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Postby MrGrimlock » Mon May 20, 2019 8:02 am

Been in the mood for some My Hero Academia stuff, soooo here be a starter for it.

The prompt I had in mind was based off a moment earlier in the series with some modification, particularly during an episode in which the villains decide to attack the academy, eventually ending up in a battle between All Might and the villain known as Nomu. For anyone who's seen that episode, AM ends up launching Nomu straight out of the academy after saying "Go beyond, Plus Ultra". The modification primarily consists of a character of mine (adapted to better fit into MHA) being the one to get punched by AM instead of Nomu, with the rp itself taking place several hours after the punch (roughly late afternoon/evening/night).

The quirk my character ends up using for this is known as Silver Stream. SS is an ability to generate and command a liquid metal substance akin to liquid mercury or molten aluminum/silver. While it doesn't burn like the latter two, nor is it toxic like the former, prolonged and/or more complex usage of the quirk has ill effects on my character's body. While minor, simple and brief uses only induce slight nausea, having him perform major, very complicated and drawn out uses ultimately result in the vomiting of a mixture of blood and said liquid metal, heavy fatigue/nausea and even the inability to use SS again for lengthy periods of time.

While the characters I list below are who I'd mainly like to see in the rp (even if they never actually appeared in the episode), I'm not opposed to others in the series as well, whether they're a hero or villain (provided I find them within my tastes).



Now for likes and dislikes.

-Nonfatal for MCs
-Myself playing my character/male
-3rd person
-Paragraph style
-OCs/CCs only

-Soft vore
-"Vanilla" vore (oral, CLEAN anal, cock, unbirth)
-Same size
-Rule 63'd females

-Clean fulltour
-Size difference (Yu only)

-Fatal for MCs
-Myself playing canon/female
-Rule 63'd males
-1st person
-Script style
-Self inserts
-Lazy responses

PM me first before asking to rp.

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