def a devouring-part/mouth/pre-vore person :gulp:
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Re: Getting more out of vore (vore art inquire)

Postby Nekiame » Sun Jul 18, 2021 6:31 pm

It is very different from people to people. Some are very brief in the devourment process, potentionally cause they dont know how to describe it. Alot of people do enjoy the belly part itself since that's sort of the "main part" where the prey spends the most time, while the slide down often is very brief. There deffinetly is an audience for the whole focus of the devourment process, but finding those who can fully flesh it out can be hard. If one know where to look, it's easy enough, but if one dont, it's hard.
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Re: Getting more out of vore (vore art inquire)

Postby Andypoo » Sun Jul 18, 2021 6:37 pm

Love it, honestly, not alot of people actually rp the trip more. I feel like that's one of the best parts and then finally getting to the end is the cherry on top. :wink:
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Re: Getting more out of vore (vore art inquire)

Postby KnightleyPaine » Sun Jul 18, 2021 7:43 pm

It's different for everyone what part of the vore they enjoy, what's important is that you know what you like and express it.

The issue here is probably more artist trepidation; the idea that you're illustrating to process is often tied to either a sequence, or that shot where the prey is halfway inside the pred. And here's the thing; the former multiplies your workload, while the latter... have you tried drawing that? Shit's hard! Like, if you can do faces, a vore belly is fantasy and default bellies don't have a ton of features you have to display relative to each other, so you have some leeway there. But the moment you start trying to stretch a mouth around same size prey, that's when skill comes in. People have certain expectations of how a face works, and wrapping that around a body and getting that to a presentable final product is a goddamn challenge.

Add to that how shitty amateur artists usually learn drawing - piecemeal learning of eyes, hands, body parts with crutch moves, then sticking the pieces together like lego and hoping their natural sense of aesthetics allows everything to be of the right size relative to each other and tessellate. Vore mouths man, there's no common crutch for those. So in order for that sort of art to be more prolific, a decently skilled artist has to 'get it', that is, understand the display of fetishization of the moment and devote enough time to displaying it.

I'm referring to same size humanoid on humanoid vore ofc, it's much easier if you just make it an amorphous worm monster or babby's 1st danger noodle
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Re: Getting more out of vore (vore art inquire)

Postby Lightness0001 » Sun Jul 18, 2021 9:34 pm

It's innnteresting, when I was younger I'd say I was more interested in the swallowing, but I think nowadays I'd put most of my interest in the belly (especially digestion, relatively). Also some more mouth focus over time.
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Re: Getting more out of vore (vore art inquire)

Postby Hawkeye7 » Mon Jul 19, 2021 3:14 am

Personally i love the 'trip' no matter which taint we are describing or viewing.

Yes the final place is equally as important. But the journey is for me such a incredible part of the fantasy. I like what @knightleyPaine has said though, actually pulling it off, is really hard. When some of the incredible artists on here, who do it well, its really fantastic to see. Especially if they can put some form of describing the feeling of the experience the prey is witnessing.

Either drawn or written when done well is highly erotic.

Just my view!
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Re: Getting more out of vore (vore art inquire)

Postby Siuddithsi » Tue Jul 20, 2021 7:23 pm

The way the prey gets devoured.

For me, vore is a euphemism for oral sex. And that's how I RP it.

Whether I start at the head or feet, I try to make it erotic. It's a fetish, after all.

There's licking, appreciative tasting "Mmmm's". Lingering kissing, licking & sucking of the lips, breasts, crotch & ass on the way down. I try to let my prey orgasm to exhaustion or unconsciousness before they're all the way inside.

There's some variation depending on my partner's likes, but that's what I try for.
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