Male prey/pred looking for hard vore/food prep

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Male prey/pred looking for hard vore/food prep

Postby MrNovember » Tue Nov 02, 2021 9:57 pm

Hi, I'm currently looking for a new roleplay partner. I enjoy playing both pred and prey, and am looking for a partner that feels the same way. While I prefer female partners, I am fine with whomever so long as they put effort into the scene. Posts for me are as long as they need to be to express emotion and give detail while still allowing flexibility for my partner to interact. I typically reserve long posts for character introductions and scene setting.

I'm a big fan of modern settings where shrinking and vore is an everyday part of life. That being said, I'm pretty flexible, and comfortable playing in most settings. One of my biggest fantasies is being prepared as someones lunch and having to wait in their lunchbox until it's time to be eaten. The idea of being absolutely helpless and unable to escape is really exciting. Please see my preferences listed below.

Big likes:
Oral vore
Fatal/Non-fatal with regeneration
Non-fatal(For teasing/reoccurring characters)
Hard vore (prep/cooking and chewed up with whatever detail that you'd like)
Semi-hard vore (chewing/slicing but without blood or gore)
Food related (Big fan of being made into your lunch. Sandwiches are a personal favorite of mine)
Unwilling prey
Casual casualties (Others being eaten as a sidebar in the story)

Not my favorite, but will do if asked:
Full tour (not a problem, but I'm not great at roleplaying it)
Same size
Soft vore
Anal vore
Unaware Pred (I prefer my predator to know that I'm food for her)

Hard limits:
Scat (mild mention is fine, but I'm not going into detail)
Foot worship (mild mention here or there is fine, but I won't do this at length)

Anyways, if you'd like to play, feel free to hit me up here to get things moving. I prefer to play over discord or over reddit DM's. Playing out scenes in real time is preferred, but I understand if time constraints prevent that. Other than that, I look forward to meeting/eating you!

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