Looking for all roles/ all types for Discord Cafe RP Server!

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Looking for all roles/ all types for Discord Cafe RP Server!

Postby Celbax » Tue Jun 22, 2021 3:41 pm

Hello! I am Celbax! and I recently made a Discord Roleplay server. The main Idea of the server is that there is a Cafe with vore related extras and some of the employees are on the menu. However, the opposite works as some of the Employees can be payed to give you that full vore experience! We have a variety of different Vore types, Different roles and we have tried to cover most of the things in the fandom. However, we are also open to suggestions. We are looking for Preds, Prey, and Switches, However we could use a good few more Prey as employees.

Some of the kinks included or available on our server are:

Soft Vore
Hard Vore - (it is not a personal favorite of mine but there is a section of the server that is role locked so people not into this can not see it)
Oral Vore
Anal Vore
Accidental Vore
Cock Vore
Alternative Vore - vore involving tails, nipples, cleavage, breasts, wings, Etc.
Soul Vore - vore involving Ghosts or Souls
Absorption - vore involving assimilation and melding with or into someone
Endo/Safe - "Ending" where Prey remains safe or stays inside of the Pred unharmed
Digestion - so far it has been soft melty digestion
Full Tour
Disposal - role locked so only people with this tag can access the channel
Fatal - this one is hard to do on the server so well.. since the staff comes back.. but we are working on figuring out a system

Any gender, Species, and character is accepted, though we are trying to lean away from over powered characters and things like that.. though those characters toned down would be ok

Some of the other things involved around the server would be:

Lewds -sexual activities outside of vore
Musk - Scents and Smells of Characters, not always in a gross sweaty way
Transformation - changing their form into something else
Gas - Farts
Weight Gain - gaining weight with/without vore
Scat - this is also a role locked one
Water Sports - role locked

I am also fine with someone playing multiple characters or switching between characters

This server is just starting out so we are still working on things and adding to it day by day, but it would be cool to have more people involved.

if you are interested you can get me at

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