Thoughts on Mother/Sister Vore?

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Thoughts on Mother/Sister Vore?

Postby FakeInferno » Thu Jan 19, 2023 3:31 am

As far as unwilling prey vore goes, Does anyone else like the idea of Mother devouring their son/daughter (but not digesting them) as punishment or teaching them a lesson? I like the idea but I also don't like underaged characters and I don't know if it'll feel weird if the son/daughter is 18 or 19 and their mom is eating them for something they shouldn't have done.

As for sister vore, I think it works better, Sister eating her brother/sis because they annoy them or there can me many reasons. Even digestion can be involved here for me.
For Mother vore, I really can't find many reasons that why would mother want to devour their offspring, I obviously don't like digestion in a mother vore Scenerio, it can never work for me. And Even so I find mother vore quite intriguing.

There was a time, I loved both mother and sister vore alot, but now my affection for them has significantly decreased, thanks to development of NSFW kinks and Incest is not one of them. I just wonder what are other people's thoughts on the topic of Mother and sister vore.
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Re: Thoughts on Mother/Sister Vore?

Postby TheSecretBacon » Thu Jan 19, 2023 4:02 am

As someone who does in fact, find appeal in this situation, allow me to weigh in here.

Call me mad, or insane, but speaking honestly... Mother/Sister vore is actually my personal favorite kind of vore. I can't explain it, maybe it's just the thought of being devoured by either or, (sister in particular) to be just plain HOT. Perhaps it's because vore is genuinely erotic to me, and such could be considered incest, which is taboo, and forbidden, but... maybe the whole concept of "forbidden" is what appeals to me the most.

Of course, I typically prefer the vore, AND digestion, to be consensual. (Not TOO big on unwilling)

While I will more than likely stick to my guns on this matter, I can respect your conclusion, and opinions. Thank you for your time.
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Re: Thoughts on Mother/Sister Vore?

Postby 157and493 » Thu Jan 19, 2023 6:34 am

Honestly I LOVE the idea of a mother eating their child, especially if the child is still young and defenseless. It is not even the sexual aspect that necessarily intrigues me, more so the thought of such a horrific twist of nature occurring, mothers are supposed to love and care for their children so the thought of a mother eating their child when the child was expecting the mother to protect them is just so wicked and twisted and I love it.

Although ironically this is not nearly as bizarre as one might expect since in the animal kingdom there are plenty of species where a mother might eat a few of her offspring, thankfully humans are not among them though.
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Re: Thoughts on Mother/Sister Vore?

Postby LethiaAzalea » Thu Jan 19, 2023 7:21 am

Personally, I actually enjoy the idea of the child eating the mother. I get that's probably one of the more bizarre takes in this, but I just find something so appealing about a happy mother feeding herself to her child, cheering them on the whole time. I've always been a sucker for son/mother cock vore and wish there was more of it around. Especially willing.
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Re: Thoughts on Mother/Sister Vore?

Postby Randomdude5 » Thu Jan 19, 2023 9:29 am

Since vore is sexual to me, I consider both of these as incest. It may not be sexual to everyone, but that is not for me to say. I think the best approach for having a character eat or be eaten by a family member would be to use and emphasize either the taboo or the casual aspect of it. If the casual aspect is emphasized, another family member could see that the pred ate their relative, and be okay with it. If it is taboo, the pred would try to hide what what they had done. These change a bit if the prey is willing or unwilling, and if there is digestion with or without reformation, or endo. I could describe every permutation of those, but that would take effort, and I am lazy.

As for my preferences, I like soft, oral, willing, casual vore, with digestion. I prefer m/f, but also enjoy f/f. If there is incest in vore, I prefer same generation incest vore. Brother/sister, sister/sister, and cousin/cousin vore are fun, but parent/child is less so, and I don't like child/parent. I really like m/f, but father/daughter weirds me out a bit.

One more thing. The terms mother vore, and sister vore are a bit vague. Mother vore could mean the mother is the pred or the prey. The same thing with sister vore. I am assuming that you used the terms correctly to mean that it didn't matter whether they were pred or prey.
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Re: Thoughts on Mother/Sister Vore?

Postby TETRO » Thu Jan 19, 2023 10:28 am

I've always thought of it from a biological perspective. Normally, you wouldn't want to eat your own offspring, but let's say you're constantly having new kids. Maybe in a tough situation where food is scarce and you have too many mouths to feed, you would "recycle" some of the children back into the family. I can also imagine some parents being pretty relaxed about their kids eating each other. They'd have the mindset of "well, the stronger ones are surviving, and that's what really matters".
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