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Postby MrGrimlock » Mon May 20, 2019 8:02 am

PM first before asking to rp.

(This is essentially a repost of the same starter i have up on DA, but with some changes adding in a few characters and such)

Pretty much, yeah... looking to some Xenoblade vore RPs. Like, badly. Want it, need it, put this guy out of his neverending misery of... you get the drill.

I do have some starting ideas in mind already (plus some AUs/headcanons for my go-to boy for RPs), so feel free to PM me here if you wanna do it here or over Discord.

That stuff aside, here be the choice in...

Characters allowed:

XBC 1:
-Zanza (namely as how he appeared in the Mechonis Core :p)

XBC 2:

There be the characters I'll allow you to play as, but please don't ask me to play canon. I'm horrible at it.

Next up, Stuff Allowed:
-3rd person
-Paragraph style
-M/M (most prefered, but not required)
-F/F (ONLY if you are playing both characters involved for that)
-NONFATAL digestion
-OC x Canon (I will ALWAYS be playing the OC part)
-Same size
-Oral vore
-Soft vore
-Hard vore (under certain circumstances ONLY)
-G/T (as a result of digestion only!)
-Rule 63'd female characters (meaning they will be male instead of female)
-Willing pred/willing prey
-Willing pred/unwilling prey
-Unwilling pred/willing prey
-Additional kinks aside from vore

And NOT allowed:
-1st person
-Script form
-1-word replies
-Hurting/killing minors
-PERMANANTLY killing my characters

Just follow the rules I've laid out, and we'll do fine. Though, kindly don't PM if you don't know Xenoblade, please. I'm not gonna sit down and write out a whole detailed summary for you just to have things go wrong and waste both of our's time.

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