Big Blonde Rp

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Big Blonde Rp

Postby MrGrimlock » Mon May 27, 2019 9:10 am

Inspired by this pic here: ... -542379488

And yes, involving said character above as well.

Current interests:
A slow burn enemies-to-friends type of rp, with a fair deal of kink stuff as well. Definitely willing/unwilling at first, but may go unwilling-to-semi-willing-or-fully-willing later on. May want to try out new things for this, partner inquiry appreciated.

Roleplay musts:
-Nonfatal for main characters/certain side characters when applicable
-3rd person paragraph format

Partner musts:
-100% OK with blood/descriptive wounds (namely for pre-RP backstory/early RP scenes)
-100% OK with playing a canon character (specifically the one above), along with full knowledge of the game she's from (do not PM if unfamiliar with it)
-100% OK with either gender as either role
-Literate responses with few to no grammatical errors

-M/M (if you'd rather play a r63'd version of her, or perhaps as her BF instead (if y'all know who i'm refering to), who'd still be tubby like her)
-Same size
-Soft vore
-Oral vore
-CLEAN anal vore
-Digestion (graphic/melty, painful/painless, reformation required)
-Sentient fat
-Gas (just belches for this one)
-Butt stuff
-Weight Gain
-18+ (including sex)

-Fatal for MCs
-Disposal (just for this one)
-Asking me to play canon/female
-Hard vore
-Short, illiterate replies
-Partner impatience

A bit of a slight indulgence...:
I've been meaning to try out something with, what I could probably describe as, sentient tattooification. Digestion would have to be involved for this one, but it would likely only happen once or twice. Essentially, the prey is trapped both on and in the pred's body as a simplistic-looking tattoo of themselves, particularly just their head with their eyes and hair.

They can still see on their own and, for the most part, feel what their pred does, but they can't move (from where they are on the pred's body, at least, but they can still turn their own "head" to face in, out or to one side) or speak at all. They can still express their emotions, however.

PM me first before asking to rp.
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