Looking for keyword recommendations

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Looking for keyword recommendations

Postby Jay12688 » Thu May 25, 2023 7:44 pm


I’ve been wanting to try and find a specific kind of Vore if it’s around. I’ve wanted to find a predator’s body halfway into a prey’s ass, eating them from the inside. I’ve also wanted to find something similar, but with either tentacle or tail. Basically internal Vore with the predator inside the prey somehow. Bisexual so no gender preferences. Links to art or helpful keywords appreciated. If someone could help that’d be great :-D
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Re: Looking for keyword recommendations

Postby Rat_Guy » Fri May 26, 2023 4:37 am

I've never seen anything like that I don't think, so I couldn't begin to guess what it might be called. Do you have any examples?
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Re: Looking for keyword recommendations

Postby doomed » Fri May 26, 2023 8:40 am

try looking into slime preds . theyre the ones most likely to do it . that said if you go into hard vore territory it might be easier
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Re: Looking for keyword recommendations

Postby Noxyoursox » Thu Jun 01, 2023 9:21 pm

I think I've seen some stuff of preds that absorb their would-be predators from inside after being eaten? It's pretty rare though and usually not graphic or really detailed. Absorption (as opposed to digestion) can include a lot of the more unusual vore methods. I also wonder if some of the takes on cum digestion (where prey is dissolved by/turns into cum) might scratch this itch.
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