MY gut needs filling so get in!

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MY gut needs filling so get in!

Postby deathknight » Tue Feb 20, 2024 6:21 pm

I am looking to play as either my biomage, oxscar, my big moogle as well as my horse sebastion! I am looking for willing and unwilling prey.

Update: Look people don't waste my time! Coming to me to rp and then going silent when we talk. Either you want to rp with me and set something up as we have similar interests. Or you simply tell me it won't work and you leave/don't even contact me at all. If you are busy let me know and I will leave you be.
Major update here Here are new chars from my flist page here Everything I am looking for is there. I do human anthro and anthro human stuffs. With males partners I prefer if they were anthro and with females it can go either anthro or human. NO M/M SEX THATS FINAL! I rp on ims only if interested send me a pm on here or via flist. Also, note that its not the only rp concept I can do as each of my chars on flist has their own rp concepts. Also, come to me with an idea not one that is very basic! I need a story to work with here!
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