Bleach TYBW Absorption

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Bleach TYBW Absorption

Postby MysteriousPlan » Sat Nov 19, 2022 10:15 am

I know it's been depicted in the manga for years now, but did anyone else see Quilge Opie's power and start getting Absorption Vore ideas? I certainly started thinking up with a fanfic where not only the powers of everyone present being drained and stacked. Instead, not only Harribel's trio & Allon (completely this time), but Orihime and Sado getting physically absorbed, with the end result being a surprising exceedingly rare Male To Futa or Herm TF, with a cruel beauty aspect & amazon muscles/stature. I know Quilge's looks are kinda hard to like, (even from some of my friends into BL actually gagged when I asked him) but I think I could see him genderbent into a malicious bombshell if I try (even if it means I have to try REALLY hard) if only in one of those guilty pleasure one-off horrific victorious villain fanfics. Honestly any of the Sternritter Quincies have the ability, though Quilge was the only one depicted to weaponize it to great effect, making some of the other ideas for power combos interesting as long as the focus isn't taken off of vore. If someone else was already working on something like my idea, then by all means go ahead, more the merrier!

(PS Anyone else get the thought of Syazelaporro returning inside Nemu and taking her over, assimilating from within while she was fighting Pernida? I mean he shows up either in Kurotsuchi's mind or within hypersped time, not really clear which, and he already has the "perfect mind" with Nemu being the "perfect brain" and Pernida half of the "perfect body". BtW not really picturing another body horror tentacle tree or a fresh Szyazelaporro sprouting, more blended merge with Nemu & his appearances blended into futa or herm Arrancar/Wandenreich hybrid. Probly stick in Gerard Valkyrie for the Heart, and that "daughter of soul king" girl from one of the anime only arcs, with an implication of going after Yhwach for Mimihagi and likely Aizen later for his immortality...)
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