Prey looking for a female pred

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Prey looking for a female pred

Postby Jace0727 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 10:44 pm

Hi as the title suggests I’m looking for a female pred to rp with. I’m a fan of size difference so typically the smallest I’ll be is 8 inches and the tallest I might be is like 2 feet unless the pred is way taller. Anyway I sort of have a scenario in mind that I’d like to try and it’s this: You (pred) and your friend (prey) like to role play with each other all the time but now you actually have a pill to shrink your partner. At first your friend might be reluctant but they eventually agree to take the pill and have a “real” role play experience that may go wrong. I have no problem playing male or female prey but that’s the scenario I have in mind, but we can tweak it if need be. I also don’t mind any suggestions or topics to try to rp or just coming up with something based on our interests. I prefer to rp on discord and that’s IDKxIDC #7421

Likes: (these don’t all have to be in the rp just things I like)
Oral vore
Dominant female pred
Size difference
Mini giantess
Anal vore
Full tour
Belly bulges
Throat bulges
Incest (some scenarios can be pretty hot with this)
Under age pred/prey (I haven’t really done much with this but I’m open to it)
Human pred
Furry pred (it depends but not a full on furry, something like a Neko in anime is fine)
I haven’t done any but we can be characters from anime for different scenarios as well
(If there’s something that you might want to ask about then feel free, I’m positive that I’ve forgotten to put more up but there’s so many)

Water sports
Cock vore
Feral preds

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