F/M Preds, What Do You Want to Hear from Male Prey? (Survey)

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F/M Preds, What do you want to hear from male prey?

Subby male resigned to being food
Subby male eager to be food
Subby male willing to serve, shocked and pleading at being food
Husband|BF prey, willing, digested
Husband|BF prey, willing, endo
Husband|BF prey, unwilling, digested
Husband|BF prey, unwilling, endo
App hookup prey, willing
App hookup prey, unwilling
Chauvinist getting comeuppance
Random male begging for his life
Random male willing to be eaten
Total votes : 158

F/M Preds, What Do You Want to Hear from Male Prey? (Survey)

Postby the_Wolf » Fri Sep 08, 2023 4:27 pm

Honest question, just like it sounds.

I want to make some audio at some point that genuinely serves female preds who want male prey. I feel a lot of F/M material around tends to be male-satisfaction oriented, and I'd like to get some input from varied women who want to swallow, UB, etc. men on the sorts of things they'd like to hear for a satisfying audio experience.

I'm also aware from years in the community that a lot of F/M preds wind up lurking due, quite frankly, to the behavior of guys, so I set up a bunch of poll options for people that prefer to be more anonymous to pick their top 3.

I'd still love to see some detailed answers in replies if any women feel like sharing what might really satisfy their pred fantasies from a male voice. Want to make material that truly makes the intended audience happy.
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Re: F/M Preds, What Do You Want to Hear from Male Prey? (Sur

Postby sambarton20 » Fri Sep 08, 2023 11:11 pm

Okay, so, I primarily play prey and am submissive in nature.


I do like to play predator and dominant when the mood strikes. Personally when playing pred, it doesn't really matter to me what gender my food is, no more than the gender of the chicken on my plate IRL. Food is food, even if it talks, begs, or cries.

For the purposes of answering your question Wolf, I'd love to see more content in which male prey are sort of ignored and the focus is put on the predator. Is she enjoying her meal? Maybe she's a foodie so she's describing the meal and his flavors while ignoring his pleas. Maybe she's having dinner with a friend and they're chatting about anything other than the men crying in their bellies. Something along those lines would be really fun to see!
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Re: F/M Preds, What Do You Want to Hear from Male Prey? (Sur

Postby PyrZero72 » Sat Sep 09, 2023 12:52 am

Honestly I like any F/M vore. Most vore I see is F/F which is understandable, but nothing hits me like some good F/M vore.
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Re: F/M Preds, What Do You Want to Hear from Male Prey? (Sur

Postby Gambas32 » Sat Sep 09, 2023 11:04 am

random male begging for his life, and dating app hookup app getting used like uber eats is always fun...

for the former i love the idea of some cute teenage girl 16-18 years old, wandering into a guest bedroom to find that it was rented out to a tiny dude (4-5 inches tall) who's a friend of her big sister or something....

having never seen a little guy before....and being just kinda dumb and horny, ends up masturbating with it...and then to hide the evidence, sends him to her belly.... Can be equally fun if she's just starving/hungry......16 year old girl....nothing sexual.....just swallows him whole.....burns him up within 5 minutes....fast metabolism...lot of good possible ideas here..

also love the idea of the "tiny disease" .....young men suddenly afflicted with this shrinking syndrome.....some guy decides to make a dating app to pair up "goddesses" with tiny dudes....one girl, literally uses them just as toys and or lunch....not even giving it a second thought... after a year and pushing like 80 guys through her digestive system, she gets caught by the cops....but is totally dumbfounded as to what she did wrong....
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Re: F/M Preds, What Do You Want to Hear from Male Prey? (Sur

Postby Sitharc » Sat Sep 09, 2023 1:10 pm

Male prey here, rarely pred sometimes as either gender, usually female, but regardless, I'd prefer it when prey is unwilling at least and ideally at some point are begging for their life alongside also reacting to the utter pain that being digested slowly alive would be.
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Re: F/M Preds, What Do You Want to Hear from Male Prey? (Sur

Postby MaskedSinner » Sat Sep 09, 2023 9:42 pm

Female pred.

Usually I like my prey to be either praising me or begging to me (Either that they aren't food or to actually be eaten), but it's not a male specific thing, it's just how I like my prey.

However I wouldn't be able to eat someone I care for if they were unwilling to be eaten or if they had the slightest doubt that they really want to be my food, because I don't really do vore without digestion, if they go down they are only coming out on the other end after my belly does it's bussiness :v
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Re: F/M Preds, What Do You Want to Hear from Male Prey? (Sur

Postby bongobongo » Sun Sep 10, 2023 1:25 pm

Looking at the results it looks like most F preds prefer M prey to be unwilling. Polar opposite of M prey, like myself, who want to be eaten. Wonder if it’s a dominance thing, and if it’s any different for F preds interacting with F prey.

As a guy I think we just make good meals for hungry girls
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