Dungeon Master! Eka's Public Interactive (Voting Open)

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Dungeon Master! Eka's Public Interactive (Voting Open)

Postby Arthotus » Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:28 pm

Hello and welcome to my second attempt at this format.

Dungeon Master is an interactive story/episodic game that will follow a 'Boss Monster' and the dungeon they run, while Female Heroes and Adventurers try to kill them and clear the dungeon! Every raid will be narrated by myself, with all monster and hero decisions made by random chance, but the in-between, the preparation for the next raid, that'll be done by you, the audience! Take a look at the introduction page HERE, as it is probably a better explanation, and then, if you're still interested, pop over to the latest chapter and have a look! The link should somewhere below.

The main focus of the interactive will be sexual themes, soft vore, light digestive description/implied digestion, some violence, including sexual violence, and female prey. There will be many kinds of predators and vore, but my main interest has always been female prey, so all the adventurers braving the dungeons will be female for no real explainable reason.

Please keep in mind that I am but one humble, busy(lazy) man, so this work will neither be perfect, nor expedient. Rules and values will change as thing progress as I feel dissatisfied with how something works. Hopefully nothing too obtuse, but I'm going to try to keep things interesting. Suggestions on how to improve this interactive, or if you're interested in helping me (though I can't imagine how), can be directed straight at me by PM, in the comment section of my story, this thread, or come meet me on the Ink and Quill Discord, where I have a private channel. It is accessible through the Eka's discord.

Finally, rather than post files to Eka's in the form of word documents with Rules listings, I will maintain a list of public rules in the post below. Some rules I'll keep to myself, but many things will be open for the public to view! Some rules and information I'll reveal as it's 'discovered' through the story, and all of that will be listed in this forum. I will endeavor to keep this thread up to date with any rules changes as well.

Latest Chapter: Book One Chapter One
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Re: Dungeon Master! Eka's Public Interactive

Postby Arthotus » Wed Sep 11, 2019 3:58 pm

Contained below should be the full rule list of how this game runs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Basic Rules
Spoiler: show
Chapter Parts: Chapters are split into three main parts; Introduction Phase, Combat Phase, and Decision Phase.

Introduction Phase: During the Intro Phase, the dungeon layout with be displayed, the positions and information of all monsters and traps in the dungeon will be listed, and all adventurers that will be entering the dungeon during the chapter will similarly be listed. Throughout, any decisions that were voted on during the Decision phase of the last chapter will be highlighted, and if there is no other appropriate place for a decision, it will be listed at the end of the Introduction Phase.

Combat Phase: The Adventuring Parties that were introduced will rush into the dungeon, one at a time, separated by a short time delay. This phase follows everyone in the dungeon, all characters making decisions based on random chance, with some modifications from skills, and ends when either the Boss Monster is slain or all the Adventurers are defeated or have fled the dungeon.

Decision Phase: Once Combat has finished, one way or another, a list of questions will be displayed with multiple choice options for you, the audience, to select. If the Monsters were victorious in defending the dungeon, the choices will determine how to improve the dungeon for the next chapter, and if the Adventurers managed to slay the Boss Monster, then this phase will be creating a new dungeon!

Dungeon Composition: Dungeons are made up of semi-independent 'rooms'. With the exception of the entrance and Boss Monster Room, each room can contain one trap OR be the domain of one monster. A few monsters have skills that let them group together into the same room, but not many. Adventurers will move through the dungeon in parties,but more on them later. The entrance is the first room adventurers will enter, and if they re-enter it after fleeing from combat, they'll leave the dungeon. The Boss Monster Room is the only room the Boss Monster can occupy, as well as one additional monster, though some Boss Monsters can pack even more than that into their Boss Room!

Adventurer Rules
Spoiler: show
Party: Adventurers will enter the dungeon in groups of four. Until divided by a trap or monster, the group will move together through the dungeon. Parties can not have more than four Adventurers, but a parties that have lost one or more members can join or be joined by other adventurers, should they cross paths.

Movement: A Party (or individual Adventurer) will move through the dungeon, one room at a time in a random direction, though they won't double back the way they came unless they've hit a dead end. This won't prevent them from going in circles though. Any party or individual entering a room occupied by a trap will 'trigger' that trap, and entering any room occupied by a monster will begin combat between the adventurers and the monster they have disturbed. Like monsters, only one party can occupy a room at a time, however, parties can 'move past' each other. If a party would move into a room where another party is resting, or occupied by a trap or monster, the moving party ignores the trap/monster and moves past to a random room as per normal movement. The first exception to this is the Boss Monster Room, which will simply place the second adventuring party into a 'queue' to wait until the first party is finished. The second exception is if a party or individual adventurer could join the party they're moving into, they instead join the stationary party. If one or more Parties are in combat/occupied by a trap, Parties not occupied move once/five rounds of combat. Resting lasts until all current combats are finished.

Resting: A Party can rest in any empty room, or after defeating or driving off a monster. Each Adventurer can rest once per dungeon, and resting heals their wounds and recovers their mana. Resting restores up to 20% of Total HP and 50% of Total MP.

Fleeing Combat: When their HP falls below 25% of Maximum HP, an Adventurer may panic and run away from the encounter. There is a 50% chance the Adventurer flees. If the Adventurer does run away, it moves randomly to any connected room, which may be into a trap or monster room, which will behave normally for the fleeing individual. There will be a chance to flee every time an adventurer falls below the threshold, if it rests or is healed above the threshold. If an Adventurer that has fled moves to the dungeon entrance, even if they're above the threshold when they reach the entrance, they'll leave the dungeon.

Novice Adventurer Stats: Currently, a standard novice Adventurer (if it had no job) has 40 HP, 40 MP, 6 Attack, and 0 Defense.

Adventurer Ranks and Jobs
Spoiler: show
Adventurer Rank: There are three ranks of Adventurer; Novice, Veteran, and Heroic. Each rank is more powerful than the last and has a wider variety of skills, known as Jobs. Novice Adventurers are relatively new to adventuring and have only one Job. A Veteran Adventurer has two Jobs which combine into a specialized Veteran Job. Heroic Adventurers have three Jobs which combine into a supremely powerful Hero Job.

Novice Job List and Skills: Each Novice Job changes an Adventurers stats, and has three skills, though a novice Adventurer will only know a single one of these skills, which is randomly selected when they enter the dungeon.

Fighter: A Fighter is someone proficient in the use of weapons for combat. If they weren't adventurers, they'd likely be soldiers or guards.
Fighter Stat Adjustment: +10 HP -20MP +1 Attack & Defense.
Fighter Skill 1: Slash: 2MP: Deal random amount of extra damage, up to double.
Fighter Skill 2: Parry: 5% Chance to deflect physical blows.
Fighter Skill 3: Combat Surge: 5MP Attack twice.

Mage:A Mage is someone who has mastered basic offensive magic skills. Instead of studying their craft further, they chose to begin adventuring.
Mage Stat Adjustment: -10 HP +20 MP -2 Attack
Mage Skill 1: Fireball: 10 MP - Deal 8+1d4 Damage to a single target with a magical fireball.
Mage Skill 2: Lightning: 20 MP - 10+1d6 Lightning Damage to a single target with a magical lightning strike.
Mage Skill 3: Frost Blast: 10 MP: Deal 5+1d2 Cold Damage. 10% Chance to Freeze the Target for one Round.

Cleric: A more gentle soul, Clerics learned the healing arts of the church. For glory of for friendship, the Cleric set out as an adventurer to keep other adventurers safe.
Cleric Stat Adjustment: -5 HP -1 Attack +10 MP
Cleric Skill 1: Healing Hands: 10 MP Restore 2+1d4 HP to self or an ally.
Cleric Skill 2: Prayer of Assistance: 20 MP Restore 2 HP to an ally or self every turn for five turns. Also clears one minor ailment per turn.
Cleric Skill 3: Holy Blessing: 10 MP - Raise an allies defense by 1 for five rounds.

Thief: There's no end to rogues who want to steal what isn't theirs, but these Adventurers have learned somewhat better. Now they only put their less than noble skills to use against Monsters.
Thief Stat Adjustment: -5 HP
Thief Skill 1: Dodge: 10% Chance to Dodge any damage. Uses 5 MP
Thief Skill 2: Light Step: Reduce Trap Success Chance by 20%
Thief Skill 3: Stab: 5 MP: Attack and deal normal damage. Target then bleeds for 1 Point of damage for 2+1d3 rounds.

Brawler: Someone who got into a great many fist fights, Brawlers decided to put their brawn to use as an Adventurer instead of against other people.
Brawler Stat Adjustment: +15 HP +1 Attack
Brawler Skill 1: Toughened: +2 Def +5 HP
Brawler Skill 2: Tackle: 10 MP - Deal normal attack damage and then 50% Chance to knock down target. Both Target and Brawler lose their next turn. -1% for every 5 HP the target has more than the user.
Brawler Skill 3: Right Hook: 5% chance to stun Target of attacks for one round. Uses 5 MP if successful

Hunter: Skilled in the use of bows and arrows, Hunters were just that before they decided to begin hunting more than rabbits and deer. Now they hunt game that bites back.
Hunter Stat Adjustment: +1 Attack
Hunter Skill 1: Predator or Prey: +10% Chance to Flee and -10% chance for Enemies to Flee.
Hunter Skill 2: Volley: 5 MP - Shoot a single target three times for 50% of normal damage.
Hunter Skill 3: Aim for the Eyes: 5 MP - Deal Damage to a single target. Target is blinded for 1d4 turns. Blinded targets have a 30% chance to miss.

Scholar: Some rather foolish Adventurers set out to learn more about the world, rather than become rich or destroy monsters.
Scholar Stat Adjustment: -10 HP -1 Attack
Scholar Skill 1: Close Inspection: Reduces the Success of Traps by Half. Uses 10 MP when successful.
Scholar Skill 2: Map Reading: Party will not 'get lost' and can not trigger the same trap twice. Uses 5 MP to 'map' a dungeon Room.
Scholar Skill 3: Tag Team: Halves the chance that a monster attacks the lowest HP Ally in the room.

Tinkerer: A select few do not allow the laws of common sense to limit their imagination and learn to work with devices beyond simple mechanisms.
Tinkerer Stat Adjustment: -10 HP -1 Attack +1 Def +10 MP.
Tinkerer Skill 1: Counter Trap: When entering an empty room, or after defeating a monster, the tinkerer has a 50% chance to lay a trap that only affects monsters. Uses 10 MP. The trap has a 40% chance to trigger and deals 1-10 damage. Breaks after one use.
Tinkerer Skill 2: Disassemble: When entering a trap room, there is a 20% chance that the tinkerer can reverse engineer the trap and disarm it for the remainder of the chapter. This chance occurs after the trap has gone off or not. Requires 20 MP for a Basic Trap. 50 MP for an Advanced Trap. Masterful Traps can not be disabled this way.
Tinkerer Skill 3: Trip Wire: Monsters that flee from combat with this hero take 2-10 Damage. Costs 10 MP.

Veteran Job List and SkillsA Veteran Adventurer is a combination of two Novice Jobs, including doubles of the same job. That means there are 36 veteran occupations. A Veteran Job has independent Base stats and their own skills, but they also get one skill from each of the novice skills that combine to create them.

?????? List Unknown until studied inside the Dungeon (Veteran and Hero Job information will be revealed as it appears in game.)

Monster Rules
Spoiler: show
Placement Rules: Monsters can only be placed into empty rooms, with the exception of a single monster being able to fight alongside the Boss Monster in the Boss Room. Without special abilities, if two monsters are pushed into the same room, the weaker monster will be pushed to a random empty room, or temporarily out of the dungeon. Once there is room for the monster, it will occupy that space. At the beginning of each chapter, every monster will be randomly placed in a random order. If there is not enough room for all the monsters, the monsters will wait in a 'que' and enter the dungeon once room is 'made' for them by the adventurers, meaning that Adventurers doubling back or going in circles might not always be safe.

Fleeing Combat: Just like Adventurers, Monsters will attempt to flee when reduced to 25% HP with a 50% chance of success. When fleeing, unlike adventurers, Monsters do not necessarily move to an adjacent room. They move to a random room not occupied by traps or monsters. Like Adventurers, they can stumble into enemies while fleeing, starting combat again.

Healing Outside Combat: While Adventurers only regain HP from skills or resting, Monsters passively regenerate slowly outside combat. If another monster is in combat, the monsters not in combat heal one point of HP every 4 rounds of combat. If no one is in combat, Monsters heal 2 HP every time adventurers move to a new room. If left alone, Monsters can heal all of their lost HP.

Recruiting New Monsters: After each chapter, the dungeon will gain a certain amount of Reputation Points, based on the number of Adventurers defeated. A list of options of how to 'spend' those reputation points will be given, what monster to recruit and their abilities. I will keep the exact calculations to myself, mostly because they'll likely fluctuate.

Monster Rank: Like Adventurers, monsters have three rank of power and danger; Common,Rare, and Legendary. Each rank far outclasses the last. Common Monsters, on average, should be able to defeat two novice adventurers, but will struggle against three or more. Rares should be the same way with Veterans, and Legendary Monsters against Heroic Adventurers. Legendary Monsters, on average, should also be comparable to the Boss Monster, in terms of strength, though obviously they won't appear all that often. Common Monsters will generally only have a single skill, one innate to their species, with a chance at an Uncommon Attribute. Rare Monsters are more powerful, and will always have an Uncommon attribute and may even have a Special Attribute to go with their more powerful Racial Skill. Legendary Monsters have no set rules, but are extremely dangerous to the adventurers they happen to face.

Monster Enhancement: Monsters all have some way to consume adventurers, be it by eating them, drawing out their life force, or some other terrible fate. This is how monsters grow and evolve. At the end of each chapter, the audience will be allowed to decide how to distribute the defeated adventurers souls to the monsters of the dungeon, including the Boss Monster. Common Monsters are only capable of a single enhancement, rares are capable of three, and Legendary and Boss Monsters have no limit to the amount of Adventurers they can devour and improve, however the first three are the most meaningful, similar to rares. For some monsters, an enhancement is a simple stat boost, but for many it will unlock new abilities, or improve the abilities they already posses. The first enhancement costs Two Souls, the second costs an additional Four Souls, and all enhancements beyond that cost Eight More Souls. (IE to triple enhance a rare monster, 14 Souls are required) All monsters who cross an enhancement threshold of souls receive +10 HP, +10 MP and +1 Attack.

Common Monster Base Stats: A 'generic' common monster has 60 HP, 60 MP, 12 Attack and 0 Defense

Monster Types
Spoiler: show
Each Monster has a type based on its characteristics. These types infer a small bonus, and can affect certain abilities from Adventurers, and gain certain bonuses from some dungeon types.
Dragon: Includes most scaled monsters, Dragons are legendary for their long life spans, power, and tenacity. They often covet gold and other precious materials, however, Dragons are a varied group, and some are wildly different from the others. The one thing that ties all Dragons together is their resistance to magic. Dragon Scales:All negative magical effects on dragons, including damage, are 25% less effective.
Undead: Many mortal's desire to escape death manifests in dangerous ways, not the least common of which is the phenomenon known as Undeath. Unnatural, immortal, and very dangerous, these creatures feed of the very life force of living creatures to fuel their vile state. Still, they maintain their lust for life, even in their tortured state of decay. Grasp of the Grave: When an undead is reduced to 0 HP, there is a 25% chance they regenerate to half of Max HP. If this revival is successful, the monster's max HP is reduced by half for the remainder of the chapter.
Fairy: The Fae folk are a magical assortment of different races, often defined by the playful nature and abundance of natural magical gifts, as well as their innate immortality. Since ancient times, they've often been in conflict with mortals who do not understand their unique senses of 'play', but in recent time, their relationship with most mortals has become more antagonistic. Some have always been hostile, but more and more of the fairies are joining the fighting. Fae Fortune: +10 Chance for any random chance to be in a Fairy's favor.
Darkness: Some of the most feared monsters, creatures of darkness of most often beasts of evil and death that prey upon mortals and monsters alike. Their abilities often thrive in the absence of light, or are dependent on it. They are often deceptive and cautious, forced to be so by the constant threat of eradication they endure by the ever vigilant forces of light. Shade Armour: Any attacks against a creature of Darkness have a 5% chance to miss.
Radiant: Light is the ally of the good and the just, but not only them. Some monsters use light to mask their evil intentions, or use the power of light to bring their foes low. These monsters are more rare than most other kinds, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. More so, likely. Rising Star: When enhanced, creatures of light receive double the bonuses compared to other monsters.
Demonic: Infiltrators or invaders to the mortal realm from the Hells beyond, Demons exist only to cause destruction, misery, and chaos. They delight in the suffering of mortals, and often have powers of corruption, allowing them to cause even the most pure souls to go astray, to help feed the evil they all serve inherently. Sadist Surge: A demon regains 1 HP every time they deal damage to a foe. They are able to gain temporary HP above their maximum, but no more than half of their maximum HP can be gained this way, and all temporary HP is lost at the end of a battle.
Nature: By far the most common type of monster, Natural monsters are those spawned from plants and animals, some more naturally than others. Savage beasts, man-eating plants, even creatures that don't follow the normal laws of biology, all fall into the Nature category. They're known for their toughness, their speed, their agility, but not often their intelligence. Blood and Fury: All Nature Creatures gain an extra +10% HP, 1 Attack and 1 Defense.
Elemental: The four basic elements of the universe, earth, wind, fire, and water, are not always mere inert building blocks. Very rarely, they form into monsters capable of hunting mortals, intent on it in fact. Creatures, or beings, formed from the elements themselves are unpredictable, and can be powerful, given the right conditions.
Elemental Affinity (Variable): Each elemental Creature is born from one of the four elements. They are completely immune to any damage and effects from that element, and take 50% extra from the opposite element. Their own attacks also count as effects of their element.

Monster List
Spoiler: show
More monsters will be added to the list as the game progresses, either by the story or by audience suggestions.

Common Monsters
Desert Horned Lizard: Massive, Ferocious, and seemingly always hungry, these horse sized reptiles inhabit many of the deserts and badlands of the world, preying on any lesser creatures they come across. Believed to be the degenerative descendents of dragons, these beasts are only about as intelligent as dogs, are solitary hunters and will attack nearly anything on sight, be in an army or a lone traveler.
Stat Adjustment: +10 HP +1 Attack +2 Defense
Racial Skill - Lizard Brain: Has no fear and sharp eyes. Can not be tricked by simple illusions, or mentally affected by lesser abilities. Will still flee normally when injured.

Lamia: Tales of the women with serpentine lower halves abound, some speaking of pleasurable nights spent in lavish tents of silk, while others tell of men, women and even livestock dragged off into the night, never to be seen again, that unmistakably beautiful female face casting one last glance back at the survivors before making off with their prey. The later stories are the truth, as Lamias are dangerous monsters only intent on devouring any prey they can get their hands on. Any talk of sexual exchanges with the beautiful monsters is only a fools dream.
Stat Adjustment: -5 HP
Racial Skill - Tantalizing Dance: The Lamia may, as an extra action, attempt to entrance a single target with a special dance at a low chance. If successful, it cost the Lamia 5 MP and the adventurer will stop attacking, simply watching the rest of the fight, entranced by the beauty and grace of the Lamia. The Lamia may entrance any number of adventurers, but the entrancement can be broken if those who are entranced take any damage, or if combat ends. If all heroes in combat are entranced, they are automatically defeated.

Sand Worm: Enormous eye-less snakes that burrow beneath the sands of the desert, these terrors not only appear from no where to devour anything they feel travelling through their territory, but they've also retained a fraction their draconic ancestors abilities, making them all the more terrifying.
Stat Adjustment: -1 Attack +10 MP +2 Defense
Racial Skill - Sand Blast: 10 MP - Using its attack, the Sand worm can breathe a blast of coarse, biting sand at all opponents, dealing its attack to all hostile creatures and causing them to lose sight of the Sand Worm for 1d4 rounds. Blinded Creatures have 30% chance to miss with all targeted attacks and abilities.

Ghoul: Every land, from the beginning of time, knows of the menace that are Ghouls, and yet few know from where they come. Once living, these near feral undead humanoids crave the flesh of their former kin, dead or alive. Luckily, the sun drives them back, as do most charms and tricks that affect undead.
Stat Adjustment: +1 Attack
Racial Skill - Infecting Bite: On a successful attack, the ghoul has a low chance of infecting the target with the Ghoulish Virus! If infected, the target will lose 1 HP every round until the end of combat or until healed by any effect. If their HP drops to 0 (and no other effect takes hold), they turn into a zombie and attack their former allies! The zombie has half the stats of the original adventurer used to create it, with none of their abilities or items, and only attacks every other turn. The zombie also has Infecting Bite. A target can not be affected by this skill more than once. Adventurers turned into zombies do not count as 'monsters' and will stay in the room they were created, even if the Ghoul leaves that room. They also do not flee when heavily damaged. Adventuers turned into zombies can still be used to enhance monsters at the end of a chapter, as the Boss Monster can cure the undead curse.

Wraith:More than simple ghosts, Wraiths are specters of evil, intent on draining the life force from the living to feed their own unnatural desires. They appear as skeletal or gaunt humanoids, with long, bone claws and often in ethereal rags. Only partially tangible, Wraiths can be extremely difficult to dispatch without magical weapons.
Stat Adjustment: -10 HP -1 Defense
Racial Skill - Ethereal Form: Non-Magic attacks have a 50% chance to miss the Wraith. Wraith attacks penetrate 50% of defense (Rounded up).

Mummy: Some ancient cultures revered their dead more than the living, and wrapped their bodies in enchanted cloth doused in strange, unnatural oils. Now, whenever the lair of these specially prepared corpses is disturbed, they come alive with unholy rage. Retaining some of their ancient magic from their days among the living, these dusty, crusty monsters should be avoided at all costs.
Stat Adjustment: -5 HP +10 MP
Racial Skill - Ancient Curse: 20 MP if it takes effect. All enemies in combat with the Mummy have a low chance to be cursed every round. Once cursed, the target wastes away, losing 1 Attack and Defense every round until they collapse, helpless before the evil undead. Insidiously, an Ancient Curse is not removed after the mummy is slain or combat ends, so the target's Attack and Defense will continue to drain even in the next combat, and beyond. Once the Attack and Defense both reach 0, the hero collapses as if their HP had reached zero, unable to use skills or attack.

Pixie: Small, insidiously playful tricksters, these pint sized monsters are much more troublesome than they appear at first glance. Often mistaken for their gentler and friendly 'Fairy' cousins, Pixies make short work of unprepared trespassers.
Stat Adjustment: -20 HP -1 Attack +10% Chance to Dodge attacks.
Racial Skill - Pixie Magic: Pixies have three spells they can use instead of attacking: Endless Dance: 10 MP: Forces one target to dance until they die. Chance of success depends on Attack and Defense. Ends if the Pixie is slain. Shrink: 10 MP: Shrinks one target to the size of a Pixie. Pixies are carnivorous. Low chance of success. Reduces a target's stats by 90%. Ends if the Pixie is slain. Hidden Cackler: 5 MP. Causes the target to constantly hear nefarious giggling or laughter just out of the corner of their vision, quickly driving them to madness. Medium Chance of success. If afflicted, the target must roll once per round to determine if they are distracted by the laughter. If they fail, the lose their turn and the save becomes harder. Once the save becomes impossible to pass, the target passes out from stress. If the Pixie is slain or driven off, the individual can be revived, but if left alone, they are defeated.

Leprechaun: These small men of wealth were once considered quite friendly, even helping travelers and farmers from time to time with their impressive magic. Centuries of theft have left them bitter and angry, their pots of gold almost more precious to them than they very lives! Now they view all mortals with contempt and hatred, always trying to trick them to their doom to prevent even a chance of their gold being taken from its various hiding places.
Stat Adjustment: -10 HP +10 MP
Racial Skill - Leprechaun Magic: Leprechauns have three spells they can cast in place of attacking: Gold Lure: 10 MP The leprechaun passes some of their gold lust to the target. Every turn the target must save versus their temptation or be drawn to the imaginary gold the leprechaun has shown them. If they fail three times, the illusion consumes them, and they're considered defeated unless the leprechaun is slain or driven off. Leprechaun's Glade: 20 MP. All opponents begin to feel light headed and giddy. There is a 10% chance that everyone except the leprechaun does nothing on their turn. Other Side of the Rainbow: 20 MP. The Leprechaun casts an illusion that makes it harder for the party to advance. For the next three times the party switches rooms, they will be more likely to return the way they came than any other option.

Satyr: These foul goat men have been seducing women into the forests since before time was recorded. Lustful, and sadistic, these evil creatures are as handsome as they are devious, taking devilish delight in their dastardly deeds, all the while singing or playing their signature flutes.
Stat Adjustment: None
Racial Skill - Lover's Thrall: Once per combat, a Satyr can attempt to seduce a female opponent with a high chance of success. If successful, the Satyr and the target flee combat together, moving to an empty room in the dungeon as per normal flight rules (A random room as per the Monster rules and the victim stays with the Satyr). Once there, combat continues, with a few negatives to the target. Firstly, the target must successfully break free of the satyr's charm before they can act. Second, once free of the charm, the target must continue to save versus the charm or fall back in love with the satyr, even as it continues to attack her. Lastly, if reduced to below 20% HP while charmed, the target gives in completely, and is defeated.

Troll: Devious Brutes who live in the dark places of the world. Legend says some dark god carved the trolls from stone and breathed life into them to sow chaos across the land. Accordingly, the light of the sun will return them to the stone from whence they came. Until then, they take great delight in devouring any mortals they find, hiding as close to civilization as they can, under bridges, in sewers, anywhere where the light doesn't touch.
Stat Adjustment: +1 Attack and Defense
Racial Skill - Troll Blood: Trolls heal damage very quickly, much more quickly than other monsters. Double the rate of healing outside combat, and continue to heal even in combat.

Black Spider: Enormous and hungry, these spiders aren't actually all that large, only about the size of a wolf. They're still very dangerous, because they employ the standard tactic of their kind, thick webs of white silk. Its often best to leave those trapped in a Black Spider's web to their fate, lest anyone who tries to help them join the feast.
Stat Adjustment: -10 HP +10 MP
Racial Skill - Spider Web 10 MP if successful. While in the same room as a Black Spider, all enemies must avoid stumbling into the webs it creates. If they do, they become tangled and lose their next turn. They must then try to escape, and if they fail, the difficulty of the escape only gets harder and harder. When the difficulty becomes impossible, the adventurer is trapped and if left alone with the spider, will be defeated. Until completely trapped, an adventurer with ranged attacks or spells can choose to attack the spider, rather than try to free themselves. If the black spider is driven off, the adventurer can be cut free by allies, but if for some reason the adventurer is left completely alone, they will be trapped until rescued by other adventurers. If they are the only undefeated adventurer left in the dungeon, the Chapter ends and they are defeated. Fire damage of any kind against the trapped target will free them instantly.

Shadow Beast: Born of the darkness itself, these creatures are feral and savage. Almost literal, living shadows, these beasts have no real substance and can be repelled by powerful sources of light, but always return once the light fades. Vindictive and sly, they can also hide in surprisingly small shadows, appearing to devour their victims when they least expect it.
Stat Adjustment: +1 Defense
Racial Skill - Shadow Slip: The first time a shadow beast attempts to flee from combat during a chapter, it will automatically succeed.

Fanatic: Some mortals become so enthralled with destroying the darkness of the world that they lose themselves to the evil they're trying to stamp out. Zealous and frothing at the mouth, these savage humans and others have twisted the good intentions they might have begun with into a dangerous ideology that has no room for negotiation. While no more personally dangerous than the average person, the true horror of a fanatic lies in their ability to convert others to their cause.
Stat Adjustment: -30 HP -5 Attack +20 MP
Racial Skill - Dangerous Ideology: 20 MP: Target a single enemy with a zealous speech. There is a high chance the target is converted to the Fanatic's cause, at least temporarily, turning on their allies. there is a small chance the target snaps out of this effect every turn, or if they take 25% of their maximum HP in a single turn. Once a target is under the effect of Dangerous Ideology, the Fanatic will continually target them with this skill again, with a much lower chance of success. If the adventurer fails to resist the Fanatic's words a second time, they become a Fanatic themselves, losing all other abilities and gaining Dangerous Ideology (Base stats are unchanged until after the chapter) Fanatics ignore he 'one monster per room rule' until after combat is finished. The converted Adventurer truly becomes a Monster of the dungeon, permanently joining the roster as another Fanatic.

Shard: Long ago, there was an race of crystal beings, living creatures made of a clear, diamond-like that radiated light. No one knows where they came from, but everyone knows what happened to them. Greed crushed these poor innocent creatures to dust, other races shattering them for their crystals mercilessly. In despair, the crystal beings cursed the world and cast a spell over their entire race. Overnight, every piece of one of the crystal beings came to life with murderous purpose, stabbing and beating any living creatures nearby, collecting into mindlessly aggressive golems of crystal known only as 'Shards'. Be careful if you come across a clear stone in the middle of a road. You never know if its a shard waiting to attack.
Stat Adjustment: +2 Defense
Racial Skill - Dazzling Sparkle: 10 MP: Once per turn, there is a 50% chance the Shard emits a pulse of light that dazzles all in combat with it, giving them a 50% chance to miss their next attack.

Light Bender: A dangerous predator, the light bender is a lesser shapeshifter that has learned to change the color of its skin to match the environment. It can do this so quickly, it can be hard to see even when it is moving. No one knows what they really look like, only that they devour their prey whole and without a trace, disappearing quickly from whence they came.
Stat Adjustment: -10 HP -1 Attack
Racial Skill - Camouflage: All enemies in combat with the Light Bender must succeed in seeing it, a moderate chance, once per turn or they'll be unable to attack it. They can still use skills or abilities that target their allies or another enemy, and some skills that damage all enemies in the room can also still be used.

Minotaur: Once a peaceful, nomadic race of bovine-humanoids, demons corrupted them entirely, turning the entire species in hulking, raging beasts of war. Now each and every minotaur is born with an innate blood lust that can not be quenched. Worse, their natural strength and toughness was enhanced by the corruption, making them very dangerous monsters to discover in tight quarters.
Stat Adjustment: +20 HP +2 Attack +1 Defense -40 MP
Racial Skill - Crushing Blow: 20MP. With a below of anger, the Minotaur attacks with terrible force, dealing two to three times it's normal attack damage! Additionally, if the target survives, it's stunned for two full rounds! Luckily for the adventurers, this wild blow has a 20% chance to miss.

Demon Spawn: Demons love sex, to varying degrees, and many a mortal has given birth to the demonic spawn of their assailants. This half demons are not always evil, but most fall to their infernal parents evil whispering as they grow, becoming no better than the monsters that raped their mothers. The ones born of demons are even worse, though those are rare. Because of their demonic blood, their grow slowly, and most appear to be children, since they don't usually live long enough to become adults.
Stat Adjustment: -5 HP
Racial Skill - Child of Evil: Constant 5 MP/Round. The Hell Spawn hides it's infernal nature, appearing as a simple child, and often cries or begs for help, tricking adventurers into lowering their guard. If adventurers fail to see through the rouse, they will incur a free attack from the Hell Spawn. This will only work once per battle, but even if an adventurer isn't tricked, most will find it difficult to strike a child. If in combat with more than one monster, Adventurers will be more likely to not attack the illusory child. If the Hell Spawn is the only opponent, they will be more likely to use skills or abilities that do not damage it.

Hell Hound: Beasts of the Hells of Flames, this deadly canine is hardly recognizable as a 'dog'. Many have more than one head, and their jaws look more like a sharks, with many rows of bloody teeth. They're relatively rare to see in the wild, most often brought to the mortal realm at the beckoning of a demon or foolish mortal summoner for a specific task. They are strong and possess an infinite pool of stamina, able to hunt their prey to the ends of the earth and back.
Stat Adjustment: +1 Attack
Racial Skill - Blood Hound: Hell Hounds never give up on a chase. If an adventurer flees combat with them, they'll chase after it, even if there are other adventurers in combat with it and even if the adventurer moves to a room occupied by another monster or a trap. For that combat, the Hell Hound will ignore the monster limit for a room. Additionally, gains 50% extra damage against targets below 25% HP.

Harpy: Most know well the half bird-half woman monsters of mountains and tall forests. They screech with animal rage, tearing into their prey with talons and teeth, but much fewer know how intelligent they are. Capable of speech, some harpies lure travelers to their doom with cries of help or promises of sexual favors. Some even get the favors promised to them, at least before the Harpies devour them.
Stat Adjustment: +1 Attack -10 HP
Racial Skill - Death Drop: 10 MP. Rather than kill someone themselves, many Harpies learn that without wings, a simple fall will kill most of their victims. A Harpy swoops forwards, seizing a single target and flapping up. The adventurer can struggle and free themselves, or deal damage to the harpy, but without ranged attacks, the other adventurers can only watch as their comrade is lifted into the air. The harpy uses two turns to raise itself and its prey high, then drops them, dealing double the damage for every turn it flew higher. If the adventurer breaks free immediately, its only the harpy's attack. If they free themselves on the second turn, that's double the harpy's attack. If the harpy released them on the third turn, they take four times the Harpy's attack damage.

Slime: Many believe slimes, the gelatinous, gooey creatures that digest anything organic they envelop, are unnatural, that they were created by some mad alchemist centuries ago, but actually most are quite natural. Perhaps nature was corrupted, or perhaps nature itself wants the mortal races wiped from the world, and so slimes spawn from the land themselves, often without any outside interference.
Stat Adjustment: None
Racial Skill - Engulf: 10 MP A slime surges forwards, pushing its nearly liquid body over the body of another, encasing them in living acid. The individual trapped inside the slime can struggle and possibly escape from the slime, but most will need outside assistance. Each turn, the trapped prisoner takes the slimes attack as digestion damage, and the slime can act normally, including to Engulf another victim, though its limit is two and it will be unable to move or attack others if it has two inside it. Additonally, the chance for an adventurer to escape is increased when two are trapped. Adventurers not trapped can choose to try and help those inside out, and this significantly increases the chance of escape. After five rounds of being inside a slime, no matter how much hp the adventurer has, they'll need to resist passing out from a lack of air. This will become harder to resist every round after the sixth, and once an adventurer passes out, they take double the digestion damage and can no longer escape on their own.

Dire Wolf: More than simple wolfs, these massive beasts have somehow evolved beyond their kin in every way. They're stronger, faster, much more intelligent. Unfortunately, all Dire wolves seem to innately hate people and their allies, attacking and hounding them, even when easier prey is available. No one knows why or where these damned beasts came from, but the howl of a dire wolf is known as a sign of death the world over.
Stat Adjustment: +1 Attack -10 HP
Racial Skill - Vital Bite: 10 MP The Dire wolf aims for a precise and vital location with its strong jaws. There is a 60% chance it bites an ankle and prevents that adventurer from running away from combat for the rest of the dungeon. A second bite to the ankle will prevent the Adventurer from moving rooms without another adventurer to help them. There is a 30% chance the dire wolf targets a wrist and reduces the attack of the adventurer by 1 point. A second bite to the wrist will prevent an adventurer from attacking for the remainder of the dungeon. There is a 10% chance the Dire wolf bites the adventurer's throat, silencing them and preventing them from casting spells or using abilities for the remainder of the dungeon. A second bite to the throat will instantly defeat the adventurer.

Mudster: Sometimes the swamps of the world become...hungry. The mud and plants form themselves into a maw with legs that lumbers forwards, intent on eating anything it comes across. Despite being made of just random plant matter and mud, Mudsters can and do digest any victims unlucky enough to be swallowed by their massive, clutching, sucking maw.
Stat Adjustment: +20 HP -All but one attack +2 Defense +Earth Affinity
Racial Skill - Sucking Mud: 5 MP: The Mudster attempts to engulf a single target at a low chance. If successful, the target is pulled into the Mudster's mouth. It is critical that they escape while still in the Mudster's mouth, with a moderate chance, because if they do not, they are swallowed at the start of the Mudster's next turn, completely encased in its semi-liquid body. The only escape at that point is for an adventurer's ally to defeat it! There is no limit to the number of adventurers the Mudster can swallow this way, though the chance to escape from its mouth increases for every adventurer currently inside it. Once inside, an Adventurer takes 10% of their maximum HP as digestion damage per turn.

Siren: Siren's are the personification of the vindictive nature of the ocean. Often found living on rocky shores or in shallow reefs at sea, these dastardly creatures use their alluring voices and pretty faces to lure sailors and their ships into danger and death, feasting on any unfortunate enough to be cast into the sea or upon the rocks.
Stat Adjustment: -10 HP +10MP +Water Affinity
Racial Skill - Clarion Call: 5 MP/Turn. While in combat, a siren continually sings its deadly song. All enemies present must resist the urge to approach the siren, and those who fail are attacked, the Siren biting and clawing at them and breaking their own spell, but likely only for a moment. It becomes more difficult to resist every time one falls for the pretty voice.

Sky Fisher: A creature made of skin and gas, this strange creature most closely resembles a flying jelly fish, only much, much larger. Weak and slow, these creatures mostly just float with the winds, their ribbon-like tentacles fanning out in every direction, searching for prey even as it looks like they're just fluttering in the breeze. Many who do not know of their danger reach out to touch the ribbons, and its usually the last thing they do.
Stat Adjustment: -20 HP -2 Attack +Air Affinity
Racial Skill - Neuro-Toxin 5 MP/success. Every time the Sky Fisher attacks or is attacked, there is a 50% chance one of it's fluttering tentacles touches the target/attacker. If this happens, they are poisoned with a neuro-toxin that will quickly paralyze them, and slowly kill them! Unless cured, a poisoned adventurer will lose one Attack per round, until their attack reaches zero. Once attack reaches zero, the adventurer collapses, and begins to take 10% of max HP per turn instead. This effect can be cured outside combat, but there is only a 50% chance that the adventurer recovers all of the lost stats. If they fail, their attack is set to half its previously normal value and no health is recovered (not including any item bonuses). If they succeed, all attack is restored and half the damage heals over a few minutes.

Salamander: Giant geckos found in pools of magma, these strange creatures often dig to the surface in search of food, bringing flows lava with them, causing forest and grass fires, even destroying building occasionally as they surface. Dull and slow, they're still terribly dangerous, as their skin burn in a constant inferno when upon the surface and looking for a meal.
Stat Adjustment: +1 Attack +2 Defense -10 MP +Fire affinity
Racial Skill - Burning Tongue: 10MP Instead of attacking, a Salamander can shoot out its red hot tongue to try and snag it's meal, just like a frog. This attack deals half the Salmander's normal attack, but there is a small chance the tongue latches onto the target and it is pulled into the monster's huge mouth! If that happens, the target takes additional damage equal to the salamander's attack and is caught in it's mouth! On the salamander's next turn, it will attempt to swallow the captured meal, and if successful, the meal will be tucked into its burning stomach and quickly begin to digest and burn! They will take double the Salamander's attack, half as digestion damage, and half as burning damage. While in a Salamander's mouth, an adventurer can attempt to escape with a moderate chance of success. There is no escape from a Salamander's stomach, except for one's allies to slay the creature.

Spoiler: show
Trap Types and Dungeon Differences: There are four main types of traps, and each dungeon has two varieties of each type. The types are Movement, Maze, Capture, and Combat. There are also three levels to each trap, Basic, Advanced, and Masterful, each level increasing the traps effects, damage and so on.

Movement Traps: Movement traps are those that focus on displacing one or more adventurers from a group and placing them into other rooms. These are incredibly useful, as a party of four adventurers is much stronger than four lone adventurers. Some deal damage, and some can cause some nasty effects, but mostly they're just for splitting up the parties that enter the dungeon.

Maze Traps: Maze traps change the dungeon layout. They can open or close doors, block paths completely, and in some cases, even make or remove or shift entire rooms! If placed correctly, in the right layout, a maze trap can be the cornerstone of a Dungeon's defenses.

Capture Traps: Like Movement traps, Capture traps are focused on dividing a party, but rather than move adventurers around, they simply lock them down and hold them until their allies are defeated or come to rescue them. Capture traps have two main differences among themselves; how they are unlocked, and how dangerous it is to be trapped inside one. Most will be harmless, simple holding cells, but a few are a ticking clock for anyone unfortunate to be caught inside.

Combat Traps: Traps that focus on dealing damage to adventurers, rather than anything else, are Combat traps. Darts shooting from the wall, a swarm of biting bees that erupts from a well placed hive, a giant pendulum swinging from the ceiling, these cheesy, dramatic traps are all focused on directly harming the adventurers. They can even bring forth monsters, though temporary, often weaker monsters.

Ruined Castle Traps
Movement 1 - Laundry Chute: The Castle used to have many such chutes for the servants to collect laundry and send it expediently to the washing room, since it was unseemly for servants to be seen carrying dirty laundry about the castle. These tunnels can be re-purposed to drag a mis-stepping adventurer into another part of the castle, especially since they're nearly impossible to notice among the ruined halls.
Chance: Basic: 50% Advanced:??? Masturful:???
Effect: One Adventurer is moved from the trap room into a different random room of the dungeon.

Movement 2 - Magic Painting: A painting of a beautiful landscape, the castle in the distance, hangs upon the wall of one of the castle's hallways. It is blemished and worn by age and weather, but perhaps it will intrigue an adventurer enough to gaze into it? If they look too closely, they'll feel the wind and sun upon their skin again, and realize they've been teleported outside the castle! It'll take them a short time to get back into it, and their allies will likely have no idea what happened to them, and be forced to move on without them.
Chance: Basic: 10% Advanced: ??? Masterful: ???
Effect: All adventurers entering the room roll individually. Any who fail to save against the paintings lure are teleported to the entrance of the dungeon, to the back of any adventurer que, and can not continue to move rooms until 10 turns of combat or two room movements have transpired.

Maze Trap 1 - Roof Collapse: Hardly a trap, more of a natural danger of such an unstable structure, the roof of the room caves in, (Hopefully) scattering the party that disturbed it. The trap only resets after the end of a Chapter
Chance: Basic: 60% Advanced: ??? Masterful: ???
Effect: If the party fails the trap check, the roof caves in, with a 50% chance to deal 20 Damage to each individual. One Entrance to the room is blocked for the remainder of the chapter. If this would block access to the entrance or Boss Room, another is chosen. If there is no way not to completely block access to the Boss Room or Entrance, then the adventurers will have to dig through the rubble to proceed, losing their ability to rest. If they have already used their rest, they take 5 HP and MP damage instead.

Maze Trap 2 - Boss Chest: The Boss Room of the Ruined Castle is behind a nice thick, sturdy door. That door is locked with a(or possible multiple) Boss Key! Adventurers who want access to the Boss Room must enter this room and find the hidden chest containing the key.
Chance: Basic: 0% Advanced: ??? Masterful: ???
Effect: If the adventurers fail the check, they do not spot the chest and do not find the key, believing this to be an empty room. If they succeed, they pick up the key and the next time they would attempt to enter the Boss Room, they open the sturdy door blocking the way. If there are multiple of this trap in the dungeon, then Adventurers must find all of the Keys before they can enter the Boss Room! Multiple Adventuring Parties can have the same key, but lone adventurers who leave a group do not count as having the key the group had. If a party splits in half, it is randomly decided which half has the key. The other half will need to find the key again. Once the Boss Room Door is open, it remains open until the next Chapter.

Capture Trap 1 - Floor Collapse: Another trap that is simply part of the nature of a crumbling stone structure, the floor gives way under a group of adventurers. They fall into the cellar, basement, or whatever, with no easy way out. Some adventurers might be able to climb out, but most will have to find a way out of the dark lower level that hasn't collapsed!
Chance: Basic: 50% Advanced: ??? Masterful: ???
Effect: Can only be triggered once per Chapter and only rolls once per group. If triggered, 1-4 of the party members fall into the lower levels of the Castle, taking 10 HP damage. Each adventurer is given a chance to climb out of the pit, but if they fail, they must try to explore in the dark annals of the Castle and find another way back up. Each turn of combat, and twice for every room movement turn, adventurers trapped in the Floor collapse can attempt to find their way back up to the normal levels. This chance starts at 10% but increased by 2% every roll. All adventurers in the trap move as a group, and once they escape they are returned to the trap room. After the adventurers have escaped, the room is considered empty.

Capture Trap 2 - Stockade: Every Castle needs a place to keep prisoners, they're built for war after all. Stockades aren't as common though, places to hold prisoners in public so they could be shamed, beaten, and generally abused by the public. This castle had just such a facility, and somehow (probably a bit of magic) a trap was set up to catch an adventurer or two in it!
Chance: Basic: 20% Advanced: ??? Masterful: ???
Effect: Each Adventurer that enters the room makes the check individually. If they fail, they stumble into the stockade, their head and arms trapped by wood and metal containment unit. The stockades are surprisingly strong, and have a defense of 10! Most adventurers can't even scratch them, but if any free adventurers in the room have more than 10 Attack, they can simply cut their fellows free. If not, they'll need to find the key to open the locks, located in the nearest room containing another trap or a monster. Once they find this key (the trap does not need to be triggered and the monster does not need to be killed or driven off), they can return and free their fellows. Careful, this trap is rolled every time adventurers enter it! If all adventurers left in the dungeon are caught in the Stockades, they are considered defeated. Basic Stockades have a limit of three Adventurers.

Combat Trap 1 - Armor Display: Many Castles, as a sign of wealth and strength, have old suits of armor and weapons on display in the halls. The owner of this ruined castle have put these old pieces of junk to work and rigged them to 'attack' any trespassers.
Chance: Basic: 40% Advanced: ??? Masterful: ???
Effect: Chance is rolled as a group when entering the room. If the group trips the trap, an Armor Display springs to life, a basic suit of Armor with 20 HP 5 Attack and 2 Defense begins attacking (always gets the first attack). This armor is just on a sophisticated set of strings and not really attacking, so its pretty easy to defeat. This trap resets after each party passes through.

Combat Trap 2 - Burning Oil: A common tactic to use against invading forces, boiling oil is poured down onto invaders to blind and scald them. The oil can then be lit to further ensure the attacker's death and ruin siege equipment. The Dungeon Master has employed this tried and true strategy once again, only this time, it's the adventurers who may be burned, not soldiers sieging the castle.
Chance: Basic: 20% Advanced: ??? Masterful: ???
Effect: Trap is checked as a group. If the group fails, oil pours down from above, dealing 10 burning damage to the entire party. There is a 50% chance the flame mechanism doesn't light, but if it does, the group takes an additional 10 burning damage. This trap resets after each use.
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Surviving is such a terrible game of chance. No matter how many times you happen to win, it only takes once, and you lose forever.
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Re: Dungeon Master! Eka's Public Interactive

Postby Hiddenlurker » Fri Sep 13, 2019 2:51 pm

I really hope this gets a bit more attention once the first chapter hits, because you're a good writer and it would be a shame to only see 10-15 voters on each chapter. Maybe consider using strawpoll so the lurkers (hah, cause I'm a lurker that actually stopped lurking) can vote without having to stop hiding. Ahh... namepuns.

Also, massive thanks for introducing me to Dungeon Maker.
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Re: Dungeon Master! Eka's Public Interactive

Postby Arthotus » Tue Sep 17, 2019 1:01 pm

Thank you very much. We'll see how it turns out, since I've really only just started writing the first chapter, though I'm feeling pretty good about it. I'll consider straw poll, but I don't really like making people visit another website when there is a comment section to use.

Also, you're welcome. It's one of only a few mobile games I would consider good enough to play on a computer, and not just when I'm bored. Plus the themes are just perfect.
Surviving is such a terrible game of chance. No matter how many times you happen to win, it only takes once, and you lose forever.
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Re: Dungeon Master! Eka's Public Interactive (Voting Open NO

Postby ouphe » Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:19 pm

I feel like this is the female-only adventurer's guild was founded by the ex-wife in some nasty divorce, and there is a male-only adventurer's guild on the other side of town that is always competing with it.

Related, this seems like it would work quite awesomely as an actual game as well. If I was decent at programming, I'd be all over it...
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Re: Dungeon Master! Eka's Public Interactive (Voting Open NO

Postby Arthotus » Tue Sep 17, 2019 5:31 pm

I'm sure I said somewhere in my madness scribbling that the reason all the adventurers are female would never be officially explained. You're free to make up your own reasons though!

Also, I feel like it 'could' become a game, but as I've already committed to trying that route with two of my interactive ideas already (ALA and Five Paths), I'm going to keep this one as a written interactive.
Surviving is such a terrible game of chance. No matter how many times you happen to win, it only takes once, and you lose forever.
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