Naruto shippuuden giantess story( content vore)

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Naruto shippuuden giantess story( content vore)

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Anime Giantess Naruto

It was a typical day in Konoha Naruto was practicing throwing kunai at a tree trunk.
Naruto - whew although this basic training still makes me tired.
Naruto - more need to keep fit if you want to reach Sasuke.
Naruto as usual was being spied upon by hinata.
Hinata - Naruto-kun ...
Hinata - (thinking) - I must tell him how I feel I can not wait any longer.
When Naruto is leaving to go to the bora hinata.
Hinata - Naruto-kun ... err Need I say ... One thing ... Very important.
Naruto - Hinata might say.
Hinata - ah ... err ... not now .... Meet me later ... In ... In the area of ​​training of the three trunks.
Naruto - all right then.
Naruto goes off without understanding what hinata wants to say.
Sakura is at home thinking about how sasuke left when he left konoha.
Sakura - Sasuke-kun as he may have left me like that, after I declared my love for you. I'll get back to you one day not only for you as men of all ninjas.
After that Sakura goes for a walk a little.
Gai's team returns from a mission and the office of the hokage will give his report.
Neji - here's hokage-sama
Tsunade - thanks neji see it was successful in charge of another mission
Neji - is
Lee - neji and I defeated the enemy as quickly rescued the tenten again.
Tenten - I will not belittle me like that I am no damsel in distress.
Neji - tenten lately and really had to save her many times.
Tenten - you do not humf neji ...
Tsunade looks angry
Tsunade - enough already exempted
They withdraw
Tsunade - Shizune knows the world only believe there are men and perverts like Jiraiya.
Shizune - what do you mean Tsunade-sama?
Tsunade - we should end it, they always receive credit for the actions of Konoha, I was the first hokage after much once a hierarchy has only men. For the first time it comes time to exercise my office on our behalf.
Tsunade - Shizune will have to go to the library search.
Shizune - right
The 10 team is in a steak he had righted commemorating the death of asuma.
Chouji - uh this here is heaven.
Shikamaru - I will not eat much chouji, I do not have much money.
Ino - is always the same chouji eat too much and you complain too much there are more people like sasuke-kun in this village.
Shikamaru - sometimes boring ino that I do not know what you saw that guy.
Ino - even if you do not understand is shikamaru?
Shikamaru - not because I'm not a silly girl who is complaining and sighing for a guy like that, girls are troublesome.
Ino - what? Repeats.
Chouji: Hey ino you should not warm up with bullshit like that.
Ino: Shut up fat
Shikamaru - oh no
Chouji - who called you fat'm just a little crowded, Baika no jutsu.
The chouji destroys everything giving more damage to shikamaru.
Far away sasuke assemble his team.
Sasuke - go to konoha
Suigetsu - Konoha!
Juugo - hum
Karin - Konoha? More sasuke this is crazy we are unable to go to konoha.
Sasuke - Acalmen is not going to attack konoha yet but we will investigate their foundations to plan a future attack.
Karin - more sasuke for that we need not go all of a knot just right?
Sasuke - wrong konoha is well guarded and have to be prepared if something happens I will not lose my strength is determined ataque.Bem go.
Naruto goes to meet with hinata, sakura sees him and decides to follow lo.Naruto see hinata gets very determined to say something.
Naruto - Hinata then tell me what you want?
Hinata - err ... Naruto-kun ... I. .. I. .. Te ... Love.
Naruto - huh !!!!!!!
Sakura stalking
Sakura - what else?
Hinata - ever ... I like you Naruto-kun, you want to be with what you say?
Naruto - err ... No.
Hinata - I more ...
Naruto - Hinata I do not want nothing with you, please do not ask for more.
Hinata - snif ... snif
Hinata comes out crying very upset.
Naruto - Hinata, (thought) - Drug.
Sakura stalking.
Sakura - Naruto you idiot.
Tsunade found what he sought in the library.
Tsunade - finally found it, Shizune convene all available kunoishis this is the big night.
Shizune - yes tsunade-sama.
Anko appears
Anko - is finally our turn tsunade-sama?
Tsunade anko course I do today is the big day.
Sakura arrives where hinata is crying.
Sakura - I saw what happened hinata, sasuke-kun did almost the same with me, no one should suffer like this, to pay all naruto has to pay.
Hinata - snif ... I think you may be right sakura-san
Sakura - Tsunade-sama we all convened for a meeting we kunoishis.
Hinata - yes
Kiba and shino hinata going to watch with sakura.
Kiba - why is that hinata shino was like that?
Shino - Do not know what else I have a bad feeling about this.
The kunoishis meet with tsunade.
Tsunade - then got it all on the shrink no jutsu?
All - yes
Tsunade - then I can count on you?
Sakura - yes (thinking) - everyone will pay
Anko - yes (thinking) - jounins hum
Tenten - yes (thinking) - damsel in distress is not it?
Ino - yes (thinking) - silly girl is not?
Hinata - yes (thinking) - naruto-kun
Tsunade - perfect it will be completed tonight.
Gai and Kakashi return to the village after many missions.
Kakashi - I guess I never did pull so many tasks in one day.
Gai - This is a pure youth kakashi work hard every day.
Kakashi - her you go again with this talk of youth.
Gai - Kakashi clear need to establish and strengthen our skills, moreover, have plowed more missions tomorrow what you think?
Kakashi - Uh say something?
Gai - what? You never pay attention to what irritates me and I speak can be so calm.
Kakashi - well until tomorrow anyway.
Tsunade watches his room
Tsunade - um kakashi and gai they can be a problem for our plans, Shizune and I'll take care of you and gai anko kakashi will take care of when everything is ready.
Anko - yes
The night finally arrives and special posts are placed at strategic points of konoha.
Tsunade - Shizune all containers are positioned?
Shizune - yes tsunade-sama
Tsunade - great start immediately going out of Konoha.
Sasuke and his team arrive in konoha, arriving just at the place where sasuke left konoha sakura left the bank where.
Sasuke - (thinking) - sakura ...
Karin - a problem sasuke?
Sasuke - No, let's continue.
All kunoishis were out of konoha and prepare and invoke his chakra.
All - shrink no jutsu
All pots left in Konoha begin to smoke that involves entire konoha.
Sasuke - what else? My body is decreasing and that of everyone as well.
Naruto is sleeping while decreases.
Shino decreases and rises in an insect with kiba
Neji - what is it?
Lee - what is this smoke what is happening?
Kakashi - that's not good to have to stay alert for the worst
Chouji - Shikamaru what is this?
Shikamaru - chouji not know, but I think we'll find out soon and will not like the answer.
Gai - never thought a day would be a mini man.
Outside of konoha
Tsunade - the morning will have our wishes come true.
The day dawns
Naruto - UAH strange dream that I dreamed I was an insect e. huh?
Naruto - because our ta all so big? What's that noise? Steps seem
Sakura enters
Sakura - good morning my little asshole
Naruto - Sakura-chan what's this? What's happening?
Sakura - ah nothing much just today is the day of vengeance, you are mine!!
Sakura goes with the hand and try to get more naruto he shrugs.
Naruto - you will not catch me like Sakura-chan, bushin kage no jutsu!
Naruto and his clones do not disperse throughout the room.
Sakura - wasting your time naruto can destroy them all and get you.
Sakura crushes her hand with most clones, and take other steps on naruto.
Sakura - I told you it was useless to naruto.
Naruto - The more you know me is Sakura-chan? You know I do not give up.
Sakura - what?
Naruto was a clone that falls apart, he was already out there, shino appears in a flying insect and and get naruto.
Sakura - I still get naruto !!!!!!
Naruto - thanks shino you saved me, you know what's going on? And because sakura-chan was behind me?
Shino - it seems that we were shrunk by some kind of weird jutsu last night and apparently kunoishis sakura and the other has something to do with it.
Naruto - more like?
Shino - Yesterday I saw kiba and hinata sakura going to meet with the Hokage-sama, Hinata was very strange seemed very angry.
Naruto - Hinata ...
Shino - Today I saw Gai-sensei caught by Shizune and the Hokage.
Naruto - the baa-chan? So is it true they must be involved in this.
Meanwhile lee neji and tenten are attacked by.
Neji - tenten why does this with his team partner?
Tenten - because I'm the damsel in distress is now my turn to shine.
Lee - what he stands to do with us?
Tenten - now we see this effect if you are virgins or not.
Tenten hits and the two fall faint.
In the office of the hokage, tsunade have a pleasant time with gai.
Tsunade - which was gai? Not happy in feeling the best breasts in konoha.
Gai - although this is one of the pleasures of youth, when it is done as a malignant form that I do not feel any pleasure in it.
Tsunade - Really think your body does not feel the same I can feel.
Gai - Sometimes it is difficult to contain the youth.
Tsunade - you are no longer so young, in fact, that's enough for now.
Tsunade gai off her breasts and puts it in a special cage that she created to contain the ninjas.
Tsunade - we'll proceed with the plan will soon be ready.
Gai - that plan is talking about?
Tsunade - soon you will know my little jounin.
Gai - do not understand how you did, what happened to the citizens of Konoha?
Tsunade - Oh yes we perform jutsu that requires a lot of chakra in you, though I wish it would not be possible to shrink all the citizens of Konoha.
Gai - then what do with them?
Tsunade - Was it a wiser use of chakra kunoishis that meeting to shrink the ninjas of Konoha that would cause more problems, while the citizens of konoha were already on a genjutsu that applied before the exucutar jutsu, they are sleeping they are dreaming living normally, this genjutsu can not be undone so soon nor so easily agree when the plan has already been a success, hahaha.
Gai - Drugs
Meanwhile tenten put two kunai into the wall and tying neji lee each one with a string without clothes.
Tenten - then we will see now if you are virgins or not, it seems that you are no successes or hard you enough.
The two - what else?
Tenten begins to undress.
Tenten - ah seems that now we're getting somewhere, there is neji?
Tenten begins to straighten the penis to neji he enjoys and that is what happens, tenten is delighted with the white liquid.
Tenten - slip ... I knew you were good neji.
Tenten neji starts licking.
Tenten - oh you have a body even more delicious, but I think that Lee is eager for his turn.
Lee - I?
Tenten - of course I have something suitable for you.
Tenten lies down and lifts his leg to Lee.
Tenten - you are always working with the feet are my feet are all yours, you'll lick it and caress it until I get satisfied.
Lee - but I ...
Neji - do what she says, do not.
Lee - ta ... okay.
Tenten gets distracted by the pleasure he is giving you lee, neji notes while his clothes and runs right down the kaiten as fast as possible and can break the string and pick up your clothes, tenten realizes what he has done more quickly and he was caught in her purse a ninja smoke bomb and throw in the eyes of tenten.
Tenten - argh ... Damn ... My eyes.
Neji throws a kunai and broke the jaw-dropping moment of Lee as well.
Neji - fast lee dress up and get out of here.
Lee - right
Neji and Lee escape.
Chouji and Shikamaru are tortured by innovation.
Ino - Shikamaru and i still think girls are stupid?
Ino is almost crushing shikamaruto sitting on it.
Shikamaru - I usually do not change my opniões even when I'm at a disadvantage ino.
Ino gets the string that is tied chouji and grabs a piece of meat and place in the language.
Ino - then you like chouji churasco not it? Whether this piece on my tongue is just come here and get it.
Chouji gets down and lick the piece of meat in the language of innovation, the more she opens her mouth, chouji just watch the language of the play ino ask back, down her throat and be swallowed.
Ino - gulp ... ahh ... what was just seen his piece of flesh down my throat and did not dare pick it up? Too bad I'll give you another chance.
Ino shikamaru strip from under it and places it in a cup while taking care of chouji, shikamaru makes the position he always does when he thinks, while innovation takes a few pieces of meat and spread throughout his body.
Ino - Chouji you I will eat all the pieces of flesh scattered over my body.
Chouji - wow.
Ino - glad you're happy because you will have time to eat all the pieces of meat if you can not you be my meal with meat and have a chance to recover the piece of meat that has lost hahahaha.
Chouji - not
Shikamaru thinks of something and throw your shadow and grabs a kunai with the shadow and play against ino he misses and gets stuck on the wall kunai, innovative attempts to catch him he runs more and continues playing kunai against her.
Ino - you know you will not beat me in his state alone with this, and can not run forever.
Shikamaru - uh I do not.
Ino - what?
Shikamaru - you have not noticed? I'll show.
Shikamaru - Kage mame no jutsu.
Ino is arrested for tips shadow coming from all corners of the room.
Ino - you will not fucking arrest me doing that.
Shikamaru - take this chouji kunai and cut your string.
Shikamaru - is right ino my power that is not the same size, wrong on purpose that I played all the kunai to fix them in strategic points of the room raising my field of shadow that it were possible to run my technique. now
Shikamaru - Kame kubi Shibari no jutsu.
Ino - Shikamaru never give up going to hurt me with these very tips of shade.
Shikamaru - hurt? I do not know very well you know ino feel ticklish.
Ino - Not to be ... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Shikamaru undoes the technical innovation and leave laughing.
Shikamaru - Quick chouji get out of here before it reverts to normal.
Chouji - right
They run more Shizune arrives and sees them escaping from the home of innovation, play something like a paper bomb, most have some kind of glue on the surface, naruto and shino come flying fast and rescue shikamaru, more chouji was captured.
Naruto - Shino need to go back we can not leave him.
Shino - we can not
Naruto - what?
Shikamaru - naruto he is right we can not save anyone if we get caught too.
Naruto thinks and agrees.
Naruto - Yamato and captain leave as many others are on missions outside of Konoha and will not take long to get back we can count on them.
Naruto sees a group of ninjas running around and asks for shino down when they meet the ninjas do not believe what they see.
Shino - this is more ...
Shikamaru - can not be.
Naruto - Sasuke.
The two stare.
Sasuke - naruto.
Naruto - Sasuke what are you doing here?
Sasuke - I owe you any satisfaction.
Naruto - I think we also looking for a way to reverse the jutsu.
Sasuke - is
Suigetsu - Hey Sasuke you know about this strange boy looking like a fool?
Naruto - what? Strange looks speaker has seen his teeth.
Suigetsu - how?
Karin - Suigetsu to stop arguing with this idiot
Naruto - uh who is stupid? Their four eyes.
Karin beats naruto.
Naruto - Ai ... It beats as strong as sakura-chan.
Sasuke - Naruto will work together this time to reverse the jutsu, when it's over we will return to the positions of all time.
Naruto lowered his head.
Shino - The insects tend to know everything that happens around you, perhaps we should consult the Master of insects closer.
Shikamaru - master of the insects?
Shino - Yes Master usually lives in a tree near the maximum concentration of insects in the room, most of the insects living next to my clan then it should be close to konoha.
Naruto - is it going after that master.
They all look weird for naruto.
Suigetsu - I insist you sasuke knows this guy weird?
Karin - he is an idiot.
Naruto looks angry at them.
Shino - then we will.
As they depart.
Naruto - Sasuke ... I'll still bring you back.
Sasuke smiles.
Sasuke - Hmm ..
Kakashi faces attack from anko.
Kakashi - Anko-kun then you and the other kunoishis are behind everything.
Anko - yes kakashi-san, I was appointed to take charge of his capture that will not cause major problems to our plans.
Kakashi - that's a real shame, because being captured was not in my plans today.
Anko - we will see it then, JUTSU SERPENT OF SHADOWS !!!!!!!!!
Kakashi pulls out his kunai, dodges and cuts several snakes, anko trying to step over it he shrugs off his feet and hits the wall, anko try to get it over the wall and throws a snake behind him, he runs up her arm takes impulse jumps and cuts the last snake.
Anko - Impressive as I thought it would be big copycat ninja.
Kakashi - (thought) - not easily escape, I'll need it ...
Kakashi opens his sharingan.
Kakashi - Sharingan !!!!!!!
Anko - sharingan is? I think you'll regret it.
Kakashi - Raikiri !!!!! I think you'll regret is that by attacking me.
Kakashi shatters many snakes and some upwards of anko with his Raikiri when his Raikiri is broken.
Kakashi - what else?
Kakashi safely within the Raikiri without anko, anko is red.
Anko - ah ... kakashi-san
Kakashi sout and jumps back.
Anko - sometimes kakashi-san I told you I would be sorry to do this, the question is do you want to touch me like this since the beginning?
Kakashi - drugs, what was that?
Kakashi is caught by a snake.
Anko - I think it's time to end this is not it?
Kakashi - Argh ... I. .. I think ... What has ... Reason.
Kakashi was a clone that falls apart.
Anko - tsk ... I'll get him next time ... and I will slip it to repeat this last move often.
Kakashi already far away.
Kakashi - I have to figure out why my Raikiri scrapped at that time.
Meanwhile Naruto and the others who sought to reach the tree, kiba is also due to smell them.
Naruto - kiba.
Kiba - ah naruto, sasuke huh what are you doing here and who are they?
Naruto - seems he was nearby when the jutsu was implemented, we will work together to return to normal and these should be on his staff.
Sasuke - it even shares the same goal, it is advisable that we help.
The master of insects arises.
Beetle - oh I see that ninja came up to me.
Naruto - looks like a beetle hãaaaa any.
Karin-ahhhhh, I .... ... I do not get along very well with insects I'd better stay away.
Suigetsu - karin ah did not know you could be so fearful as well.
Karin - shut up suigetus.
Shino - Naruto you could show a little more respect to the master.
Naruto - ta, ta.
Beetle - oh I see you Aburame is a young man, I should have guessed otherwise could not track me.
Shino - yes master, I wonder if the bugs know what happened?
Beetle - the kunoishis accomplished something called "shrink jutsu" last night.
Beetle - it will even explain the legend of that jutsu.
Beetle - A long time a group of kunoishis felt slighted by the ninjas of their village, the shinobi hierarchy always assign tasks simpler, by their actions are always stifled that are not recognized, they decided to get revenge using a jutsu of a book had found in one of his missões.Depois to succeed in his plan of vengeance seeking to extend its power to other countries, with much effort and more intense battles were held by his own ninja village who had not yet been totally defeated, it seemed that the book was lost after that, they said that these ancient ninjas were ninjas of Konoha, so obviously the book should have been found.
Naruto - This is it then we will stop them.
Beetle - This jutsu has a side effect that can make things very difficult for some ninjas.
Shino - what is it master?
Beetle - often have many ninja keen senses, more as a side effect of this jutsu sexual desire becomes a much keener sense of some ninjas, ninjas beyond those struggling with an enemy will have to fight themselves.
Everyone looks surprised and embarrassed.
Karin - (thinking) - maybe sasuke-kun I want to because of that.
Beetle - Most know a jutsu that will also be of great help will be very happy to teach them.
Shino - thank you master.
Sometime later.
Shikamaru - naruto where you're going?
Naruto - gotta find hinata.
Shikamaru - for what? What would you do?
Naruto - fix things.
Sasuke to Naruto.
Sasuke - naruto you always act like an idiot taking the lead on the situation and ends up getting in some form, most of that time you will not solve it alone.
Naruto - sakura-chan, cried and still cry for their cause and now sasuke hinata cry for me, so do not make the same mistake as you.
Sasuke turns his back.
Sasuke - um ... Do as you please.
Naruto is in search of hinata.
Shino - you know how to roll master jutsu?
Beetle - yes, more can take a while for this, besides you need time to prepare a solution enough to reverse the jutsu of all, still would need enough chakra to perform the reversal.
Shino - How so?
Beetle - Ah, a reason why the only affected you ninja jutsu. You need a large amount of chakra to perform it in several people, a ninja with a normal amount of chakra could not cut more than two or three people.
Kiba - then they really got together to attack us with this jutsu.
Beetle - right, citizens must be on some sort of genjutsu, you must stop them while trying to reverse that, obviously they have the same level as the ancient ninja.
Shino - understood.
Kiba - yes.
Sakuke - huh ...
Karin - tsk ...
Suigetsu - heh ..
Juugo - huh ...
Naruto finally meets with sakura hinata konoha walking by, he tries to call attention to hinata.
Naruto - HINATA!
Both perceive.
Sakura - well, if not the little fool that I missed earlier, will not let you escape this time.
Hinata - Naruto-kun ...
Sakura tries to get more naruto he dodges, she throws a shuriken and he destroys with a rasengan, hinata soon catches him before he discarded the rasengan.
Sakura - well hinata.
Naruto - Hinata I ...
Sakura - Naruto quiet, there is no excuse for what you did.
Naruto - Sakura-chan you're so because sasuke did you cry and still does and now I did the same with hinata, I can not leave it at that.
Hinata makes a sad face.
Sakura - of course naruto, sasuke-kun will pay, and all you will pay. Hinata take him out, kill naruto so he made you.
Hinata - sakura-san I more ... I still like Naruto-kun can not do it.
Sakura - do not understand how you can still enjoy it after all?
Hinata - I feel I need him, he must be mine, most also can not forget what happened.
Sakura - I understand it, then do things your way, eat it then.
Hinata - The WHAT?
Naruto - There !!!!!!!
Hinata - Can not make it Naruto-kun is not food, would never do that, how can this be my way?
Sakura - simple is what you've always wanted to have him forever he will be yours, and with that he also pay for what he did to you so it's your way.
Hinata - more ... um ...
Naruto - Hinata I do not ...
Hinata shuts naruto, think about it and agree.
Hinata - Naruto-kun, you'll be mine forever my love, ahhh ...
Hinata naruto opens and puts in his mouth, shouted naruto stirred no more was heard.
Sakura - then hinata, why not chew it to taste his revenge?
Hinata - GULP!!
Hinata turns red while you feel naruto down by your body.
Hinata - ahhh.
Sakura - because he did not what I said to taste revenge?
Hinata - err ... there was no need not believe he will survive the err ... my body, BURP! ops sorry.
Sakura - I think it is right from now on will not be any more naruto besides hinata part of the body, (thought) - and with that we got rid of naruto forever.
Hinata - is
Sakura - then we'll have to meet with Tsunade-sama.
Hinata - yes.
They depart to meet Tsunade.
Neji and Lee reach the master tree.
Neji - what is this place? I felt the chakra of others here.
Lee - neji looks just think that's shikamaru.
Neji - is himself.
Shikamaru - neji, lee, glad you are okay.
Neji - is we were attacked by tenten, more by luck managed to escape.
Shikamaru - heh ... More problematic was the escaped ino, but I can not say the same of chouji.
Lee - chouji was captured?
Shikamaru - yes and second shino gai-sensei was also.
Lee - what? Damn, even the gai-sensei, I have to rescue him.
Neji - lee wait, you can not do anything alone remember how it was hard to escape.
Lee - it is right, the more we must do something.
Neji - and we will.
Shikamaru - I wish someone had convinced naruto so.
Lee - what Naruto-kun was here where he was?
Shikamaru - went like crazy behind hinata, sasuke even managed to convince him to stay.
Neji - Sasuke? He's here too?
Shikamaru - but somehow he was around and was hit by the jutsu.
Neji - that would be so severe that it would ignore even naruto sasuke?
Lee - I do not know we have to find him and bring him back we need his help.
Shikamaru - it is before you need to speak with the master of the insects you need to know some things will be very useful for you, that's why we're here.
Neji - I understand all right then.
Meanwhile sakura and hinata tsunade arrive where you are.
Sakura - Tsunade-sama we're here.
Tsunade - great, tenten ino and failed to capture his teammates, have captured the gai and the intervention of chouji Shizune, what you have to tell me?
Sakura - Tsunade-sama I failed to capture my first foray into naruto, plus it will not be problem.
Tsunade - as if you did not capture it will no longer matter?
Sakura - that's right, Hinata swallowed it, it does not cause us more problems.
Tsunade - oh this is very good, if all followed this example we would have more problems.
Hinata - err ... I. .. hehehe.
Tsunade - that you did tell me that we have to get it over with those little problems that are on the loose, so you and sakura in the village continue to demand more of them, while tenten ino and failed go to a place that seems close to konoha be their concentration.
Sakura and Hinata go.
Tsunade - tenten ino and you failed the first attempt, but now you have a new chance. To ensure victory this time you will use a very powerful weapon.
The two - what?
Tsunade - Seduction.
Meanwhile in the tree master lee neji and naruto are preparing to search.
Neji - Shikamaru you were right this will be very useful to us.
Shikamaru - heh.
Lee - we'll neji search and bring back naruto-kun.
Neji - yes.
They leave.
Meanwhile sasuke and his team plan their next moves.
Sasuke - it's about time we move our way, you will suigetsu behind the hokage and discover their plans,
Suigetsu - heh ...
Sasuke - Karin you will near the hokage's chakra to monitor to have a sense of what we are facing, I ask you to be discreet and not too long Cause you many not have combat skills if something goes wrong.
Suigetsu - hahahahahahaha.
Karin - Suigetsu that's laughing?
Suigetsu - how you are worthless, hahahaha ...
Suigetsu Karin hits and his face turns into water after being renewed.
Karin - grrr ... Bastard.
Sasuke - that's enough.
Juugo - sasuke, if you mentioned to give something wrong, I should go also to ensure success.
Sasuke - Juugo No, you will just to support it if something goes wrong here and where they are after all only a reconnaissance mission.
Juugo - understand.
Suigetsu Karin and leave.
Meanwhile survives within naruto hinata supported in part without stomach acid.
Naruto - whew, if not master that jutsu I'd be dead now.
(Naruto remembers) Beetle - this jutsu concentrates chakra into resistance, as atoms are indivisible particles can not be destroyed, the more you are not the size of atoms, so instead of being indestructible are much stronger, this jutsu only works at its current size or smaller, if they were in their normal size would not work.
Naruto - die is not easy but also not leave out quick, and more hinata should be very angry for having done so, sakura-chan surely increased the reaction.
Naruto's belly rumbles.
Naruto - ah I have not eaten yet today, it's funny I'm hungry within a stomach, and looking around I see only healthy food must be why hinata are still so beautiful.
At that moment a piece of ramen buoy closer to him.
Naruto - ohhhh can not believe, nor apparently hinata is iron.
Naruto begins to eat the pieces he found.
Neji and Lee follow the chakra of naruto are far hinata and sakura.
Lee - sakura-san.
Sakura - huh ... lee the strange boy who dared to ask me in dating.
Hinata - neji-nissan.
Neji - Hinata-sama.
Sakura - hinata is neji looks the same as the Chunin Exam humbled you, will not give it back to him?
Hinata byakugan is active and looks at neji, more then remembers how Naruto has supported her in the fight with neji and changed it, then discards the byakugan.
Hinata - no.
Sakura - what?
Hinata - neji-nissan Not so, naruto-kun has changed him, not hurt it.
Sakura - huh ... As always you are very nice hinata.
Neji - Hinata-sama where is naruto? We feel his chakra so far.
Hinata looks with a sad look.
Sakura - hinata is really, why not tell them where is naruto?
Hinata - ah ... Well .. Him ..
Sakura - Oh say can I leave it to them.
Sakura points to the stomach of hinata.
Sakura - Here, hinata ate it.
Neji - WHAT??
Lee - There ?????
Neji - Hinata-sama, is this true?
Hinata with a sad face looks away and shakes his head saying yes, neji and lee are very surprised.
Sakura - that's right, as is so nice hinata, naruto swallowed without any mercy, and hinata By the way, he was hot?
Hinata activates his byakugan and looks very angry to sakura.
Hinata - sakura-san's enough, if I had not heard you naruto-kun would still be here.
Sakura - because it says do not be compelled to nothing, you did it willingly.
Hinata - you took advantage of my fragile emotional for me to make a wrong decision.
Hinata is preparing to attack.
Sakura - wants to challenge me? You get nothing, remember that I beat a ninja akatsuki along a sand, as you would stand a chance against me?
Hinata - I will not know until you try.
Sakura Hinata attacks with his fists smooth, and the two depart increasingly from where they are neji and lee.
Lee - we need help.
Neji - not Lee, we need to go back and tell what happened to the other, besides the more we would be very useful and we can not rely on Hinata-sama.
Lee - I understand.
Neji and Lee trace back to the master tree.
Hinata tries to hit on soft fists sakura, it diverts more and gives a kick to hinata. Sakura gives a strong punch on the ground, the impact causes hinata fly and fall to my knees.
Naruto feels the commotion inside hinata.
Naruto - ohhh seems that something is happening out there, you're hurting that hinata? Drugs can not do anything.
At that moment Naruto puts his hand on the wall of the stomach and his blue chakra resonates at hinata.
Sakura is ready to give the final blow.
Sakura - I said you had no chance to play over.
Hinata raised her hand and gets his wrist sakura that flies on the wall.
Sakura - argh ...
Hinata - how did I do that? I had no strength, no matter and need to get out of here.
Hinata runs away.
Sakura - more than drugs like it do that? No matter it will not be any threat, he can not defeat us all.
Sakura traces back to hokage.
Naruto hinata.
Naruto - what was that we did I do? I felt connected to hinata and more accurate out of here.
Naruto looks up.
Naruto - not out on top because the muscles of hinata would push me down again, I could try to do as I did with the snake in the forest of death, most do not want to blow hinata.
Naruto realizes the food gathering and down through a hole in the stomach.
Naruto - I could go down there, the more acid they would finish me off even considering my current resistance, the more my clones have the same resistance that I, I can stay in the middle of several of them I will not be affected by the acid is.
Naruto - Kage Bushin No Jutsu!! I feel a lot more than if you hold on me and jump in that hole.
Clones - ok
They jump into the hole.
Naruto - argh .....
Hinata feels something bigger down and is saddened to think that may be the remnants of naruto.
Hinata - Naruto-kun ...
Suigetsu and Karin come close to the hokage office.
Suigetsu - I'll get karin, seriously do you need to do and come back soon.
Karin - ok.
Suigetsu enter.
Neji and Lee reach the tree and tell what happened.
Shikamaru - naruto one more ...
Sasuke - Naruto you idiot.
Shikamaru - well, considering the strength of the jutsu master the chance that he is still alive. The question is, if you're going out like this?
Neji - is.
Juugo - sasuke, the animals tell me that Suigetsu and Karin are in danger, Suigetsu can turn more karin ...
Sasuke - I understand it, then go and do whatever I can to help her, I will take it.
Juugo - understood.
Juugo goes.
While it was found by karin sakura.
Sakura - huh ... Feel the chakra sasuke-kun around for a while and you're not here.
Karin - Sasuke? How do you know?
Sakura - so now we know Sasuke-kun should be the new partner it, if I keep you with me, so it will appear.
Karin tries to escape more easily handle the sakura.
Sakura - meanwhile we'll have some fun, hahaha ...
Meanwhile tenten ino and reach the master tree.
Ino - and it seems that this is the place.
Tenten - they feel it is time to attack here.
Kakashi observes the containers in konoha.
Kakashi - huh ... So that made containers with a solution, placed in strategic points of konoha. I have to find another, I hope you are well.
Suigetsu enters the hokage office.
Suigetsu - well where would be a place where I had a good view? Oh I know atop the bookcase.
Shizune has fun with chouji she is tickling him on his hand.
Shizune - huh ... They are great toys for us tsunade-sama.
Tsunade - ah ... Certainly Shizune.
Chouji turns and begins to crawl around sleeve Shizune, arriving at your breasts and rubbing her hand on her breasts.
Shizune - hahahahaha ... Stop it ... hahaha ... yeah ... hahaha tickling.
Chouji slips further down, because Shizune twisted, eventually slipping to hold on to his pants, he smiled and took advantage of what was there.
Shizune - ahhhhhhhhh ... How wonderful.
Tsunade - enough chouji Shizune let me now.
Shizune chouji off.
Tsunade - well, soon we'll spread our hierarchy kunoishi ninja around the world, turning our colleagues in kunoishis allies of our cause.
Suigetsu - huh ... So that's it.
Tsunade - Shizune take that map that is on the shelf.
Suigetsu - that drug.
Shizune will get the map before it suigetsu leaps off the shelf, seeing that time will not reach the ground before she knows it, jumps into a cup that is closest to the water and masquerades. Shizune handle and deliver the map to tsunade.
Tsunade - great Shizune is right here that we begin.
Shizune - ahhh ... That seat.
Suigetsu - tsk ...
Shizune takes the glass and starts drinking.
Shizune - GULP, GULP, GULP, GULP ...
Suigetsu - Drug ...
Shizune - ahhhhhh ...
Shizune with Tsunade chouji leaves.
Shizune - Tsunade-sama well, I'll have a little fun with the gai.
Tsunade - Shizune can go right.
Shizune goes.
Tsunade - chouji well, I have a job for you.
Chouji - how? Want to torture me more, hokage-sama?
Tsunade - yes, hahaha, do not believe that torture has been with Shizune you must have liked. My feet killed me the whole day, you will rub them until I feel comfortable.
Tsunade takes off his shoes sits chouji puts faces to his feet and says it begins.
Tsunade - ahhh ... Very good, now wipe the dirt with his tongue.
Chouji - what?
Tsunade - that's right, or shall I crush you with my fingers?
Chouji starts licking.
Chouji - argh ......
Tsunade - ahhhhhh ... Very good, but I think it may be better, I'll help.
Tsunade holds chouji with both feet and spit on him a little.
Chouji - argh ...
Tsunade - ready, use it to wash my feet her tongue was not enough, HAHAHAHAHA ...
Meanwhile sakura karin torture.
Sakura - so comfortable?
Sakura karin led to his house, took off his clothes and tied with twine in all members of the body, tied in shurikeins prey on the ground and walls.
Karin - you want from me?
Sakura - you anything I just want Sasuke-kun, meanwhile I'm just having a little fun with you.
Sakura smooth body karin.
Sakura - so you think you're better than me is not it?
Karin - huh?
Sakura picks up and puts a needle into the vagina of karin.
Sakura - then you want Sasuke-kun for you? Hahaha
Karin - ahhhhhhhh ... No. .. argh ... ugh ... stop ...
Sakura removes the needle.
Sakura - then that's your limit? And you still think enough for sasuke-kun?
Karin - arf, arf, arf ...
Meanwhile tenten ino and prepare your attack.
Tenten - well let's start as one kunai bomb.
Ino - yes.
The two throw kunai bomb that explodes much of the tree.
Shikamaru - what is this??
Neji - the tree will fall if it receives more impact.
Sasuke - drug.
Beetle - need more time.
Shino - the master must terminate the solution to reverse the jutsu.
Kiba - we have to take it out of here !!!!!!!!
Lee - we !!!!!!!
Tenten - huh ... Would not be fun just blow everything up, we attack ourselves.
Ino - right.
The two go and kick the tree. Tenten begins to destroy the tree by hand and can put his hand inside.
Shikamaru - drug.
Kiba - go, I'll handle it, let akamaru.
Akamaru - au, au.
Kiba - GATSUGA !!!!!!
Kiba destroys the ceiling above the hand.
Tenten - huh ... It will not stop me so easy.
Kiba - drugs, she still insist. GATSUGA!! ATICHOU!! Drug allergy.
Sasuke - um ... I think I've heard it somewhere.
Kiba - no matter GATSUGA!! Huh?
The hand leads kiba destroying everything.
Tenten - hahaha ... Thought you'd escape me ... We will destroy everything.
They destroy the tree that stands in ruins. Tenten sits in the rubble of the tree.
Tenten - huh ... Until it was not long, it was easier than we think.
Ino - they are finished.
At this point tenten feel something moving under her.
Tenten - huh? What is this?
Tenten out of the rubble and sees a lot of insects are moving. Several insects have joined together to protect them thanks to shino.
Ino - can not be.
Tenten - bastards.
Shino - I know some liked the most was not only way.
Kiba - cough, cough, cough ... Of course nobody likes it.
Shikamaru - Shino, Kiba and you take the master to a safe place, we'll take care of them.
Kiba and shino - right.
Kiba and shino, assemble in insects with the master and fly away.
Ino - we will not let escape.
Ino runs to prevent the escape, more sasuke throws a fireball at his face to face.
Ino - huh?
Sasuke - not understand? It is with an agent you will fight.
Meanwhile Juugo goes where is karin.
Juugo - karin ...
Karin - ju ... Juugo ... help.
Sakura - why, you should be more of a partner sasuke-kun.
Juugo transforms his arm and tries to catch fly karin, but before he arrives, sakura hits him like a fly, and he hits the wall.
Juugo - ugh ... I can not leave it at that ... I have to release my murderous intent.
Before becoming Juugo, sakura presses his hand on the wall.
Sakura - What? You're just that? Sasuke-kun used to be dark when he used the cursed seal.
Juugo - ugh ...
Sakura - well since you're here, I have fun with you too.
Juugo Sakura on her leg tie with string.
Sakura - now we are more comfortable now?
Juugo - ugh ...
Sakura - I think so, do not worry dear have not forgotten you.
Sakura puts one foot in front of karin.
Karin - argh ... What fedor ... Stop.
Sakura - stink? Do not say bullshit, this is the scent of a ninja struggling working hard every day of your life. Not a damn how you and let's continue.
While it seeks a way out of naruto hinata.
Naruto - whew, it was not an easy descent. Well must have a way out of here alive. Hum is following the water there, I'll get off, the more hope hinata do not hate me even more that I'm about to do.
Meanwhile Shizune has his moment with gai
Shizune - well gai's time for you to assert your presence here.
Gai - how so?
Shizune - You make me feel good.
Shizune begins to take off her clothes and gets gai and puts up her body.
Shizune - let gai do I know you want to do you can not do me any harm because of the side effect of the jutsu.
Gai - she's right, for some reason can not do anything like this.
Gai begins to crawl through the body of Shizune, stroking it crosses. Shizune starts to get excited with this action, secure in her right breast and began to sweat. Suigetsu takes the form of one of you like sweat.
Suigetsu - phew thought it was not soon get out of there within at least a little, well I'm still not completely need more water.
Suigetsu did note that gai Shizune sweat.
Suigetsu - huh ... So it was because of that idiot that she sweated so, he seems to be enjoying themselves, well maybe I can use it to reconstruct the whole me.
Suigetsu back into Shizune.
Shizune - Gai-san, please come into my vagina, I was waiting for the right moment for it.
Gai - ok.
Gai enters.
Shizune - ahhhhhh ... Yes
While Gai is in Shizune's wet vagina, Suigetsu takes the form of liquid around.
Suigetsu - and there subracenlhudo stupid.
Gai - huh? What? What are you?
Suigetsu - ours and you look like that weird kid and browed, you are father and son by chance?
Gai - ah ... the lee? Not only he is my student and it is natural to me seems the students look up to their masters. (Shining teeth)
Suigetsu - we even when they are so ridiculous?
Gai - what say?
Sauigetsu - nothing, nothing.
Gai - after all, you're some kind of animal for pleasure?
Suigetsu - of course not, do not be stupid and I'm a ninja as you can see I have skills to take the form of water.
Gai - so what are you doing here at Shizune?
Suigetsu - I was around when the jutsu that you left so it was released, then came the plan to investigate them, I was obliged to disguise the water and she ended up me and my drinking water molecules eventually spreading throughout her body.
Gai - and how can I help you?
Suigetsu - if you make it to release as much water as you can as you did just now, sweating or in any way I can, maybe I can recover my molecules and replenish me.
Gai - understood.
Gai starts to get in and out of the vagina several times Shizune, moreover even strokes several times.
Shizune - this ... Yes .. More ... ahhhh.
Shizune after so much excitement, sweat, urine and even cry out of emotion.
Gai - arf, arf, arf ... It must have been enough.
Suigetsu joins the various parts of the liberated water.
Suigetsu - argh ... I'm not exactly clean but I'm full.
Gai - then you're ready to leave.
Suigetsu - unfortunately I can not take you, we are at a disadvantage here if I alarmed you take everything and we would be caught easily.
Gai - understand, then go and tell what you can to Lee and others. (Gai points his thumb and shining teeth).
Suigetsu - understood.
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Re: Naruto shippuuden giantess story( content vore)

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Suigetsu Shizune takes advantage of the distraction and escape.
Meanwhile tenten ino and continue their attack.
Ino - just look at these insects tenten insist on defying us.
Tenten - You need to show them the difference between size and power.
Tenten throws a kunai bomb them and they vanish in the smoke.
Tenten - wow, they move well, I think we need to seriously fight is not innovative?
Ino - that's right.
Shikamaru - what they are planning? huh?
Neji - we could take this chance to escape, the more we can put others in danger. What else?
Ino starts to take off their clothes, tenten sits and spins a parchment on her body and her clothes disappear. Sasuke looks at everything from a tree.
Tenten - then go into hiding forever? Well I guess not for long.
Tenten gets one of her scrolls and two shurikeins strip and put on her breasts.
Tenten - then one of you do not turn these shurikeins comes here?
Lee - we have to stop it.
Neji - Lee did not wait?
Lee goes to meet tenten using his speed, tenten smiled and moved a little to follow the lee neji and follows them.
Ino - what was you're scared of me in my body? Which comes first, shikamaru or sasuke-kun?
Shikamaru uses the shadows of the trees to increase their catch and innovation, more innova follows dodging.
Ino - huh ... I think you'll get the same trick with shikamaru?
Shikamaru - heh ... You know I do not usually tell my plans is not innovative?
Ino shikamaru goes behind with all the shadows of the trees, forcing her to stay in the center of them.
Shikamaru - now!!
Ino - so do not get me !!!!!!
Ino throws a kunai on the floor, standing over her and not pick up the shadows.
Shikamaru - huh?
Ino - I said you do not catch me with that old trick is not it?
Ino jumps directly to where the kunai shikamaru is to get it.
Ino - what else? How?
Ino was caught by the shadow of shikamaru who was actually a true clone and was back doing the jutsu all the time.
Shikamaru - you know ino, make clones has always been more real with naruto, more clones are just images that any of us can do, in fact, if you have not forgotten this was our last race of the academy and that was what you got and end accounts of my shadow jutsu was successful, not even sasuke?
Sasuke - is. (Thoughts) - good job shikamaru. Chidori SHARINGAN !!!!!! !!!!!!!!
Sasuke goes over with his chidori ino.
Ino - huh ...
Sasuke - huh?
Sasuke breaks his chidori and rests within ino.
Shikamaru - what?
Sasuke started licking the heart of innovation.
Ino - ahhhhhhhh ... sasuke-kun you're so good.
Sasuke - (thinking) - I do not understand what I'm doing? Can not control myself.
Shikamaru - sasuke what are you doing? You should have attacked her.
Sasuke - (thinking) - I understand, this is what the master bug meant by "sexual desire becomes its keenest sense" when activated my sharingan my eyes became my keenest sense, so I could only focus here and not only am I carrying attacked sexually.
Shikamaru begins to lose strength.
Shikamaru - drugs, spent a lot of chakra to do everything it can not take much more.
Shikamaru's jutsu is broken.
Ino - Shikamaru finally relented, if delivered to me as sasuke-kun let's go.
Ino gets Shikamaru shikamaru puts on his pants and sandals.
Ino - hahahaha ... Try to escape this, just for you.
Shikamaru - do you think? ugh.
Ino - as still alive? Should have died crushed.
Shikamaru - heh ... Thanks to a jutsu that increases our strength, so do not die so easy, but still it hurts a lot.
Ino - yet you're my shikamaru.
Ino and Shikamaru takes place it in the vagina.
Shikamaru - argh ... ugh ... sasuke ...
Sasuke - I know.
Sasuke breaks and makes the sharingan chidori.
Sasuke - that is, dropped the compulsive desire.
Ino - what to do? It can not hurt me anyway sasuke-kun.
Sasuke - the idea is not to hurt you, is to provide the maximum pleasure. Chidori !!!!!
Sasuke uses his chidori within ino causing a feeling of joy for ino, shikamaru putting up out of her vagina and making faint.
Shikamaru - thank you sasuke, I think this is the only way to stop them now, now I understand what the teacher spoke of the heightened sense.
Sasuke - it can be said that yes, you'll be okay here? It has something to do.
Shikamaru - ah yes, just need to rest a little sitting here that I come around you can go.
Sasuke - um ...
Sasuke goes.
At this point reaches lee tenten and uses his speed to get into your body and attack it, the more you try to start beating their breasts as if it were a boxing bag and turning the shurikeins.
Tenten - ah ... lee that wonderful feeling, plus enough ta.
Tenten lee press with her breasts leaving the blades of shurikeins very close to his neck.
Lee - argh ... ugh ...
Neji - lee!
Tenten - neji still do not move for a while or your partner will lose his head.
Tenten gets a small parchment I had saved all the time.
Tenten - lee know, I always keep weapons that invoke these scrolls, but I can also do the opposite to keep things like you for example.
Tenten Lee holds the parchment.
Lee - ahhhh ...
Tenten - ready now he's mine, tucked in a small pergamnho.
Neji - lee!
Tenten - neji do not move, I can still hurt him, ahhhh
Tenten puts the little parchment face his mouth.
Neji - not
Tenten - neji's right, make a move before I speak and I can just swallow the small parchment containing the lee oh yes and you never see him again.
Neji - all right then.
Tenten - good choice.
Tenten lies on the ground with your butt up and puts the little gully of parchment in his ass.
Tenten - neji well, now you can come. Come not want to save your friend or your partner as you prefer.
Neji tenten's body rises up to where the parchment, he is about to get it, get tenten neji with his foot.
Tenten - you took too long neji.
Tenten raises the foot and let out a fart in him.
Neji - arghhhh !!!!! Drugs
Tenten - HAHAHAHAHA, that was neji was too much for you?
Neji tenten throws aside and picks up the parchment and placed again between her breasts.
Tenten - ready let's try again, he's here and you come get it can try to attack me if you want.
Neji - cough, cough, cough ... ... drug Byakugan !!!!!!
Neji tenten part over with the intention of attacking it, the more you remember what the teacher said about sexual desire become much keener sense in trying to implement a soft wrist comes with everything in her vagina.
Tenten - ahhhhhhhhh ... This, indeed, was there that I always wanted you, I will not let you quit.
Tenten slapped her vagina with his hand.
Neji - drugs, leaving here not so easy, I can do the economies of most soft handles and rotate my chakra to force my way out.
Neji begins to rotate your chakra.
Tenten - uh, what is he doing? ahhhhh ... No. .. That damn ... How nice ... How wonderful.
Neji almost got out, had no more strength to continue and fainted fainted as tenten also for pleasure.
Sakura continues his torture with karin.
Sakura - well, I guess we'll have to cut ties here.
Sakura takes a kunai.
Sakura - and which of you two as a mark to remember me?
At that moment a kunai passes in front of the face and almost takes sakura, sakura looks and where it came from is that sasuke is in his window.
Sasuke - Sakura, leave them alone to me is what you want.
Kakashi arrives where it is shikamaru.
Kakashi - looks like it is here, but I think I was late.
Kakashi notes and shikamaru ino fainted sitting nearby.
Kakashi - shikamaru! Are you okay?
Shikamaru - ahhh ... kakashi-sensei, yes I am, and I defend sasuke's ino.
Kakashi - Sasuke? He's here too?
Shikamaru - yes ... Long story.
Kakashi - naruto and you hear him?
Shikamaru - I do not know many details, most told me that he was swallowed by hinata.
Kakashi - what else? Why? In this case it is ...
Shikamaru - no, we suspect that he is still alive thanks to a special jutsu that we have learned to increase our resilience.
Kakashi - how they learned this jutsu?
Shikamaru - I'll explain everything in the way, we arranged to meet in the area of ​​training of the three branches of the tree before falling.
Kakashi - right.
They leave.
Naruto finally reaches its destination.
Naruto - um, it seems that the output is there. Our seems that I can not leave here without getting dirty, and there we go again.
Naruto makes his clones, they hug in the middle leaving naruto and they dive for the exit.
Naruto - argh ...
Hinata suddenly get the urge to pee.
Hinata - huh? I presiso ... Hmm ..
Hinata stops, lowers his pants and begins to urinate when you feel something bigger coming out and difficult.
Hinata - huh? what's this? ugh ... hmmm ...
Hinata is stronger and is able to expel.
Hinata - ahhh ... arf, arf ... huh?
Naruto goes through more dirty unharmed.
Naruto - argh ... I knew I would not leave without me mess, huh?
Hinata and Naruto noticed was speechless.
Hinata - the ... In ... In ... NARUTO-KUN !!!!!! YOU'RE ALIVE !!!!!
Naruto - Hinata ... uh ... uh ... you're
Hinata remembers who is without pants and gets very red.
Hinata - AHHHHH!! NO!!
Hinata starts to cover his pants.
Naruto is a little wash in a nearby lake.
Naruto - ahhhh ... Much better.
Hinata - snif ... snif ... naruto-kun, what good are you okay after that swallow you never thought you would.
Naruto - Hinata no, do not worry I'm fine thanks to a resistance jutsu I learned most was a long way.
Hinata - Naruto-kun, what I did was ...
Naruto - Hinata ... It was my fault I was very cold with you, I was confused by my feelings for sakura-chan. I did not want to put you in danger, because I'm always behind getting involved with sasuke and the akatsuki, so I said that.
Hinata is half red and makes a happy face.
Hinata - you still care for me and forgive me for what I did, I could not ask for proof of greater love.
Naruto - Hinata, I ...
Hinata - say no more naruto-kun.
Hinata and Naruto takes the scrub on your face.
Naruto - hey, hinata I like you too.
Hinata - ah ... naruto-kun, come to my house?
Naruto - yes.
Naruto hinata takes away.
Anko goes where are ino and tenten.
Anko - huh ... The more damage, at least managed to get the tenten neji lee and more inno once again left the shikamaru escape, it can cause us problems, it reminds me that I have to find kakashi too well, for now I'll take them two and although our little friends, then surely they do not agree that for a while.
Anko takes all away.
While it continues the battle between sasuke and sakura.
Sasuke - Sakura's enough, this game is over here, his problem was always with me.
Sakura - now, I'm not done yet, do not want to watch your partner make a mark?
Shurikeins Sasuke throws that cut the strings that hold the foot Juugo sakura and karin from too.
Sakura - what else?
Sasuke - Juugo, Karin and get to leave here I'll handle it, this is my business.
Juugo - right.
Karin - more ... sasuke ...
Sasuke - go soon!
Juugo - let karin.
Juugo Karin picks and flees.
Sakura - Oh, okay sasuke-kun if you want so, I no longer needed them.
Sasuke jumps to attack sakura, sakura and throws him to the same stripe with Shizune glue that used to catch and capture chouji.
Sakura - I no longer need them because you have sasuke-kun and I wanted was you from the beginning.
Sasuke - ugh ... argh ...
Sakura - ah, this is a stripe with a special glue underneath, called "sticky stripe, very useful to catch insects as you, hahaha. Now sasuke-kun, you will regret the day you left me.
Sakura starts to take off their clothes.
Sakura - I am now at ease and this will ensure you do not do anything sasuke-kun.
Sakura takes sasuke puts on the floor and sits on top of him.
Sasuke - arghhh ...
Sakura - which was sasuke-kun? Not bear the weight of his conscience? More like still alive how?
Sasuke - arghhh ... With a jutsu that increases stamina, not to kill me so easy.
Sakura - ah, then you have found a way to soften the side of you as opposed to the side effect of the acute sense that good, but this only increases the chances of torture you further.
Sakura takes sasuke puts between her breasts and begins to crush him.
Sasuke - uahhh ...
Sakura - you abandoned me sasuke-kun, even after I have given everything to you, I declared my love for you, until I decided to help in that stupid revenge, even more so you left me, called me annoying, now I'm going I want revenge.
Sakura sasuke takes on his hand.
Sakura - and my vengeance upon you is only the beginning.
Hinata arrives at your home with naruto and sits on his bed with him.
Naruto - Hinata ... I should have asked you something before saying it was his choice too if you'd like to share the danger with me.
Hinata - Naruto-kun Yes, I would run all risks to the world to stand by his side.
Hinata smiles.
Hinata - because I love you and your side is that I want to be.
Hinata starts to take off their clothes.
Naruto - hi ... Hinata are you?
Hinata - ah ... Alright Naruto-kun ... err ... is that moment so I want to be with you.
Naruto - Hinata ...
Naruto does not resist and also draws its.
Hinata - Naruto-kun ... I want you to explore my body like you want to make it their world.
Naruto - I have done something now little more ...
Naruto begins to crawl through the body of hinata, creating an enormous sense of pleasure for both.
Naruto - Hinata ... You have a skin so soft ... I'd be here forever.
Hinata - ohhh ... naruto-kun ... you're so good.
Naruto rises, until the breasts of hinata.
Naruto - ohhhh ... They are bigger than I thought.
Hinata - giggle.
Naruto is a clone, which rises in the left breast and naruto up in the right. The two begin to lick, caress and massage the breasts hinata.
Hinata - ahhhh ... yeah ... naruto-kun ...
Naruto breaks down the clone and the bosom of hinata.
Hinata - Naruto-kun ...
Naruto - Hinata ...
Naruto goes up the face of Hinata in your mouth and kiss your lips and also the kiss hinata, naruto starts to feel sucked.
Naruto - ohhh ... hinata!
Hinata - hmm ... ahhh ... sorry naruto-kun let it slip.
Naruto - was carried away? I know where I would be brought back.
Hinata - err ... naruto-kun ... Would you ... err ... You can enter me?
Naruto - huh? What? Again?
Hinata - no ... err ... I mean ... Down there, I feel you in me.
Naruto - ah ... Understood.
Naruto gets down and face the vagina hinata.
Hinata - Naruto-kun is a problem?
Naruto - not anything else, it's just been a long road to get away from you, just go out there and now wanting to join, it's funny.
Hinata - giggle.
Naruto - the more I know how to provide the greatest pleasure for you to go beyond there.
Hinata - huh? What are you talking about naruto-kun?
Naruto - TAJJU KAGEE Bushin JUTSU NO !!!!!
Hinata - oh.
Naruto - very personal, not spread through the body of hinata, hinata do to feel good throughout the body.
All - right.
Hinata - Naruto-kun wonderful.
Naruto Hinata enters the vagina.
Hinata - hummmmm .... ahhhhhh ... Naruto kunnn ....
Naruto clones spread through the body of hinata.
Hinata - Naruto-kun I feel inside me, in my entire body.
Two clones are in naruto hinata breasts, others are clones of your ass in the trench or top depending on how it is to squirm a lot, walking to the anus are sometimes crushed and fall apart, the other rides in the nose and hug Several slips on his belly, some balance in your hair, kiss and caress her other foot over time end up being crushed, many try to kiss the mouth of hinata end up being sucked more and more engulfed by it disintegrate before they reach the stomach and continues to follow the true naruto hinata vagina.
Meanwhile continues torturing sasuke sakura.
Sakura - Sasuke-kun as well, you dared to say that I am worse than Naruto and I irritated you not?
Sakura sasuke still very pressing with her breasts.
Sasuke - ARGHHHHHH !!!!!!!
Sasuke collapses due to torture he suffered.
Sakura - huh ... Well I think that torture enough for now, I have other plans for you, but I will not give it to Tsunade-sama, you will be very helpful to my plans, hahahaha.
Sakura goes with sasuke.
Naruto and hinata continue their moments of pleasure.
Hinata - ahhhhh ... naruto-kun ...
Naruto - just a little longer and I'll enjoy.
Naruto has inside hinata.
Hinata - ahhhh ... I can feel ... The ultimate pleasure ... naruto-kun ... It's in me ... It's me.
Hinata comes to an apex of pleasure, naruto puts out and all the clones on top of it are broken.
Hinata - arf, arf, arf ... That was beautiful naruto-kun.
Naruto - Hinata yes, put everything he had, I gave my best for you.
Hinata - Naruto-kun thanks for that wonderful moment as well but I think we both need a bath.
Naruto - are.
Hinata and Naruto will get to bathe in a tub. They play very, naruto slide her legs into the water, naruto nothing to her face and gives him a kiss hinata falls in the water and pretend it's a monster to scare naruto and raises his head. After the bath they wear and naruto has to go.
Naruto - Hinata well, I need to go that is not over yet I have to help others.
Hinata - Naruto-kun understand, more ... I just remembered that the last time I saw the hokage-sama she ordered tenten ino and attacked a nearby tree to konoha where you probably were.
Naruto - what? I have to go as fast as possible they should be needing my help.
Hinata - Naruto-kun wait, I'll go with you, it will be faster and also want to help.
Naruto - Hinata is well, come on.
Naruto and Hinata are going to look for others.
Meanwhile Suigetsu, Karin and Juugo are returning to the master tree.
Juugo - Suigetsu.
Suigetsu - Juugo ... What happened with karin? damn I told her to come back soon.
Karin - Suigetsu mouth shut.
Suigetsu - tsk ... Forget where's sasuke more?
Juugo - he was there, he said it was his business.
Suigetsu - what? That bastard always giving a hero.
Juugo - do not worry about it after all it is sasuke.
Suigetsu - is, I think is right, the more you hear here? The tree is destroyed.
Karin - I still feel that way chakra.
Suigetsu - they must be there, come on.
Juugo - right.
They headed for the training zone.
Meanwhile sakura with sasuke fainted in his power, he steals the book of hidden jutsu tsunade.
Sakura - ah, this will be very useful for my plans, not even sasuke-kun? hahaha.
Sakura finds a book.
Sakura - huh ... That has a lot of interesting techniques and legends in this book, this one most reminds me of what I did to hinata neutralize, but it is not possible, unless naruto is still alive is another more perfect for what I'm planning, hehehe.
Naruto and hinata get the tree destroyed.
Naruto - can not be tardy do?
Hinata - it seems that they even attacked naruto-kun, the more I feel the chakra of them in that direction.
Naruto - that direction is the area of ​​training of the three trunks. Go for it.
Hinata - yes.
Naruto and hinata come to the training zone as well as the team sasuke.
Kakashi - Naruto.
Naruto - Kakashi-sensei.
Kakashi - ah, what good naruto again, after what I thought I heard ...
Shikamaru - is
Naruto - hehe ... It was even more is all right now.
Shikamaru - err ... naruto, also were left wondering how?
Hinata turns red.
Naruto - err ... It does not matter now, more importantly, do not blame the hinata she is sorry and wants to help us.
Suigetsu - I figured out their plan, as the insect is said, they are trying to spread their hierarchy in the world.
Shikamaru - huh ... And we're having trouble neji lee and we were captured at a serious disadvantage.
Naruto - really, where is sasuke?
Shikamaru - he helped me against innovation and then left.
Juugo - he was helping us, stood alone against a kunoishi pink hair, which he said was his business.
Naruto - (thinking) - pink hair? Sakura-chan ...
Naruto remember
Sakura - of course naruto, sasuke-kun will pay, and all you will pay.
Naruto - Drug ... sakura-chan is ... I gotta go.
Hinata - Naruto-kun ...
Kakashi - naruto wait you can not do anything.
Naruto - what I do, to stay standing here doing nothing?
Kakashi - I'm aware of everything, the master will soon revert to a jutsu, while we need to plan things well.
Naruto - drug.
Kakashi and the others leave.
Hinata - Naruto-kun, I faced the sakura-san for a moment and she really is serious, I was saved by being able to hit it at the last minute, the stranger is that I had no strength for that and still managed.
Naruto - Hinata I now you said, you hear a moment I felt you were in danger, my chakra glowed and I felt connected to you, what was it that?
Beetle - Collaboration jutsu!
Naruto - what?
Hinata - huh?
Hornet - obviously, you performed the jutsu involuntarily when they felt the presence of danger.
Naruto - huh ... jutsu collaboration ... The ero-sennin told me something about it once, I even ran with Gamatatsu.
Beetle - you should practice it would be very useful to help his friends.
Naruto - more master, saying that with him the hinata would be able to run the rasengan?
Beetle - it is quite possible.
Naruto - ohhh ... That's great, what do you think that hinata?
Hinata - great ... more Naruto-kun will not succeed in doing this, I'm not as strong as you.
Naruto - of course it is I saw how you were strong when faced neji and several other times, you can.
Hinata smiles.
Hinata - all right then.
Naruto - what we need to master?
Beetle - first, their bodies need to be connected somehow, the stronger the connection will be stronger.
The two like-minded to come online. Naruto imagines himself in over his head to Hinata, he falls over when she makes a move, imagine yourself in hand, but also thinks he will be crushed when it hit something.
Hinata - I had an idea naruto-kun.
Naruto - what hinata?
Hinata and Naruto takes place between her breasts.
Naruto - err ... hinata because between her breasts?
Hinata - err ... Because it is a safe place, because it prevents me to move freely while we are connected now need to be discreet.
Hinata closed the zipper and let naruto inside.
Hinata - ahhh ... Naruto-kun ... Again.
Naruto - Drug ... I can barely breathe, I'm out of here.
Naruto begins to push the breasts to the sides to make room.
Hinata - What is happening here? My breasts are falling apart and getting attention, oh what a shame!
Hinata turns red, and pushes her breasts, crushing naruto.
Hinata - Naruto-kun ... err ... Are you okay?
Naruto - Arghh ... arf, arf ... I think yes, more from now on I'll be more on top and with the zipper open please.
Hinata - okay, Naruto-kun.
Beetle - now you need to rely on your chakra, and connect physically and mentally.
Naruto and Hinata - right.
Kakashi - Naruto, we'll rescue the other while the teacher completes the reversal.
Naruto - I'm going.
Kakashi - no, you will help us more if they stay here and finish this jutsu, we count on you.
Naruto - right.
Kakashi and Shikamaru go.
Shikamaru - it's weird, most somehow always ends up trusting the agent naruto, kakashi-sensei do not you think?
Kakashi - is.
Kakashi and Shikamaru arrive at the hokage office.
Kakashi - shikamaru wait out here, I need you here if you give something wrong.
Shikamaru - I understand you want to go alone to raise less suspicion and be harder to notice you?
Kakashi - is just that.
Kakashi enters.
Tsunade - great Shizune, with another two prisoners with them much advantage, they will come to us at any time.
Shizune - is right.
Tsunade - meanwhile, watch our prisoners Shizune.
Shizune - Tsunade-sama right.
Shizune and Kakashi will be the following.
Kakashi - huh ... How am I going to loose them avoid a fight?
Kakashi notices some adhesive stripe on a nearby table.
Kakashi - ah ... I had an idea.
Kakashi grabs a kunai and throws in line with adhesive stripe.
Shizune - huh?
Kakashi pulls stripe Shizune's face and slap her eyes.
Shizune - argh ... What is this?
Kakashi - I have to neutralize it, if it makes noise will be discovered.
Kakashi pulls over a stripe to her mouth, some for the rest of the body and then attaching mooring lines Shizune.
Shizune - hunf, hunf ...
Kakashi - this will secure it for now.
Gai - Kakashi here.
Kakashi destroyed the doors of the cages.
Gai - this is it this is my rival.
Chouji - thank you, Kakashi-sensei.
Neji - thanks.
Lee - thank you, Kakashi-sensei.
Gai - Lee.
Lee - Gai-sensei.
They hug.
Kakashi - well, let's get outta here.
Shizune begins to drop.
Kakashi - drug.
Gai - can leave Kakashi, Lee and I took care of that.
Lee - yes.
Gai and Lee opened 5 gates.
Gai - Lee go.
Lee - yes, gai-sensei.
Shizune is released.
Shizune - ahhh ... You will not escape this place so easy.
Shizune Souta poison gas at the mouth.
Shizune - hahaha ... You never leave here.
Gai and Lee uses his speed to dissipate the poison gas.
Shizune - what? Impossible.
Gai and Lee with his speed up and kick the face of Shizune.
Gai and Lee - DYNAMIC ENTRY !!!!!!!!
Shizune - ARGHHH ...
Shizune faint.
Anko appears.
Anko - I knew it would cause problems kakashi, insects are quickly crushed.
Anko makes one of his snakes.
Anko - or be the prey of a predator.
Kakashi - everybody out here, I'll handle it.
All - right.
Gai - Kakashi did not let me down.
All gone.
Anko - think go too far?
Kakashi - no, I will soon overtake, I will not take long.
Anko - grrr ... what gives you that assurance? JUTSU SERPENT OF SHADOWS!!
Kakashi throws kunai and various shurkeins and destroys the serpents.
Kakashi - because they trust me and I can not disappoint them.
Anko - well, since we're serious.
Anko starts to take off their clothes.
Anko - which will now kakashi?
Kakashi - there are many options, more since I'm in a hurry to go faster. SHARINGAN!!
Anko - sharingan? Learned nothing from last time?
Kakashi - ah ... I learned so ... I do not usually fall into the same trick twice.
Kakashi part upwards of anko with Raikiri and ends up with everything in your vagina.
Anko - ahhhhh ... hahahaha ... it's over, you can not do anything.
Raikiri Kakashi makes one more time in both hands and touch the damp walls of anko.
Anko - ahhhhh ... It's awesome ... No.
Anko Kakashi collapses and leaves her.
Kakashi - sometimes the only way to defeat an enemy is taking what he wants, gee that was the hardest move I ever made.
Kakashi goes.
Tsunade realizes that his book was stolen.
Tsunade - more than he was here, I can run without him on the plan.
Tsunade goes where they were arrested only find more empty cages, Shizune and anko fainted.
Tsunade invokes his slug.
Tsunade - let's finish them all, split into several and beat them.
Slug - yes tsunade-sama.
Tsunade is going to slug out there and find all preparing to escape.
Tsunade - you will not escape, kill everyone.
Slugs attack them, destroys some neji gentle with his fists, and gai lee with his kicks, shikamaru with kunai bomb chouji raises his hand and kakashi with Raikiri.
Tsunade - yet you will not get ... HAHAHAHAHAHA
Kakashi - Drug ... Are many.
At that moment appears with hinata naruto, destroys several slugs with soft handles and all the kaiten.
Naruto - ohhhh ... hinata'm still not used to run that way.
Hinata - err ... I'm sorry Naruto-kun.
Tsunade smiled.
Tsunade - then hinata, you really betrayed us and see that naruto is still alive, thought he was gone on you.
Hinata - I did not betray anything, I opened my eyes to reality, revenge would solve nothing, not given the chance to explain himself naruto-kun, I regret thinking that he would be dead because of me, but now I'm here right reasons and is p now stop that.
Naruto - baa-chan, what you hear with? Thus it will destroy the village when he became hokage said it would protect.
Tsunade - you hear nothing, I am fulfilling my promise, I'm finally protecting the interests of kunoishis, we're always left out, we are the only teams in the three ever to support, never received highlighted by the missions and I was the only kunoishi hokage today and can not ignore it!!
Hinata - this is not true, I felt unappreciated in the beginning, Naruto-kun was rejected giving me something that could not withstand the more he told me he believes in me, he considered strong if he believes in me, I also believe him.
Naruto - we have our differences, we fight sometimes, plus we're all ninjas from konoha companions, both as kunoishis ninjas.
Tsunade - Enough of your bullshit NARUTO !!!!!!!!!!!
Tsunade punches on the floor that opens up where hinata is, the others are hiding, tsunade raises several slugs.
Tsunade - and will end up with everyone.
Naruto - Hinata, is now ready?
Hinata - yes, Naruto-kun.
Naruto and Hinata - Kage Bushin No Jutsu!
Hinata makes a clone with naruto, they begin to destroy all the slugs and go up to Tsunade with a soft handle.
Tsunade throws kunai and to prevent shurikeins hinata and its clone the more they deviate.
Tsunade - Drug ... I have to dodge.
At that moment another clone hinata leaves the ground and secure the legs of tsunade.
Tsunade - what else? Impossible!
Hinata - AHHHHH .....
Hinata and its clone each hit a soft wrist tsunade's chest, then the clones are undone.
Tsunade - argh ... Ugh ...
Naruto - all to cherish and protect this village without exception, this is the value of a hokage, never forget that, baa-chan.
Sakura comes up with the book's jutsu.
Tsunade - ugh ... Sakura ... So it was you who stole the book.
Sakura - here it needs a younger leader, you are no longer useful to me now tsunade-sama.
Sakura and Tsunade beats faints.
Naruto - Sakura-chan.
Hinata - sakura-san.
Sakura - ah ... Naruto, I knew he was still alive so odd that hinata has found the strength to stop me when I was in my hands.
Naruto - sakura-chan it's over, what will you do?
Sakura sasuke gets his pocket.
Sakura - Naruto recognizes?
Naruto - Sasuke!
Sakura - Naruto who recognized that good because it will be the last time you'll see ... ahhhhh
Sasuke sakura put in your mouth and naruto and hinata look very surprised.
Sakura - ummm ...
Naruto - STOP!!
Sakura - GULP!!
Hinata - huh?
Sakura - ahhhhhh ...
Naruto - sakura-chan, why do it?
Sakura - naruto very simple ...
Sakura raises her chakra chidori and makes a rose in his hand.
Sakura - POWER!!
Naruto - more like? Can not be.
Sakura - hahaha ... Yes you can, if the jutsu you is my collaboration is ABSORPTION!
Naruto and Hinata - ABSORPTION?
Sakura - that's right at this moment I'm absorbing all jutsus, skills and knowledge of sasuke-kun, as he is inside me, but do not worry it's still full, I will take much longer to digest it and everything will be mine, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ....
Naruto - I will not leave.
Sakura - and you think you can stop me?
Sakura upon them to part with the chidori.
Sakura - Chidori! SHANAROO!
Hinata - uh ...
Hinata defends Naruto along with the kaiten, which becomes a contest of powers.
Sakura - heh ...
The power vanishes and falls plotting with hinata naruto.
Sakura uses the speed of sasuke and hinata approaches.
Hinata - huh?
Sakura's punch a knee and a kick in hinata, which flies and falls on her knees. Sakura is coming back and neck lifts.
Hinata - arghhh ...
Naruto - HINATA!
Sakura - Oh ... You would not stop me? What you hear with all that determination? It was just empty talk? You're a traitor hinata, I'll get rid of you, the first I should get rid of this insect in his chest.
Sakura tries to get naruto.
Hinata - NOT!
Hinata starts to resonate chakra of your body and gives a kick to sakura deviation.
Sakura - wow, it seems you still have strength to pull something.
Naruto remember
Beetle - the stronger the connection will be stronger.
Hinata - arf, arf, arf ...
Naruto - Hinata.
Hinata - What was naruto-kun?
Naruto - Hinata, we need more strength to defeat it.
Hinata - What do you mean?
Naruto - we have to increase our connection? Remember what the master said that the greater the connection the greater our strength?
Hinata - nay more, as we increase our connection?
Naruto - Hinata ... Err ... You'll have to eat me again.
Hinata - WHAT??
Naruto - Hinata's right, that way we are with our full power, do not worry we will be connected physically and mentally.
Hinata - more ... Sniff ... Naruto-kun ... I thought I would lose you ... Do not want to risk again.
Naruto - Hinata, I'll be fine, I promise not to trust me? Please, do so.
Hinata - Naruto-kun is well ... Sniff ... I trust you ... I'll do it for you ... Ahhhh ...
Hinata naruto puts in his mouth and swallows, is red and with a sad face.
Hinata - GULP!!
Sakura goes to intençãode punch upwards of hinata.
Naruto - Hinata ...
Hinata - Naruto-kun ...
Hinata opened her eyes stray from the punch sakura, holding the arm and throws it away.
Hinata - I'd never do it just like you!!
Sakura - arf, arf ... You think it's over? Chidori! SHANAROO!
Naruto - Hinata is now.
Hinata concentrates and makes one more rasengan naruto brilhanate than you normally do.
Hinata and Naruto - Rasengan!
The two are fighting.
Sakura - can not be ... Drugs.
Hinata - ahhhhhhhh ....
The two have been going on every one to his side when the power is gone.
Hinata - arf, arf ...
Sakura - arf, arf ... How can he have to finish it.
Sakura picks up a bottle in his pocket and opens it.
Hinata - huh?
Sakura - it's time to grow the world's greatest ninja, after that nobody can stop me GROWTH JUTSU!
Hinata - I can not.
Sakura - huh?
Hinata runs and jumps onto sakura, jutsu is also affected by increases in two and two giantesses.
Kakashi - oh ... This is bad.
Neji - Hinata-sama ...
Shikamaru - we have to leave here, we will be crushed if we stay.
Every move away even more of the site.
Sakura - you're embarrassing me again hinata, the more you will help me to destroy everything without even trying, you have breasts and ass enough for that ... HAHAHAHAHA ...
Hinata turns red.
Hinata - enough of insults Sakura-san, you will no destroy anything.
Sakura - insult ... Hmm .. Some consider this compliment, well then I will crush the insects of the villagers if you do not cooperate.
Sakura raises his foot to destroy the homes of konoha.
Hinata - I will not leave.
Hinata sakura secure the foot.
Sakura - either do it yourself?
Sakura hinata pushing, falling and destroys an entire building with her breasts.
Sakura - HAHAHAHA ... You know hinata fall with style ... HAHAHAHAHA ... Oops ...
Sakura throws and smashes another with the butt.
Hinata - arf, arf ... Naruto-kun had a bad feeling before we then evacuate residents from their homes in this area, you will not hurt anyone.
Sakura destroys another building by hand.
Sakura - you just dropped the fun of it can still destroy everything and nobody was stopping me when I lay the new order.
Hinata gets a bottle in his pocket with the formula of the jutsu.
Hinata - sakura-san remembers the hokage-sama of each bottle with a formula? It is now using.
Sakura - NOT!!
Hinata and throws open the bottle.
The two return to normal size.
Sakura - drug you blew it, WILL PAY ME !!!!!
Sakura in her pocket the other kunoishis had already reduced.
Hinata - huh?
Sakura - Hinata I know most of that bottle.
Sakura tsunade in a play.
Sakura takes kunoishis tsunade and the other one by one and swallows.
Sakura - GULP!! AHHHHH!
Hinata - oh ...
Sakura raises her chakra.
Sakura - now your end I will end up with you forever!!
Kakashi - no ... Sakura is ...
Hinata - I'm now, huh?
Neji gets in front of hinata and destroy the snakes.
Hinata - neji-nissan!
Neji - Hinata-sama, I will not let you and naruto handle everything alone.
All others also appear.
Hinata - thanks, guys.
Sakura - Hinata, you're an insect like them, so I'll leave you like them!
Sakura throws a bottle with formula in hinata.
Hinata - huh?
Hinata is diminished.
Hinata - ahhh ... I do not care if my friends are struggling so I also mourn.
Sakura - then so will all die !!!!!
Sakura throws snakes anko tsunade eas of slogans, all struggle to destroy each his way.
Sakura - you can not beat me!
Sakura tries to crush everyone, they jump over.
Hinata - huh?
Sakura hinata takes by mouth.
Hinata - Arghh ... No. ..
Sakura - slip ... GULP! AHHH!
Kakashi - no.
Neji - Hinata-sama!!
Sakura - ahhh ... Finally got you hinata and naruto still won the bonus, HAHAHAHA ... I can feel the power rising in me you are finished.
Hinata sakura inside resists.
Naruto - you can not quit, I trust you remember? HINATA!!
Hinata opened her eyes and raises his chakra.
Sakura - now ... Huh? Cough, cough ... There can be ahhhhh
Sakura hinata spits out.
Sakura - damn!!
At that moment arrives with shino kiba flying insect in a jar and play with a reversal of jutsu.
Hinata - shino-kun, Kiba-kun ...
Kiba - Hinata now!
Hinata - right GROWTH JUTSU!
Hinata back to normal size.
Shino - the master of the reversal jutsu ended and we came in front they should arrive soon.
Hinata - thanks, shino-kun, Kiba-kun.
Sakura - flies miserable!!
Sakura throws kunai with several chidori.
Hinata - beware!
Hinata for the kunai with kaiten.
Sakura punches the ground, throw the Serenti of anko tsunade and slugs, everyone is busy defending himself.
Sakura - now you got JUTSU TRANSFER OF MIND!!
Hinata - huh?
Hinata is caught by the jutsu.
Hinata (sakura) - now is the end.
Sakura hinata controlled by, smiles and begins to perform the jutsu absorption.
Naruto - Hinata, I'm losing control of the jutsu, that way I will ... Do not let yourself be controlled so! HINATA !!!!!
Hinata open your eyes with sakura byakugan and expelled from his mind.
Hinata - arf, arf ...
Sakura - arf, arf ... This is not over yet.
Naruto and Hinata - Tajuu Kage Bushin No Jutsu!
Several kunai and Sakura playing with chidori shurikeins fireballs.
Hinata - AHHHHH!!
Some clones are destroyed and hit some soft fists in sakura.
Sakura - arghhh ...
Hinata - HAKKO ROKUJUUYON SHO (64 )!!!! Palmas
Sakura is achieved by the technique.
Sakura - will not ... Stop me ... with ... So little.
Naruto - Hinata ...
Hinata - Naruto-kun ...
Naruto and Hinata - JYUUKEN! Rasengan!!
Sakura - arghhhh ....
Naruto and Hinata - ahhhhhhhhh !!!!!
Sakura - GIUARHHHHHHHH !!!!!
Sakura hits the wall and spitting all out. Hinata is also about the impact hits and spits naruto.
At that moment the master comes along with Sasuke's team and many other insects to the reversal of jutsu.
Naruto - master.
Beetle - now.
All loose bottles.
Beetle - claiming all his chakra and say growth jutsu!
All of them return to normal size.
Naruto hinata safe in his arms.
Naruto - Hinata ... Are you okay?
Hinata - Naruto-kun ... I'm fine just need some rest.
Hinata and Naruto falls asleep leaves the rest.
Beetle - naruto, get that book and come with me, we can leave it in there.
Naruto - true master.
Naruto takes the book and leaves the village with the master, but when leaving the village note that several insects are flying toward Konoha.
Naruto - Master, what is happening?
Beetle - they will spread by a particular pollen konoha to erase the memory of the last 24 hours of them all.
Naruto - more why?
Beetle - not covenient to remember what happened, this crisis could be repeated. Bury the book here so no one finds it.
Naruto buries the book.
Beetle - you should be there too, not to remember anything.
Naruto - not master, there's something I can not forget, thanks for everything.
Naruto goes, kakashi watches from a nearby tree.
Kakashi - huh ... Naruto.
Naruto back to where sasuke was passed, the more he disappeared.
Naruto - Sasuke ...
Sasuke leaves with his team jumping in the trees.
As we all lost their memory, the destruction remained a mystery.
The next day the train back playing naruto kunai, as always hinata watches.
Naruto - whew, I think enough for today.
Hinata for Naruto.
Naruto - oh, hi hinata.
Hinata - Naruto-kun ... I. .. Err ...
Naruto - Hinata, I was going to eat ramen one wants to come with me?
Hinata - ahh ... Of course Naruto-kun, why not.
Naruto - (thinking) - hinata, now I know what I mean to tell me when you're ready to tell me I want to be ready to listen.
The two go to Ichiraku.
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