Unwilling Boy RP

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Unwilling Boy RP

Postby MrGrimlock » Mon May 13, 2019 3:28 pm

Another prompt, just to kinda celebrate Eka's being back up. Title is self-explanatory, this rp will involve one very unwilling boy, whether he's being swallowed, doing the swallowing as much as he doesn't want to, or having someone force their way down his throat.

Rules n such:

Musts (non-negotiable):

-Myself as both male AND an OC:
Until I feel like considering warming up to the idea again, do not request me to play female or canon. I will simply say no.

-Yourself as an OC or canon:
Gender doesn't mean much here for this one, but if I'm not comfortable with IRL stuff, then I expect you to play your own character or a pre-existing one as well.

-Tolerance of either gender for ANY role, pairing, etc.:
Meaning you MUST be okay with both male and female for both pred and prey roles, as well as romance (MEANING SEX AS WELL). I will not want you, otherwise.

-Not being a prude and expecting me to be *duh da-duh da-duh* IRL:
Your partner's identity behind the screen is not your concern, and it never was. The content of an rp (let alone just providing an rp) is, and ALWAYS WILL BE more important than your little "insecurity" about speaking to someone of the same or opposite sex as you. Anyone may speak to you, whether you like it or not.

-Nonfatal for main characters/important-enough side characters:
An rp can't continue if either of our character perishes for good in some way. Temporary deaths, provided they are PLOT-RELATED, are A-OK so as long as there is reformation/resurrection.

-Both of our characters as human or some very close to it:
I'm mainly talking about species here. I can accept things such as nekos, taurs or shifters (think of characters such as Corrin or Tiki from Fire Emblem when I refer to shifters), but nothing along the lines of ferals, Pokemon/Digimon, anthros with more animal qualities (snouts, fur, etc.) and so on. I will let you know if the species you chose rubs me the wrong way.

-Regarding shifters...:
If you do choose a shifter character, they MUST change back to their "human" state shortly after if they did so to either devour my character or attempt to escape from his gut (i.e, trying to give him an upset stomach). They may change for vore-related reasons ONLY, and cannot change every time they seek to devour my character or a side npc.

-Regarding taurs...:
As long as just their lower half is the only non-human part of them, I'm totally fine. However, certain species of this type are more favorable in my eyes than others, particularly nagas, merfolk, harpies and centaurs. I don't feel interested in more obscure ones, which I will alert you of if it is deemed undesirable. Secondary stomachs in their lower halves are also loved, provided it's just one.

Going back to the "Tolerance must", you must be able to play both roles at any given point in an rp. Prefering a role is fine, but know now that this is what I expect from you.

-3rd person paragraph format:
Absolutely no 1st or 2nd person and/or script style. Make your posts appear engaging. Minimum of 4 to 5 sentences per post, no fewer than 10 words per line.

I will typically not respond for a bit. Do not hound me if I don't say a word in a few hours, if not days. My brain often needs rest, and IRL exists for a reason. I'm not a machine.

Oral vore
Clean anal vore
Cock vore
Digestion (not required, graphic prefered, but melty is fine too)
Same size
Half size
Moderate muscle
Chubby/tubby (no jowls, double chins, etc.)
Weight/muscle gain
Softcore cooking
OC x Canon (i will ALWAYS play the oc part)
Romance (including sex)
"Bittersweet" rps (bad starts, better early-middles/middles, best late-middles/endings)
Characters 18 to 25 or so years old (either literally or in appearance)
Willing pred/unwilling prey (can go unwilling-to-willing)
Unwilling pred/willing prey
Both unwilling (situational)
Rule 63'd females (Female to Male)

Disposal (bone-in/boneless scat, cummed out, cummed into condom as trophy)
Gas (belches/farts, belching in prey's face and/or facefarting prey optional)

Absolutely not:
Anything explicitly stated in the "Musts" as a dislike falls under here. Will alert you to other things as needed.
Forced TF/TG
Rule 63'd males (Male to Female)

A short description of the character I intend on playing:
Quite a flake, finds it difficult to open up about himself around others. If prey, takes a lot of work and trust-building to get him willing around the pred (should the scenario opt for such). If pred, generally squirms at prey stuffing themselves down his throat, or feels guilt if devouring them out of desparation. Either way, he mostly doesn't want somebody in his gut, and (at first, in certain cases) definitely doesn't want to be someone's next meal...

Canons I will accept (more *s = favorites, KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED):

-My Hero Academia**

-Fallout 4
-Fire Emblem** (Awakening and Fates*)
-Doki Doki Literature Club**
-TESV: Skyrim
-Super Smash Bros Ultimate**
-Xenoblade Chronicles*** (1 and 2, will love you if you choose this)

PM me first before asking to rp.
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Re: Unwilling Boy RP

Postby Ruvikjas » Mon May 20, 2019 8:02 am

MrGrimlock, I would like to rp with you :3

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