Looking for any rpers interested

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Looking for any rpers interested

Postby JaredTheCat » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:46 pm

Hey guys, I'm Jared. Im beginning to look for new rpers interested in doing any rping.
Here is my list of stuff I will rp. A list of stuff I refuse to rp will follow. I portray multiple ocs, all switches.

Oral vore
Cock vore (As long as it isn't trying to be graphic)
Anal vore (As long as it's clean (No poop)
Male preds
Male prey
Female preds
Female prey
Herm preds
Herm prey
Melty digestion
Breast vore (Both cleavage and nipple)
Child prey and preds (Just nothing sexual)
Multiple prey (Like eating a bunch of people on a cruise ship, and even the ship itself)
Monster preds and prey
Ghost preds and prey
Sex in the stomach
Object vore (even eating gold bars)
Vehicle vore (Like eating the cars, trucks, planes, ships, tanks, etc.)
sentient fat
Predscape (Like an afterlife thing after being digested)
Eating buildings, cities, and even entire planets.
Copywritten characters (As in characters that exist in video games, anime, cartoons, ETC)

Stuff I will NOT do:
Underage sexual rps (I will seriously block you on sight, if you suggest this)
No real life people (No using an IRL person as a character)
Incest (Sibling eating sibling, or parent eating child, or child eating parent is fine)
Nothing disgusting
Decapiation (These last two, if done in a cartoony, comical way is fine. Just not the lethal one)
Anything bloody or gorey.

If it isn't listed, then just ask about it.

Also, if all you can do are one line rps, I'm fine with those. I'm not the most verbose guy out there. DM if interested.
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