Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

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Which digestion type do you enjoy more?

Hard Digestion!
Melty Digestion!
Total votes : 163

Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby SachihoVanihalla » Thu Jan 19, 2023 8:03 pm


I've noticed there's a fair share of both Melty Digestion enjoyers, as well as Hard Digestion enthusiasts. So I've gotta ask: Which are you? Why do you enjoy the digestion type you do?

Is it because that type is how you would want to get all churned up, or perhaps it just tickles you funny in a way the other doesn't? Maybe it's for some reason you just can't quite explain?

Maybe neither is your cup of tea and you prefer a different type. If so, what is it and why do you enjoy it so? Do tell!
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby Lonnie » Thu Jan 19, 2023 9:04 pm

I consider myself a soft/melty digestion fan mostly because of the fact that hard/graphic digestion is a very big trigger of mine and there is NO scenario in which it would be appealing to me, whether in an image or described in a roleplay/story. I wish that WASN’T the case because there is a lot of otherwise very lovely content out there that I’m unable to properly enjoy.

So there’s my perspective. I enjoy melty for the fact that it usually isn’t implied to be as scary/painful, as well as not as often being associated with the sadistic/casual cruel side of things. I like a more fuzzy/pleasurable way out of this world. Personally, I imagine the feeling to be kind of like that of one’s foot falling asleep, but spread across the entire body/wherever the ‘acids’ have covered. Very tingly.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby Sitharc » Thu Jan 19, 2023 9:51 pm

I go more for hard/graphic I guess when possible, but I imagine even 'melty' wouldn't feel pleasant either to experience. Somewhere in between too at times, not sure there tho.

Why? Just do really, but I guess part of it is due to the fact that it is how digestion would be for the prey if excuse the rest of the impossibilities of getting someone in and down alive yet intact like that or somehow size changing either character first. Nature is also just brutal and unforgiving in general too and biological processes tend to be nasty in one if not a few ways. A pred can be nice and gentle all they want to be on the outside, doesn't mean their insides are going to be. A predator would have to be some kind of special robot or whatever to have any ability to control such body functions such as digestion let alone what level or extent said digestion affects the victim(s).

I'm also one that has it take quite a few hours or so usually at least from initial ingestion to the point where the victim dies in there, then just as long roughly if not 2-3 times as long to process it all more fully and get to the disposal parts. Now with giantess vore it might be down from mere minutes to just a few hours instead, depending on mood, but it'd still be sometime the next day or so before a tiny skeleton is coming out of her butt. I've never been into quick/instant digestion let alone the whole process being that fast.

Don't get me wrong, I understand why a decent number of vore fans aren't into this style of digestion from the cruel and painful factors among any other issues they have like the predator being especially sadistic and aware of what's basically going on in there. It can be interesting sometimes tho when the pred has no idea what they are doing to others then in some way or another be made aware of it later on and see the variety of possible reactions. One of the best ways to punish to pred is when they've become the prey and are made to reflect on what they've done to who knows how many as they too being their slow process of being churned up.

But as said, similar to how I feel about disposal scenes, I mainly like including it just because it'd be what would naturally happen. People don't just vanish into thin air like that, they are becoming body fat and/or piles of poop, ideally both!
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby TheKawaiiCommie » Thu Jan 19, 2023 10:19 pm

Either. Both. Depends on mood. Appreciate gorier stuff more lately.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby Kotton » Thu Jan 19, 2023 10:34 pm

I like either! As long the prey ends up as mushy, sloshy, goop inside of me or my partner.

I guess I tend to lean more toward melty digestion, since the tum becomes soft and malleable much quicker, but I certainly like more gorey, realistic digestion as well.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby EnderDracolich » Thu Jan 19, 2023 10:52 pm

I'm fond of melty. I enjoy my sadomasochism, and it also feels more grounded in reality (not that realism *matters* in kink).
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby Alyks » Fri Jan 20, 2023 12:05 am

vore is so much less fun without hard digestion
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby Rat_Guy » Fri Jan 20, 2023 12:14 am

Depends on the medium, the context, and the visual/description. If it's a visual medium and I can see the person being digested then I don't like hard gore stuff, I don't get off on the site of blood and viscera, but if all I see is the belly of the predator and there are screams and shouts coming from inside, implying that something gruesome is happening just underneath the skin, then I can enjoy that. Written medium is a little different, you can get a little more graphic because I can visualize the scene however I choose, however there is such a thing as too much, it can become gratuitous if the prey is suffering too much, I'm not a sadist after all.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby joshpoint0 » Fri Jan 20, 2023 12:17 am

Melty for me. Not a fan of gore... like.. at all. So.. there's my two cents XD
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby Vorpal » Fri Jan 20, 2023 1:14 am

Both but in the case of hard I prefer keeping pain to a minimum, while I do enjoy desperation, fear etc. Too much pain may be good only when a villain is being digested just as a sort of punishment (non-erotic, I don't get turned on by pain, the opposite is true).
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby MasterMage13 » Fri Jan 20, 2023 5:05 am

Either way is fine with me.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby EloquentOrc » Fri Jan 20, 2023 5:58 am

Both is good. I would say it depends on the story, what fits it the best.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby MotherOfMonsters » Fri Jan 20, 2023 7:35 am

Personally, melty, because it better fits the brand of "unwilling to willing because digesting feels so good"
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby Baz » Fri Jan 20, 2023 7:53 am

I like a hybrid of the two. Digestion for my preds is usually quite graphic, but painless/feels good.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby neutronstar27 » Fri Jan 20, 2023 8:22 am

I prefer hard digestion, and the harder it is the better. I especially love graphic, very detailed description of the digestion process, of what's happening with the prey's body and how it looks like on different stages of digestion. Honestly I'm not a big fan of gore itself but in the context of vore it feels quite relevant for me.

Seems like there's not so many hard digestion lovers in the community, I often see it among other people's dislikes or taboos. I respect their tastes, but it's kinda hard to find someone who would share similar interests as me
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby mistydolphin » Fri Jan 20, 2023 9:53 am

I'm somewhere in the middle. I mostly do melty, but I don't mind a good hard digestion on the occasion if my partner's into that kind of thing.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby ScarKnight » Fri Jan 20, 2023 1:10 pm

I favor melty digestion that is nonetheless extremely unpleasant, though I generally go for more exhausting than significantly painful.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby AzurePheonix » Fri Jan 20, 2023 1:55 pm

What are you talking about? I'm an otherworldy being that digests my food's minds, not their bodies.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby Summerleaves » Fri Jan 20, 2023 2:05 pm

I could go either depending on the pred I'm writing, although I haven't done a digestion scene all the way through yet. The kinder the pred, the more warm and fuzzy the digestion will be. The meaner, the harder. It just seems right.
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Re: Digestion! Melty, or Hard? Why?

Postby sambarton20 » Fri Jan 20, 2023 3:11 pm

For me, I find it depends on the scene and the roles. If a prey is willing and it's more of a lovey dovey kind on scene, then melty digestion is the go to. If the prey is unwilling and the pred is more dominating I feel like hard digestion fits better! Either way I love both!
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