Preds or Prey Wanted for Long-Term Pet Play RP

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Preds or Prey Wanted for Long-Term Pet Play RP

Postby SerialPancake » Sun Mar 19, 2023 6:40 am

Hello everyone, I've been looking for a partner to do an Anal Vore based roleplay involving Pet Play on Discord. Although I prefer prey, sometimes I am in a pred mood so I'm willing to do either! More looking for casual domination and a bit of slice of life roleplay more than grab-and-gulps. Also I am more inclined to play male characters, so I hope that is not an issue. So if you're a fan of the posterior and want to have a seat cushion or be a cushion then I'd love to be of service. Have a good day ❤️

Here are my preferences:
-Anal Vore (Clean)
-Sentient Fat
-Pet Play
-Face Sitting
-Willing / Reluctant Prey
-Same Size / Slight Size Difference
-Furry / Scalie / Avian Characters
-Plushie Characters

-Oral Vore
-Hypnotism / Brainwashing
-Digestion (Gooey)
-Tail Vore
-Cock Vore
-Disposal (Bones)

-Disposal (Scat & Cum)
-Sex (including blowjobs)
-Alternative Vore
-Macro / Micro
-Hard Vore
-Human Pred
-hyper proportions

If you have any questions feel free to message me and ask and send me your discord for the roleplay!

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