Anime girl 567,456,789 reporting for duty

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Anime girl 567,456,789 reporting for duty

Postby IddlerItaler » Mon Nov 22, 2021 7:48 am

I'm a F or Futa prey-leaning switch. I'm putting this right at the start so you can figure out if you want to filter me or not. As for my character of preference, it's in the title.

Now, since you are still reading past the first paragraph, nice to meet you! If you like having fun with anime girls and can put up with my usual reply length of 5-6 sentences without getting bored, then I hope we can have some pleasant experience together.

I'll go some more into the specifics:

Spoiler: show

I primarily play on discord. You can PM me with some info about you or who/what scenario you'd like to play, as well as any turn-offs, and I'll give you my contact.

Looking for

I like humanoid female or futa preds the most, especially the ones who like to engage in pre-vore sex and some post-vore interaction accompanying my digestion - whether you're taunting me or being apologetic, or praising me for how tasty I was. I like even the cruelest interaction of them all: you going on with your day as if I didn't exist, letting me slowly digest like you do with all food.

However, I also occasionally enjoy male preds, monster preds, anthros and furry preds so if you wanna have one or two sessions with me playing as any of those, then you can try your luck in my dms. Oh, and monster girls are great!

These characters can be your ocs or fandom characters, see the second spoiler and associated comments for more info.

Other Preferences

Vore types: Oral is king, after which I like cock, anal and tail vore equally. Unbirth and other niche types of vore (like navel and nostril) also sit well with me. I prefer same size or slight size difference.

Writing: as I said, I usually write 5-6 sentences per reply. I can go lower and have a fast back and forth with you, conversely I can write multi-para replies but not for an entire rp. If you like to write long multi-para posts and have no problems with mine being half-length compared to yours or shorter, you are more than welcome to hit me up all the same. After all, that's just one more version of size disparity ;D

I prefer writing in first person but third person is alright. You playing in third person while I play in first is also a-ok.

Kinks: Licking. Sex. Digestion and fatal, or at least the threat of it. Disposal. For the rest I'm pretty open to including whatever kinks make my you happy, besides the ones below:

Limits: Hard Vore and Gore (This can be done in small quantities but it is mood-dependant), Extremely Unrealistic Body Proportions (like having boobs bigger than your entire body).

Also here is my list of shows/fandoms:

Spoiler: show
Hyperdimension Neptunia





Sakura Trick

Redo of a Healer

Fire Emblem (Fates and Three Houses)

Fate Stay Night (I haven't kept up with the expanded universe but I have read the original vn)

Mass Effect (not an anime, not even 2d, but still has waifus)

Doki Doki Literature Club

Katawa Shoujo




However, I am welcoming crossover rps. I think it's fun to interact with new characters you've yet to get to know, this list's purpose is more so you know what characters I can roleplay well. If you'd like for me to play as a girl from a fandom you know (and don't mind the risk I'll write a line that's out of character), that's on the table too.

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