Voluptuous F-Dragon Pred looking for Adventure

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Voluptuous F-Dragon Pred looking for Adventure

Postby SakuraHanaryuu » Wed May 08, 2019 7:23 pm


(Before I start, if your against Voluptuousness or Hyper Voluptuousness, write a single sentence per post 90% of the time, or play only human characters you should probably just move on as these things drive me DING-DONG-DIDDLY DAFFY.)

Check out my F-list for my list of Kinks: https://www.f-list.net/c/Sakura%20Hanaryu Not all are necessary.

I'm looking for people to roleplay with over PM's or Discord, I almost always roleplay as a Hyper-Voluptuous female Dragon, semi anthro(means a cross between feral and anthro) though I can do Anthro or feral as I'm not too far from either version.

I often take the Shape shifter aproach though this is not nessissary, it allows me to become different things to tempt my rp partner with, and make each vore scene a bit more 'unique' anything from pheonixes and Nagas, to Spiders and slimes, all are possible. The standard dragon is a staple and if you do not wish for Shapeshifting to be involved just say so.

A little about my main characters:
(In order from largest to smallest)

[New Characters]: (All are quite tubby)
Spoiler: show
Zaleila Crusvelt: (Size Medium, Colors Yellow and Black stripes, glowing honey reserves in belly, breasts, and rump), Zaleila is a more noble glutton, her traits are refined by her high class upbringing, however she was shunned by her people, and even by her own parents to a degree. She is a Krakajin, a bumble dragon, however she was born with a Devolutionary mutation, regressing her body to a more feral form that is seen as repulsive by her own people, this is the primary reason for her eating binges, but it is not uncommon to see plump Krakajin, especially in the hive courts of her home.

Sovera Wilder: (Size Medium-large, Colors full gold exterior, black interior), Sovera can be portrayed in two ways. One as a bulky swollen Dragoness with slime based abilities, and the other, a Half dragon, half Jet speedster with a large butt and sassy quips. Both are covered in gold scales, have a massive appetite, and are fond of cute or slimy/squishy things. Her backstory changes depending on the RP.

Wiska Glee: (Size Medium, colors Red back and blue belly), Inspired by Pippuri's character Gila the Catfish, Wiska is essentially the same general body shape. An anthropomorphic catfish set on the heavy side. Oriented to the water elements, she can fill any role. Generally happy go lucky with a side of sass, Wiska is a character that can still evolve and develop her traits in an rp. A true glutton, she'll stuff herself stupid on prey or food, and loves to pack on the pounds. She likes games and has a child like nature, meaning she also enjoys being taken care of, and having difficult tasks handled for her, rather than having to get her hands dirty.

Crusch Orga: (Size Large, Colors Brown and tan), An anthro scorpion, shes highly muscular but tends to fatten up as an rp goes on. Often takes the ironic role of a gamer thrust into the reality of working for a living. She usually starts an rp taking care of her mom(who ate her dad to become pregnant for the rest of her life. A factor of her species the Arkorian's. She likes the idea of being a knight and is obsessed with big fancy capes and strategic weapon choices.

[My Classic Characters]:
Spoiler: show
Sakura Hanaryuu: (Size: Large), Whether playing as the Goddess of plantlife, a shape shifter, or the flirtatious teacher. Sakura is big, voluptuous, and goofy. This pink scaled, brown bellied dragoness, has a connection to plants whether she IS one, or simply guardens for a hobby will be up to her partner. There are two things you need to know about Sakura, She eats about three times her body size, and shes increadibly fit reguardless of what she looks like. Sakura is a super predator, she can pick up a car and throw it in a tree, she looks plump but its all muscle. She posesses a deep understanding of "true Love" and while flirtatious, she can be motherly or entirely hostile. Sakura is my most complicated character in terms of personality because she was created when I was very young as my imaginary friend. As such she is unlike any of my other characters, she has a mind of her own, its not simply "me" playing this character. (WARNING: Sakura has very few limits in her fetishes, some things I may have failed to mention simply because I don't know they exist, she may try to do things you didnt know you did or did not like, so if there is anything your afraid of or conscirned about, you need to tell her before you take on the big girl on the block)

Pariah Umbra: (Size: Large), Toraries 'younger' sister, Pariah is an armored tank. Her entire body is covered in black plates so thick they can survive a nuclear blast and so can Pariah. Though shes the younger sister, Pariah is bigger and stronger than her older sibling but not quite as bright, as her name implies Pariah is a lonely individual, her strength is a result of having to fend for herself. She doesnt trust her sister, and is often worried about something. Pariahs stomach is a bottomless pit with no limit, you never know what youll find in it and as far as anyone can tell she doesnt know whats in there herself, she doesnt digest her prey, merely consuming it into an enormous pocket dimension, though her belly swells up when she relaxes

Torarie Umbra: (Size: Medium), Torarie is the brightest of the bunch here, she takes the form of a black and gold dragon with claws on her wings, she is the most likely character to rp in Anthro form and shes nuts about ninjas. She likes the rouge factor. And represents Mystery. Her belly holds about five times her body size and her wings can be used as extra apendages. In rps where powers or magic are aplicable, she sticks to darkness based powers or magic, with a theme of swimming through the shadows of the world as if they made up a vast dimensional ocean.

[Archa](WARNING: Archa is my most powerful character, she is literally a god, you may want to think it over before taking an rp with her): To say Archa is perfect, is a serious miscalculation. She always seems angry, but has a motherly side as well. Archa is known as the goddess of Creation and Destruction, as well as "The first Dragon", She takes the form of a Red Dragon, wreathed in intense flames. She can be the size of a man, or larger than the entire universe, and comes in anthro and feral form. Settings where she plays an ordinary dragon are preferable but her energy readings are usually incalculably absurd. (She requires that her prey talk to her before an RP even begins to sort out the details such as her body shape, and prefered vore style) She prefers RPs where her power is sealed or limited via a computer system or her being a creature with classifications in the world where the rp takes place. SAO or Monster Hunter for example.

Character species I'm willing to play:
-Pokemon (Its possible)

[I will not play male characters]

My Discord name: Sakura Hanaryuu#4671

Rp Ideas:

[What I want to do most Right Now]
Double GM Fantasy Adventure: Creating a fantasy world with a partner, and simply going on an adventure in it. We will both have GM(Game Master) status. Building off of each others posts to create a world. I'll handle the initial map, feel free to add, remove, and even completely rearrange what I make, just know I may do similar tings as well. Though please do not explode on me when I do, a calm "id rather keep this the way it is" will do. (Had this happen a lot so I thought I should mention it)

My RPs will often have a theme from say, a videogame, anime, cartoon, or movie, and I take different parts of these and combine them to form a salad mix of Plot, Setting, and History. Some of my rps are also straightforward "Slice of Life" style, these I use a school setting for and have been quite successful with them as they are far more social based. Here's the list of current ideas.
(It should be noted that these RP styles can be mixed an matched to create interesting themes and spectacular settings)


School with Vore: My most successful RPs thus far have always had a school theme. No threat of death, not race against time, no punching and kicking and guns and war...no none of that. This rp is very personal, it develops along two characters of equal or near equal status taking an interest in eachother. Vore will be a known fetish in these rps and though a bit un-common it would be possible to see a pred prey couple roaming the halls of the school.

Vore Island: Our characters are on a tightly populated island where vore is commonplace, probably 10% of the population are preds, and the 90% of the rest are either preys or switches, the preds are the top dogs, directing the multitudes of Preys through innate dominance or Territorial instincts that simply make them good at the political game. It's absolutely fine for a pred to just gobble up a group of preys right off the street(with permission from the preys of coarse) as vore is recognized as a social event, and Reformation is a likely(optional) inclusion to this rp.

Okami style Adventure: I still own a copy of the old game Okami for PS2, Its art style is entirely unique and the ancient Japanese setting still warms my heart to this day. I had a very nice RP of this three years ago that was crossed with the Monster Hunter universe. its still a fine rp style using the map of Okami as the basis for the adventure.

Steam punk shenanigans: Who doesn't love a good Steam punk adventure? clockwork weaponry, cooky characters, and amazing machines make these rps a grand adventure.

Mideval ages: Dragons, Knights, and Mages galore, just think of our own version of Lord of the Rings/Hobbit and you know what to expect.

Treasure Island: Perhapse the greatest adventure of all time, these stories carry a weight of realizm and death chasing the main characters heels as they race to the grand prize, a treasure so magnificent it would set them and their entire family up at the top for the rest of forever. Greed, Schemes, Love, Passion, Doom, crazy canibals, and ship eating seamonsters await you on the way, to Treasure Island.

The Future: From Space ships, to hologram televisions, The Future holds no bounds, anything you can imagine is possible within this setting. The world itself is fascinating and theres so much to see your eyes might pop out of your head. For those who live to wonder, this is the RP for thee.

Isekai- (Lost in a Videogame World): Inspired by the anime like Sword Art Online, That time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, and How Not to Summon a Demon Lord. this rp takes place in world based on a videogame, our characters original personalities will likely change after the switch over to the game world, they'll need to overcome their real life flaws and perceptions to progress in the world, thus this is an RP for a hardcore roleplayer.

Monster Hunter: The monster hunter Series is one of my absolute favorite series, though I havent picked up MH4U in a while I've completed two other MH games including Tri, and Tri Ultimate. For this rp only I can offer my most powerful character Archa as a massive female Dire Miralis. Archa is a rarity because she litterally plays the role of the creator of all things. MH allows me to greatly limit her omnipotency to a material natural level in the form of an Elder Dragon. There are few things Archa will play as, but a Dire Miralis is one of those things. Other characters include Sakura as a custom monster, Torarie as a Gore Magala/Shaguru Magala. Pariah as a custom monster, and Chisana as an extremely unique custom monster.

Darksouls: The souls series stole my heart, as a natural soldier, and enthusiast in the art of war. Darksouls touched my inner Warrior and I've sunk well over a month in Souls 2, bloodbourn, and souls 3. I'm so familiar with how the world of Darksouls works that I often use it to create complicated, elaborate characters and backstories that can make a newbies skin crawl with anticipation. Grotesque, yet fascinating monsters, and mad warriors await you who dare challenge my favorite setting...and one last thing...

Prepare to die...

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