Literate RPer seeking Partner.

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Literate RPer seeking Partner.

Postby hungrydawg » Tue Jun 15, 2021 2:25 pm

Hey all, I am looking for a RP partner.

Here is what I can do:
-Long, well written replies [1 paragraph - 5 paragraph]
-Play as PRED or PREY.

Spoiler: show

Oral, Cock, Unbirth, Anal [Clean, ask before hand]
Digestion, Fatal, weight gain, vague, gorey, reformation [when playing prey], long digestion, absorption. milking
Squirmy prey, unwilling, tricked vore, accidental vore, belly squirming, bulges, or tight belly.
M/F, F/F, cruel, tall pred, small pred, height difference, human, furry, anthro, monster, alien, same size macro-micro, mommy dommy, incest. feral pred
Breeding, Creampie, r*pe, forced, belly humping, pregnancy, forced pregnancy, mpreg,

Themes I like:
True Crime, Horror, Mystery, "realism", sci fi
Spoiler: show
Alien pred can shapeshift, it eats and digests an individual to assimilate them so it can turn into them. John Carpenter's 'The Thing' can be an inspiration for setting or it can be a classic modern one.

DM me for a list of canon play.

H-Dawg#3435 is my discord.

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