Gluttonous Gulper RP

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Gluttonous Gulper RP

Postby MrGrimlock » Mon May 20, 2019 8:02 am

Based off this pic here:

Essentially looking for someone to play a character like that.

Plot idea:
For weeks, a lonely wanderer had been traveling up the post-apocalyptic Eastern seaboard, trekking through all manners of harsh conditions. From sudden downpours and radiation storms to being pursued by groups of raiders or predatory creatures, all they could do was keep running. Mercifully, their luck held out for some time, but now they were far from home. Far Harbour. A coastal landscape of old trees and thick mire swamps, home to all manners of life, be it man or beast. Things didn't take long to take a turn for the worse.

The distance bellow of an armored-yet-frighteningly-agile Fog Crawler pierced the dense fog, causing the traveler to wander a little too far off the road and tumble into a nearby marsh, splashing down into the thick mud. Fortunately, no big and ugly shrimps appeared to tear them to shreds, but little did they know: they were in Gulper territory now, and something BIG lurked deeper within...

Starter aside, for the personality of the Gulper hybrid, I was thinking perhaps a bit curious about the traveler, despite having human contact previously. Not malevolent in nature at all, by default, but could be somewhat if requested. Doesn't immediately see the traveler as food at all, but rather a degree of concern, perhaps having heard them fall downhill into the marsh and hurt themself. Doesn't speak at first, either.

In terms of its home, I was thinking the GH lives in an abandoned submarine drydock (like the one where the Church of Atom was build in) due to its size and a need to conceal itself from time to time. Much more broken down in appearance, dark and overgrown by marsh plants, perhaps with one end of a sub tilted awkwardly towards the floor (or perhaps broken in half altogether).

For romance ideas, the GH perhaps feels a bit more affection as time progresses, hinted by things such a needness to keep them close by, curling its (prehensile) tail around the traveler as a form of safety or comfort, letting them ride on its back/shoulder, etc. Sex can occur, obviously, though the GH may need to be the bottom, even if its the dom.

Likes (*s mean musts)
-M/M (for those who want a male GH)
-Soft vore
-Basic vore (oral, clean anal, cock and unbirth)
-Nonfatal for main characters*
-Clean fulltour
-Weight gain
-Romance (sex included)
-Role switching (pred/prey and/or feeder/feedee roles)
-Gas (belches/farts)
-Light bodily slime (Sticky, ooze-covered skin, much like amphibians. GH only.)
-Human/humanlike characters*
-3rd person*
-Paragraph style*

-Fatality for main characters (generic side characters are ok, however)
-Me playing female (not saying I couldn't have my character as the GH, though)
-Non-human/humanlike characters
-1st person
-Script style
-Lazy replies/one-liners
-Bad grammar
-Discord FRQs before contacting me here first and working things out

PM me first before asking to rp.

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