Looking for a Pathfinder 1e or dnd 3.5 group

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Looking for a Pathfinder 1e or dnd 3.5 group

Postby RoyceFox » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:48 pm

looking for a 3.5 or pathfinder 1e group. The homebrew i hope to use would be the vsrd system. and if not pathfinder, i can go for dnd 5e.

copying my post from the advertisement fourm.

b]-Preferred game systems[/b] I prefer systems are DnD 3.5, dnd 5e, or pathfinder E1, with the VSRD
-Preferred method/s of play strictly text
-Preferred game platform Roll20
-Setting preferences fantasy (high or low, low powered or high powered), Not anything of Horror
-Fetish themes preferences oral, switch, endo. everything else such as soul vore, hard vore, scat, sadism, or any of that extreme shit i would preferably keep away from.
-(For players) Preferred character roles: just as long as the players are over 18 and not disruptive i dont give a shit. but for kink, i say switch,
-My idea setting is something similar to stone-aged, 3rd century, hyborian, eastern, feudal japan, or an odd mix. Nothing anime because i just dont feel comfortable with a combo of anime and vore.
- as for the game and GM criteria. its kinda bit, but not all are necessary. the big ones i want to get out are these:
-I am not a fan of dumb grimdark. while i do like 40k, i dont want people to be stupidly evil or the setting being perpetually horrible with an slice of rape. Keep that edgy sociopathic fantasy away.
-I am not a fan of metagaming. I would like to make a sort of preference for playstyle when it comes to combat, but i do want tactical with a side of Rule of Cool and multi-path to victory.
-Aside from combat, i do like a blend of RPing as i do like to engage in story and character interactions.
-lastly, if you have to and i prefer: do give me a primer on what the theme and setting is. what classes or motifs are banned. and whether "reskinning" a class is optional.

as for campagin: i do want a oneshot. like a lvl 1-6. not a full blown campagin.

if you are interested, do reply or pm me. if there are some compromises, dont be afraid to discuss it with me.
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