Cute Kitty switch looking for a fun roleplay

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Cute Kitty switch looking for a fun roleplay

Postby Ezix » Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:34 pm

Hey guys,
My name Ezix and my Character is a male Neko/Vampire named Len. I think you already read in the Title that im looking for a partner to RP. I like near every kind of Softvore and similar stuff. People who know me, know that I love Cuddling and I want it to be a part of the roleplay too.
I don't care if my partner is Male or female, as long as they're not mean or even hurt my Character.
We could Roleplay via PM or Discord but im gonna let you decide.

I Like:
- Softvore (near any Kind)
- Cuddling
- non-fatal
- Digestion (Only under the Right circumstances)
- Micro/Macro (Well I like a micro prey)
- Willing vore
- nice Dominant characters
- Vampiristic Vore (Only makes sence with Same Size)
-unwilling Vore
- Oh and Im totally into furry characters cuz they're cuddly

I don't like:
- Fatal vore (Maybe to give the RP an end)
- scat and Similar stuff
- Pain

If you're Interested PM me or ad me on Discord "SenpaisProperty#5576"

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