Fnaf RP ft.The Banana Splits, and others!

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Fnaf RP ft.The Banana Splits, and others!

Postby PikachuX2073 » Sat Jan 23, 2021 10:34 am

Spoiler: show
Freddy Fazbear
Golden Freddy 01
Sparky the Party Dog (Mangled)
Crocy Wocky (Original)
Mike the Mouse (Creepypasta + Azathura00 + also https://www.furaffinity.net/view/14513772/)

Spoiler: show
Toy Freddy
Withered Bonnie
Withered Foxy
Golden Freddy 02
Shadow Freddy
Sparky the Party Dog (Toy Version)
Prototype Freddy

Spoiler: show
Feral-Trap (SpringTrap from Fnaf the Musical)
SpringTrap (Deliah & SpringTrap)
Shadow Freddy
Golden Freddy 03
Golden Freddy Zer0
Golden Freddy Admin
SpringJaws (A FredBear version of SpringTrap based on the first teaser image for Fnaf3) (Henry might be inside)
Sparky the Party Dog (Scrapped Version)
Chrome Freddy (hoax character)
Goat-Trap (Rebornica's take on Purple Guy i.e. Vincent Bishop, but as a purple goat.) https://m.facebook.com/papabearlovin/ph ... ookaside=1

Spoiler: show
Nightmare Freddy
Nightmare Bonnie
Fredbear (the real deal)
Sparky the Party Dog (Nightmare Version)
"Psychic" Friend FredBear Plush

Fnaf World:
Spoiler: show
Old Man Consequences

Spoiler: show
Twisted Wolf
Stanley the Unicorn
Will-Trap Stripes (based on fanart of Dave Miller as a Tiger. And a boxer.)
Blacktime Freddy
Funtime Mangle

Sister Location:
Spoiler: show
Funtime Freddy
[Suited]Yenddo (voiced by David Fear)
Sparky the Party Dog (Rotten Version)
DarkTrap (it's just SpringTrap in the shadows, but just pretend it's like a Shadow Bonnie or Shadow Freddy kind of thing.)
Glow Freddy (it's actually just Funko merch and not related to Sister Location, but I think might have hit shelves around that time…? Also I have no idea where else it would fit.),
Will Plush (it's just the FredBear Plush in the hidden office of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental)
Night-Trap (SpringTrap in a Desolate Hope / Pilgrim's Quest design philosophy)

Fazbear Pizza Simulator:
Spoiler: show
Orville Elephant
Nedd Bear
Rockstar Foxy
Molten Freddy
Twisted Wolf (Untwisted Version)
Sparky the Party Dog (Miniature Version)

Ultimate Custom Night:
Spoiler: show
Golden Freddy 04
Golden Freddy 05 (Henry Emily/Fazbear)
Old Man Consequences
Mike-Trap Stripes (SpringTrap with tiger stripe like streaks on its body.)

Help Wanted:
Spoiler: show
Shadow Mangle (yes, apparently this is an official thing.)
Beacon Bonnie (Holy $#♪¢ there's more animatronics than I thought!)
Party Freddy (I'll make up what he looks like when the lights are on.)
Blacklight Freddy (Blue and Pink Models)
Blacklight Bonnie
Blacklight Chica
Blacklight Foxy (Green, Purple and Pink Models)
Blacklight SpringTrap
Blacklight Toy Freddy
Spring Colorway Animatronics (https://freddy-fazbears-pizza.fandom.co ... imatronics
Captain Foxy (I actually don't know why I didn't include him earlier.)
Golden Freddy ERROR (aka [email protected]&% your doors) https://www.deviantart.com/yukisama23/a ... -497871406

Special Delivery:
Spoiler: show
(Wasn't gonna include this at first, but it's more choices. Plus I can just do different personalities for them.)
Mr.Fazbear (Freddy's Father. Has the same voice lines as Freddy.)
Fireworks Freddy
Ringmaster Foxy
Clown SpringTrap
Woodland Toy Freddy
Black Ice Frostbear
Black Heart Bonnie
Nightmare SpringTrap (it was just a sticker for MyMoji, but it could be released as a skin at some point.)
Chocolate Bonnie + Melted Chocolate Bonnie
Chocolate Freddy
Chocolate Chica
Chocolate Foxy
Big Bad Foxy+Grandma Foxy (I think they're a two-in-one skin, but I'll work with Grandma Foxy as if it was it's own thing.)
Aeronaut Toy Freddy
North Pole Bonnie (Don't actually pick this one, I actually know nothing about this character)

Freddy in Space 2:
Spoiler: show
Fully Loaded Rabbit
Easter Bonnie
Pirate Wolf
L.O.L.Z.H.A.X. (Final Boss Form)

Fazbear Frights:
Spoiler: show
Pit-Trap (Spring Bonnie)
Ralpho (Book5)
"HellTrap" (Book6)
The Miscreation (Book6)

Fury's Rage
Spoiler: show
Glamrock Freddy
Montgomery Gator
Punk Chop (Chipper based enemy)

Security Breach
Spoiler: show
Hi-Alert Freddy / Glamrock Freddy 2.0 / Dark Glamrock Freddy (Original)
Toy-Trap (GlitchTrap in his plushie form. I couldn't come up with a better name that wasn't already used.)
GlitchBear likely what the FredBear costume would look like if GlitchTrap is anything to go off.)
Waiting for more information …

Fnaf Plus
Spoiler: show
Freddy Fazbear

Originals + Fan characters:
Spoiler: show
Token the Tiger (Fan character by HungryBehemoth)
Gary the Grizzly (Original (Sorta))
Tangle (Fan character) (Not the one from Fnaf World.)
Radar Raccoon (Original)
Chrome Freddy (Fnaf3 hoax)
Titanium Freddy / Metal Freddy / Metal Bruce? (The Desolate Hope)
Toy Chuckles / Chuckles 2.0 (Fan character)
Chuck the Treasure Dog (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/14948830/
Stan the Badger (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16220380/quote
Hi-Alert Freddy / Glamrock Freddy 2.0 / Dark Glamrock Freddy? (Basically I bigger, more aggressive, chocolate colored version of Glamrock Freddy.)
The entire Golden Freddy line you've been seeing between all of this.
Funtime Bonnie (NOT Bon-Bon.)
SpringJaws / Spring Fredbear / Salvaged Fredbear (basically SpringTrap's early teaser design, but as a bear.)
Suited Yenddo (a posh, formal version of Funtime Freddy, voiced by David Fear. He has a more slender build and a much bigger top hat.)
Toon Freddy (A cartoon version of Freddy based on Kosperry's Don Bluth styled fan art.) https://www.deviantart.com/kosperry/art ... -495084393
https://www.deviantart.com/kosperry/art ... -506162277
Toon Nightmare https://www.deviantart.com/htffurry64/a ... -586865998
Nightmare Freddy (Toon version) https://www.deviantart.com/kosperry/art ... -643033201
Ringmaster Yumbo (https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16745582/
"SkullTrap" (loosely based on William Afton's appearance in Fazbear Frights #6)
Mr.Fazbear (based on Tundra the Walrus from the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics, and the R-60 series robots from Chrono Trigger.)
Faz-Goo Drones (Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Rxq, SpringTrap+ScrapTrap, Fredbear, Baby, BB/JJ/Dee Dee, Endo+Mendo, Mangle, Wolf, Montgomery, Roxanne, Purploid, Music-Man, Mike, Ennard, Stanley, PorkPatch, Chipper, Old Man Consequences, DreadBear, Pirate Wolf, Ralpho, Fetch, Blackbird, SpringJaws, Golden Freddy)
Agent G (Golden Freddy if he was a detective agent) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=O_X2nOCNO6M
Grandpa Foxy (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rjdTICwbRyc + https://www.pinterest.co.kr
Ferdinand von Bernard (joke character)
Vanta Blue (based on Nightmare from Fnaf4)
Vanta Red (also based on Nightmare from Fnaf4)

Banana Splits:
Spoiler: show

characters from Sort of related media:
Spoiler: show
Bon Bon (Bon Bon)
Boris the Wolf (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
The Dog (Duck Season)
Big Head Bruce (Chipper & Son's Lumber Co.)
Banzo/Bonzo (Battington's Hamony and Horror series)
Willie the Weasel (Willie's Wonderland)
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