The Little Things

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The Little Things

Postby Disgruntled » Fri Sep 15, 2023 3:02 pm

You know what’s better than a beautiful, sunny day?
A beautiful, sunny day with the addition of a nice breeze.
But be careful; too many breezes make a tornado.

Hey fellas. What are the little things you guys like to experience in vore? Not changing much and rarely having any say in how the scene continues and ends, but being a very nice addition that didn’t really have to be there. Just so happens that what may have been a small chunk of absentminded filler has caused the events described to become one of your favorites.

The prime example of this, in my case, is stretching. It’s good to do, looks plenty attractive, and often causes pleasant problems for the prey.
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Re: The Little Things

Postby Sitharc » Sat Sep 16, 2023 4:07 am

Stretching is nice, but there's plenty of other little things to enjoy.

One I enjoy, especially since I like weight gain/fattened ladies, is a pred casually weighing themselves before and/or after disposing their prey to the toilet.

Or depending on the scene, pred humming/singing a lullaby of some kind to the digesting prey as they scream in pain or even just to amuse herself with.

Depending on the outfit pred is wearing, their outfit reacting to the prey being ingested and/or at least while struggling within, especially if its straining, lil rips/tears to even a button or two popping off and flying. Regardless if it clatters to the floor or if it pings into something/someone.

Or also when the pred randomly ponders, be it in a serious and/or silly manner, about the 'nutritional values' of her prey. Especially in same size when whatever value she ponders is going to be insanely high compared to what'd normally be possible to intake and no have issues from.

Pred having some kind of interaction with their loved one and/or the loved one of their victim addressing their indigestion and/or whatever else, but the other person remaining oblivious to the horrible secret within that tummy.

Pred having random moment(s) of paranoia about being found out/worrying what'd happen to them if they were.

Not sure if some of these are quite the 'little things' as asked about, but still little in the grand scheme of things to the overall scenario if ask me. Could list some others.
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