Pred Seeking Prey, Monster Lovers Welcome!

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Pred Seeking Prey, Monster Lovers Welcome!

Postby MikuKaminari » Wed Mar 29, 2023 2:43 am

Howdy, all! My totally real name is Miku, and I'm a seasoned roleplayer looking to get into some saucy Vore RP with all of you at Eka's! In this portfolio-esque post I'll give y'all the rundown of what I like and what I'm looking for in particular so I appreciate you all taking the time to look through it! Shoot me a PM if you're interested and we can either RP there or in Discord (the latter of which I'll only give the ID for if we're hitting it off).

RP Style/Format
-RP Length: 2-4 hours per session (approx.)
-Response Length: Paragraph to multi-paragraph per response
- Personal Response Time: 7-12 minutes per response
-Literacy Level: Advanced (minus the pretension)

I generally keep an episodic format with my sessions, meaning that each sesh has a defined start and finish, and while long-term plots are viable I still like to stick to this format. Pre-planning is key, as I do not like to just jump into an RP. I center my sessions around a plot, execute that plot, and ensure we both leave happy with it. I don't expect us both to be busting out whole pages in terms of responses, but I do expect literacy from my partner, and more than just 1-3 barebones sentences.

Kinks and Limits
-Kinks: Oral vore, cock vore, object vore, soul vore, absorption vore, size difference (up to macro/micro levels), melty digestion, weight gain, growth, inflation, foot fetishism (sometimes), feederism, burps, willing/unwilling prey, detailed internals, teasing, sweat/musk/droolplay

-Limits: Cruelty, gore, watersports, scat, diapers, infantalism, etc (essentially the basic limits)

My position is and will remain dom and pred. I'm not very subby nor am I prey-y, and most vore sessions center primarily around that; vore. Sex may be teased or there may be explicit themes, but sex is not guaranteed for every sesh so please don't try to push it.

As stated, these are all of the franchises I wouldn't mind predding within, and who I wouldn't mind predding as within those franchises. OCs are welcome of course, and there is a general pool of character archetypes I enjoy, but those will be at the bottom. If I ever repost this it's probably because I forgot a series or character lol.

(Format: Franchise: Character(s), M = Male, F = Female, I = Intersex (aka Futa). Characters will precede generalized races/concepts.)

-Halo: Catherine-B320(F/I), Alice-130(F/I), The Arbiter(M), SPARTAN-II/IIIs (M/F/I), Sangheili(M/F/I), Jackals/Kig-Yar (M)

-Mass Effect: Garrus Vakarian(M), Tali'Zorah(F/I), Samara(F/I), Asari(F/I), Quarians(F/I), Turians(M/F/I), Krogan(M)

-Fallout (New Vegas mainly): Geckos(M), Coyotes(M), Nightstalkers(M), Deathclaws(M/F/I), Cazadores(M), Enclave Soldiers(M/F/I)

-Bloodborne/Dark Souls: Asylum/Stray Demon(M), Taurus Demon(M), Capra Demon(M), Crossbreed Priscilla(F/I), Artorias(M), Vordt of the Boreal Valley(M), Dancer of the Boreal Valley(F/I), Yoel of Londor(M), The Doll(F/I), Vicar Amelia(F/I), Slug Girls(F/I)

-Pokemon (Humans): Leaf (F/I), May (F/I), Dawn (F/I), Hilda(F/I), Misty (HGSS specifically, F/I), Erika (F/I), Sabrina(F/I), Clair(F/I), Flannery (F/I), Bea (F/I), Grusha (M), Rocket Grunt (F/I), Magma Grunt (F/I), Skull Grunt (F/I), Jessie (F/I), Mars (F/I), Plumeria (F/I)

-Pokemon (Favorites, I'd be most of them): Venusaur(M), Arbok(M), Nidoking(M), Victreebel(M), Muk(M), Ditto(M/I), Snorlax(M), Mewtwo(M), Meganium(M), Lugia(M), Blaziken(M/I), Gardevoir(I), Mawile(M/I), Milotic(M/I), Mismagius(F/I), Lucario(M/I), Frosslas(F/I), Giratina(M), Serperior(M), Leavanny(F/I), Scolipede(M), Zoroark(M/I), Gourgeist(I), Salazzle(I),Celesteela(F/I), Cinderace(M), Cramorant(M), Hatterene(F/I, shortstack or bust), Tinkaton(F/I)

-Hazbin/Helluva: Charlie(F/I), Angel Dust(M), Stolas(M), Octavia(F/I), Millie(F/I)

-Sonic: Amy Rose(F/I), Rouge the Bat(F/I), Wave the Swallow(F/I)

-Satina: Lucia(F/I)

-Invader Zim: Tak(F)

-The Bad Guys: Mr. Snake(M)

-Super Mario: Princess Daisy(F/I), Wendy Koopa(F/I), Bowser(M), Vivian(F/I), Goombella(F), Yoshi(M), Boos(M), Cheep-Cheeps(M), Piranha Plants(M)

-The Legend of Zelda: Princess Ruto(F/I), Malon(F/I), Cremia(F/I), Deku Princess(F/I), Medli(F/I), Tetra(F/I), Navi(F), Dekus(M/F/I), Fairies(F, yes the orbs)

-FNAF: Toy Chica(F/I), Withered Chica(F/I)

-Kirby: Kirby(M), Susie(F/I)

-BlazBlue: Taokaka(F/I)

-Skullgirls: Filia(F/I), Valentine(F/I), Double(F/I)

-Metroid: SA-X(F/I), Dark Samus(F/I), Ridley(M)

-Mortal Kombat: Mileena(F/I), Sheeva(F/I), Reptile(M)

-Undertale: Muffet(F/I), Undyne(F/I), Bratty(F/I)

-My Hero Academia: Tsuyu Asui(F/I)

-Soul Eater: Medusa Gorgon(F/I), Eruka Frog(F/I)

-Spongebob Squarepants: Sandy Cheeks(F/I, no I won't vacuum CV), Pearl Krabs(F/I)

-Steven Universe: Pearl(F/I), Lapis Lazuli(F/I), Amethyst(F/I), Blue Diamond(F/I)

-General Concepts: Aliens(M/F/I), Monsters(M/F/I), Demons(M/F/I), Mimics(M/F/I), Ghosts(F/I), Slime(F/I), Harpies(F/I), Lamias(F/I), Knights(M/F/I), Round/Blob Creatures(M), Alligators/Crocs(M/I), Snakes(M/I), Lizards(M/F/I), Living Objects(M), Plants(M), Orcs(F/I)

In regards to the canon characters, I will not claim to be the perfect fit for every single character listed on here. However I do have a good enough idea of them to implement into an RP session with planning and the right mood. It may seem like a lot at face value, but trust me when I say I wouldn't have put them on the list if I didn't have at least some confidence in them! Again, this list is likely subject to change, and I will make sure to highlight edits for those who may revisit the ad.

I'm a well-versed pred looking for prey, with plenty of pred characters and concepts for you to choose from that you would like to be eaten by! I expect a literate and responsive roleplay partner, and one who does more than just jump into PMs, starts trying to dive in my mouth, and have that be that. Thank you for peeping my advertisement and I hope to see you soon! Again if you prefer to roleplay in Discord, see how we hit it off and I'll be sure to send you a friend request! Happy voring! :gulp:

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