Switch looking for Clayface Pred

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Switch looking for Clayface Pred

Postby Pudgasaurus » Mon May 27, 2019 11:20 am

Good morning peeps of the Eka's community. Hope you're all having quite the wonderful and peaceful day ~

Previously, and currently still, I'm looking for an rp (or many, doesn't have to be only one) with people who'd be willing to play as Clayface as the pred. Changed it up ever so slightly to switch, because I do play pred and prey, and sometimes, even preds eating preds can be nice ~ Didn't put gender because I have both male and female characters that can be played, or if preferred can whip something up on the side.

As for scenarios, we can go with scenes from any of the batman shows he's been in, or we can whip something up. Just like Clayface being a shapeshifter with endless disguises, the ideas we could possibly come up with are also endless. ~

Here's a list of just a few likes and kinks that are on the board:

-Oral Vore
-Anal Vore
-Smothering / Facesitting
-Chase scenes

And many more that I can't quite seem to think of right this second. It's quite early in the morning when i'm editing this. :P

If anyone is interested and / or willing to oblige, feel free to send a pm my way, or hit me up on discord, which i'll leave at the bottom. If it's against rules to leave said discord, i'll promptly remove. ~

Discord : Pudgasaurus#0717

Thank you for your valuable time and enjoy the rest of your day ~ I'm heading back off to Dream Land with Kirby to catch some zzzzzzz ~

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