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Your Preferred Medium (you get 2 votes, so 1st and 2nd place)

Live Action GTS/GT
Audio Stories
No Preference (I like them all)
Total votes : 64

Preferred Medium

Postby Amaco » Tue Jun 07, 2022 5:57 pm

Obviously vore is expressed through different visual and auditory mediums (animations/art, writings, live action GTS/GT, ASMR, RP and others). I was wondering what your favorite or preferred medium is.

I used to prefer animations and art the most, but I find myself being drawn to writing more and more. Writing just allows your imagination to run wild, where as with animations and art, what you see is what you get. Though animations/art are still a close 2nd for me.

I've always found live action GTS/GT to be kind of cringey. Maybe if they had better SFX and acting, I wouldn't feel that way. Or maybe I just haven't found the right ones.

I've never really tried ASMR or audio based stories. So I have no opinion.

RP sounds fun, just haven't tried it yet.
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Re: Preferred Medium

Postby fieldmousse » Thu Jun 09, 2022 3:18 pm

I'm sort of surprised by the lack of "live action" representation here. I personally stay as far away from the stuff as I can, but it seems to be out there in abundance so I'm surprised that nobody voted for it.
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Re: Preferred Medium

Postby Lonnie » Thu Jun 09, 2022 4:18 pm

I’m actually a massive fan of audio stuff, especially POVs, a well made one of those is better than just about anything else for me. It’s a shame audios that match my interests are not super common, so I don’t get to enjoy them much.
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Re: Preferred Medium

Postby AeriaGloris » Thu Jun 23, 2022 5:55 am

I believe animation / art / comics is a very broad category. Animation is a fantastic medium, but there's an extreme lack of content.

Writing will always be my primary preference. There's a lot of nuance and perspective in writing that makes it a delightful medium to consume.
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Re: Preferred Medium

Postby Miridium » Thu Jun 23, 2022 6:43 am

In the beginning for me it was artwork, but over time I've come to prefer written works.
Partly because I have to use my imagination which is always fun.
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Re: Preferred Medium

Postby BloodRainbow » Thu Jun 23, 2022 6:59 am

AeriaGloris wrote:I believe animation / art / comics is a very broad category. Animation is a fantastic medium, but there's an extreme lack of content.

I recall seeing some really high quality animations long ago, but as tech. becomes more sophisticated, it becomes complicated^2. (or ^3)
AeriaGloris wrote:Writing will always be my primary preference. There's a lot of nuance and perspective in writing that makes it a delightful medium to consume.

Hence why I'm okay with not being able to illustrate. I can write out the world, setting, and set the scene without any stroke of the brush.

Anyway, I consider RP and writing as one and the same, not sure why they had separate voting options. My vote for writing and for art are not ranked, I enjoy both equally. As for live cast videos, they're hit or miss. I've found some gems, but mostly trash. I have an easier time finding erotica vids where the subject is femboys having fun.

Audio stories. Can't say I've heard of any. ASMR. Eh. It's for someone else.
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Re: Preferred Medium

Postby Indighost » Thu Jun 23, 2022 7:30 am

I think writing is the best to enjoy because it covers a lot of story area and details that art cannot. Even vore comics tend to seem overly simple when compared with very detailed descriptive writings.
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Re: Preferred Medium

Postby ChixsTheDigMullet » Fri Jul 01, 2022 11:52 am

Okay, I prefer video games and I'll tell you why.
Often video games give you the choice of exactly how you want to do the vore and it's that kind of tailoring it to my needs that I really prefer.
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