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Overwatch RP

Postby MrGrimlock » Mon May 20, 2019 8:01 am

Yuppers, another starter. PM first before asking to rp.

Aaaaaanyways, here be the characters allowed:

(NOTE: Yes, I know they're all female, but they could always be Rule 63'd for those seeking M/M)
((Anybody with a * is a fave))


-M/M (Highly prefered, but not required)
-F/F (Not to nitpick, but I only allow this if you are playing both characters here)
-Canon x OC (Note that I ALWAYS play the OC part)
-3rd person
-Paragraph style
-Soft vore
-All basic vore types (oral, CLEAN anal, unbirth and cock)
-CLEAN fulltour
-Willing pred/willing prey
-Willing pred/unwilling prey
-Digestion (MUST BE NONFATAL for our characters)
-Gentle/forgiving preds
-Mean/cruel preds
-Same size
-Normal-sized/buff, curvy or chubby/tubby preds (but nothing too overboard)
-Gas (both belches and farts)
-Other kinks (ask first)
-18+ (including sex)
-Rule 63'd female characters (meaning they'd be male instead)
-Disposal (preferably "bone-in", and only really up for it if both: A. it's involving a pred I'd be fine with B. other person is ok with it)

Not allowed:
-Nonhuman/humanlike preds (meaning anthro, dragons, most mythical creatures, Pokemon, etc.)
-Fatal vore involving our characters (or a character I'd care about)
-Harming/killing minors
-Controlling each other's characters
-OP characters
-Using our actual IRL selves in RPs

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