M prey Looking for ANY Pred for Gruesome, long digestion

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M prey Looking for ANY Pred for Gruesome, long digestion

Postby Shmendrich » Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:38 am

Currently looking for: A long, detailed and gruesome digestion scene where smendrich stays very much conscious and alive trough most of the process...trying to escape even tho there's no way out.

The start I dont really mind how it goes...it could even be willing! Shmendrich heard your species char cant digest anything bigger than an squirrel...So he wants to take a full tour! and finds your char and asks to be vored...only then to realize that he will be digested >;3 (Tho for me it would be more fun if your char somehow tricked shmendrich in to it)

Or hunting shmendrich and voring him against his will ~

Character's General Details

Eka's Profile http://rp.aryion.com/fullinfo.php?&nick=Shmendrich
Character's F-List (Kinks and preferences) http://www.f-list.net/c/shmendrich

Shmendrich is exactly the same as this picture, except for the fur and eye colors, as well as his personality which is better reflected on the older picture

Character (More details on his flist at the top of this page)
Species: Neko (Usually completely furred, but i don’t mind playing him human with cat tail and ears only at request)
Gender: Male
Height: 3'5 (I don’t mind playing him taller or shorter, depending on the scene and my partner)
Weight: Very light for his size, about as much as 2 big house cats since his body is built for speed
Age: 20
Sexuality: Straight (That’s for the char, I welcome any gender ^-^)
Personality: Defiant, careless about other people's opinions, hard to scare and rather stubborn
Physically: Very light, quick and swift with any movements, as long as they don’t require physical strength which he lacks
Paws: He's got paws resembling hands, but still digits instead of fingers, which are as dexterous as human fingers
Claws: Each of his feet and handpaws has 5 retractable claws
Whiskers: Long and delicate whiskers come from each of his cheeks
Tail: Longer than his legs, with about half the thickness of his arm and quite prehensile
Prey mostly (Will play pred but depends on my mood)

Non consensual scenes
Monstrous predators (Plants, blobs, weird stuff)
Underaged (Unexpected) Predator
Face sitting
Breath control
Vore (Any kind, but i prefer some more than others)
Being the housetoy
Playful/Sadistic pred
Sticky/messy scenes
Unwilling prey
Dice rps

Rp ideas i'd love:
- An scene where shmendrich is either captured or bought to be a pet against his will, it may lead to snuggling/cuddling/yiff/vore or any combination of those
- Either a doggy girl or guy capturing the kitty cat to have as their snacktoy ^^
- Being lured to an underaged's home and then enslaved, tortured and maybe vored
- Being pounced, abducted and then either raped and/or vored by a harpy on her nest ^.^
- Seducing a Herm/shemale thinking its just an average female, and once at her place he finds out what she really is, and it switches to unwilling, domination, degradation and slavery would make a nice plus
- Weird and sick rps ^^

Resumed Preferences in order from "Always" to "Sometimes"
Sex: Female, Herm, Shemale, Sexless, Male (i DO like males and WILL play with em, but i gotta say i prefer the rest ^^)
Type: Monster, Half monster, Feral furry, Anthro Furry, Human (I love humans, but they are just not my fav)
Vore: Unbirth, Absorption, Tail vore, Tentacle vore, Anal, Cock, oral (Again, will do any of em)

Not too fond of
- Dismembering and guts (Everything else is ok, such as breaking bones, shredding, slicing, making him bleed, etc)

Overall Notes:
- i don’t mind improvising new characters
- I like most stuff and im usually willing to try new stuff, on the other hand im not a native English speaker, and although i think im ok, you might have to endure a few typos :p
- Pm me and ill reply with whatever you ask (i prefer msn, but i don’t mind other messengers, email or the chat)
- Feel free to contact me, im pm/whisper friendly so feel free to say hi, poke me or ask any questions you might have

Contact Methods
Pm: But of course
Aim: Bardackk feel free to add me, this is mainly meant for rping
Furcadia: Shmendrich Same here
MSN/Yahoo: I do have msn, but i prefer AIM for roleplaying since that account is for the purpose of roleplaying, while msn is my general purpose IM (or personal one) but if you want this one feel free to request it trought PM

Here's the old picture of my character, it reflects his personality better than the current one
Spoiler: show

An old idea: Semiwilling relationship with a Giantess/Dragoness/Half monster/Creature that turns shmendrich in to her Pet/slave/toy/mate...The idea is that Shmendrich is sent with a wagon of fruits, vases, precious stones and other tributes to the monster's lair/cave/home, as an offering for her in exchange to leave shmen's village alone, however she decides the wagon is crap, but that shmen could do for a worthy tribute, asking him to stay as hers (Could be pet, toy, or even mate) so he stays willingly BUT is unwilling when she abuses her features to play with him. The idea could work with a Giantess which obviously would involve sizeplay, but it could also work for monsters or half monsters such as a naga. Using her tail to play with the kitten: light crushing, using her tail as dildo, smothering, that kind of stuff, but im rather open both kink and setting wise (In the best case scenario i'd like this to be long term)
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