Big, Sensible and Shy RP

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Big, Sensible and Shy RP

Postby MrGrimlock » Mon May 20, 2019 8:02 am

Yet another pic that this be based off of (and particularly involving the same character as well): ... -790241006

For one, gonna try dabbling in heavily-muscled preds for this. As the pic should imply, the rp will take place in a fancy, ritzy nightclub, complete with smooth, quiet jazz and the star of their signature show being quite a tanky, kinky, shy, smooth-talking fellow sporting an assortment of leather.

While this rp is intended to be M/M only, I could allow M/F as well. In the case of the latter, a character of my own (modified for this rp) will take his spot on the stage for one lucky girl.

-Soft vore
-Same size
-Gas (burps/farts)
-Cum disposal (either just normally or into a condom)
-3rd person
-Paragraph style
-Human and Human-like characters only


-Fatal (MCs)
-Scat disposal (just a no-go for this rp, relax)
-Hard vore
-Nonhuman or Nonhuman-like characters

PM me first before asking to rp.
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